Moving Day

OK, I’ve moved the blog over to the new software, Movable Type. I was able to import all the previous entries through May. Still working on the rest. (UPDATE: got everything imported, including the original Blogger entries – all the the entries from the beginning are now in here. NICE!)
There are some differences. The main thing we’re losing is the voting on each entry. It’s fun, but it’s not something I’ll die without.

We gain a bunch more. Most importantly, I hope, more reliable and secure software. There are some other very nice features, including an improved user interface. I’ll be tweaking it over time. The biggest problem so far is that if your page is too narrow you lose the stuff in the gutter to the right (widen the window if you don’t see my picture to the right of this text). I’m going to tweak the templates to get them to fit Leoville’s dull but functional design better.

Comments are still enabled. I hope you’ll pass along your suggestions. Thanks for your patience during the transition.

Incidentally, the old Greymatter blog files will stick around indefinitely, so if you linked to them, the links will still work. I will remove the Greymatter software, however, since it poses a security risk.

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  1. Ooop, to clarify – the text of the original post as written by Leo *will* resize – it’s the comments that won’t.
    PS: It was always possible to post as other people on GM as well. That’s not to say I did it, but there was no way to safeguard against that.

  2. Leo, Can you make the names (and info) on the comments page a differnt color? And can the font size be bigger? (I have my settings on IE for large fonts and the font on the comments still seem really small to me.
    I really like what you’ve done with the look of the Blog, otherwise.

  3. You just can’t stop foolin’ with stuff, can ya? 😉 Looks good, but one little thing my myopic/astigmatic eyes noticed right off the bat is that the page won’t let you resize the text. Call me squinty!

  4. Hi Leo,
    Well, I widened the window all the way across three monitors (4480 pixels, at last count) and I still can’t see your picture. Hmmmm . . . any ideas?

  5. Uuuuuh… risk??? Please enlighten me as I am using greymatter on my own site.

  6. Another problem I just noticed. We have no guarantee that responses you post in the comments section are really you. It could be anyone pretending to be you. We have no way of knowing that I can tell

  7. Good choice of software Leo! After I saw that you had switched, I decided to do a little more research on MT and I installed it on my server and now I’m moving my entire blog over. I wish I had found out about Moveable Type sooner!

  8. Change is good – but so is cheese.
    MT is nice, and all the updates lately are great.

  9. One blog software is akin to another I see no advantage to either on the USER side. Except, I really would like not to deal with 3 windows just to read Blog comments. Popups have to go. I despise them so much I wouldn’t click on comments anymore. If this is one of the kinks you have to work out, great. If not it’s damn annoying. At least it’s not an X10 ad.

  10. I like the voting and will miss it, (I don’t know why I liked it, it served no real use.) I like the new looks of your blogging software thought, good move…

  11. Leo, this is great, I think the move was worth it. As long as you have the old data, I’m glad you switched. I’m gonna try using Movable Type on my site too 🙂

  12. Hey Leo! I too switched over to Movable Type and love it! Hope it goes smoothly for you! A new update is due Monday 1/7 (v1.4) and v2.0 is due too soon! Have fun!

  13. Come on guys, this blog rocks! The design and layout are very cool. Voting was a fun feature, but change comes with comprimise. Great move Leo!

  14. There are no security holes in Greymatter that I am aware of (I’m the guy that wrote it) – at least none that aren’t inherent to any CGI program; tens of thousands of sites use Greymatter every day without any problems. For what it’s worth, I just thought I should mention that for the record.

  15. ummmm, does anyone else have a problem with the text being moved around in Netscape. I have the first blog and below it the second, but the third and forth are on the left hand side of the page, and Leo’s picture is on the bottom of the page. Help anyone? It works on IE and Opera but not Netscape. Is anyone else having this problem?

  16. Leo,
    I’m not sure if its the way I’ve configured my browser, but have you made it so that the blog main page pops up in a new window?
    Otherwise, I give it a plus.

  17. Hmmm, I’m curious why people want to go thru the hassle of installing and reconfiguring their own packages when Blogger’s is sooo nice and updated all the time. I liked LiveJournal a lot with their friends features but it’s just too spit and duct taped together. Blogger’s templating interface is just beautiful and since it’s free using their FTP gateway it’s the best of both worlds. Centralized data and posting is very convenient and their API is slick as hell. I tried Greymatter and Movable type and went back to Blogger after difficult customizing options. Why the big push by everyone to run your own software? I’m a programmer BTW so im always interested in the DIY vs. Pre-packaged approaches. Ok, sorry for the long post 😉

  18. I have to make two comments:
    1. If you do not want to view the comments in the pop-up, just click on the date of the post and you’ll be taken to its individual archive page.
    2. About not knowing whether Leo is the real Leo — I would think that this is an issue in any weblog comment software. It’s not just an MT issue.
    And for the record, we are developing a version where you’ll need to register to post comments. Some people feel this is necessary — others appreciate comments from those who do not want to take the time to sign-up.

  19. There are all sorts of cosmetic problems with the blog right now – all my fault. But I don’t want to mess with it too much because the new version due out this Monday will supposedly have some great new templates.
    I have ZERO graphic design sense and am pretty new to CSS and this software so I think it’s probably best to wait and see what Mena and Ben come up with. Mena does some beautiful stuff as you can see at her site Dollarshort ( I especially like the Daylate blog (

  20. That’s an excellent point, Jeanette. I’ve always believed that users should be able to configure text sizes, link colors, etc. Many web pages no longer allow that in the interest of controlling the look and feel. The default style sheets that came with MT specify font sizes, etc. I’ve removed all that stuff.
    I specify typefaces and relative sizes, but all the text should be resizable now.
    Thanks for reminding me that it’s the reader who counts!

  21. Leo,
    Please update your navigation frame. You left the blog link target to _blank. It looks better in one window. Otherwise, the new software is much better!

  22. Also, I can change the popup size, yes. Or eliminate popups entirely. If you don’t like comments in a separate window, just read the entry by clicking on the entry title to the right.

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