10 Replies to “New software”

  1. Cool – This blog looks a little slicker. Isn’t this the software the Gnome and Gretchen use for their blogs?

  2. You need to change the title of your blog, Leo. Right Now it’s called ‘Template.’

  3. up to date as always leo! hope this works out better. we are greatful for anything lol

  4. Cocoa and new blog software.
    Nobody will ever accuse the Mayor of getting complacent.
    Go Leo Go!

  5. How was the transition from GM to MT? I’m using GM at two sites right now with some extensive template setups on them…

  6. Hey, Ive been watchin you for the last few minutes on ur netcam. Your blog archive main index, is showing jan 2001, just like min e(http://brianopp.no-ip.com/blog/). I wonder if greymatter has a bug? I watch TSS multiple times a day, its my favorite show. Ive been on it twice you probably dont remember. Brian, Calabasas, CA (means pumpkin). C ya!

  7. MT imports GM entries beautifully. No tweaking at all. Blogger entries, too.
    MT does use a different philosophy of meta-tags, but it’s nothing too difficult. They use CSS for all the templates, but I ended up stripping out some of the fancier positioning stuff, because it broke some browsers, notable Netscape v4. Probably the easiest thing to do is to start with your GM templates and adapt them to the MT tags.
    As you can see I was able to duplicate my GM look, and a little bit better.
    The MT software is superb. Very usable and robust. Lots of nice features, too. Recommended.

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