Getting Help Online

Eric Raymond, one of the mavens of the Open Source movement has written an excellent web article on how to best get help online.
The best way to ask questions in newsgroups and mailing lists is to pose the question in a way that piques interest, show that you have already done the obvious research, and state the problem clearly. Most of this applies to The Screen Savers, too. I highly recommend reading the article.

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  1. Good Job, Leo ! Looks Great! ..I even saw the Ali Link you had there for a split sec. too!
    :: with accent:: “verry interresting! “

  2. Lookin’ good, Leo. I like the color of the hyperlinks the way they are now (blue) with the light blue on mouse over. Its almost greymatter-like. A marked improvement over that mustard/puke green from yesterday.

  3. and using explorer then netscape the “page” really looks different. and can’t post using netscape..though you might not be done yet.

  4. I just finished exploring Eric Raymond’s web site and would highly recommend it to the type of people who would likely watch the Screen Savers. Maybe he would be a good choice for a guest spot sometime.

  5. Try it now, Brian. It was a CSS error I committed.
    I’ve attempted to duplicate the old blog look until I get some new templates I really like.

  6. It definitely looks good, Leo. Looking forward to seeing you back on the tube on Monday.

  7. Um … I can only scroll so far down the entries page, Leo. Basicaly, I can scroll from the archives to the “Powered by Movabletype” image/link, but I can’t scroll down past this part in the “Moving Day” entry:
    Moving Day (11:18 AM)

  8. What happened to the link to the Message board on the left pane? I know I can get to it from the home page, but why was it removed from the left?

  9. Oops. Thanks, Rick. I fixed it.
    I’ve been playing with different designs for the new blog, but I’m going to wait and see what Ben and Mena come up with next week with release 1.4. I’m no graphics designer, as you can tell, but Mena is great, so I’m hoping there’ll be something I can use out of the box.

  10. I agree, good article (hope it’s not because of the email I sent you the other day…I tried working the problem first but wasn’t getting anywhere with it)

  11. on thing mr.L is that you took off the link to the other parts of leoville
    i will just type to get back …hehe

  12. ohhhh, it’s new, it’s shiny, and I get to play with it, cool. :^)
    Is the font for the archives supposed to be mustard green? Or is it spinach green? Maybe it’s my monitor.
    Seems like the new blog is otherwise very cool and I hope it gives you fewer headaches!

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