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  1. meetin’ Patrick Stewart. hmmmm…and about the put girls in bikini’s and have them walk around for the whole show, i personally wouldnt do that. what i would do though, is have the girls mud wrestle for the whole show. that would be a good way to get ratings.

  2. I just went to the Jimmy Neutron site and that’s got to be the best designed site i have seen in a long time . It’s cool.

  3. Can I Partition a 20 gigabit harddrive so I can put windows xp pro on it along with windows me? If so, what size Partition should I make for windows xp pro? I want xp pro so I can play with it. I am so bored of Millennium. Why do they call it me for?

  4. OMG – ROFL – LMAO
    I’ve had such a crush on Patrick Stewart for the longest time.
    … but, I don’t think anyone here cares about that. ::sheepish::
    LA, Leo? I can get to LA in about an hour … ::grin::

  5. OH, my,
    Oh, my… the only person who gets me all twitterpated worse than you do is Parick Stewart… plus the fact that you are close to where I live… two very cool hotties in the same neighborhood… sigh 🙂
    Have a wonderful time, Vicki

  6. Rob,
    Please don’t us Chris Pirillo’s name and Patrick Stewarts’ on the same blog.

  7. Patrick Stewart…Jimmy Neutron…Geez Leo, can I be you for 1 day? Say…tomorrow? 😉
    No? Oh well. I look forward to a full report!!

  8. Why don’t you guys be honest and instead of putting a pretty girl at a computer on the screensavers and having her talk about something she doesn’t know anything about, just have her walk around in a bikini.

  9. leo’s the man….book update no.362 in sells, congrats leo. patrick stewart rocks, invite him to the show…

  10. Kinda off subject with the 20 gig hard drive, Ray… Anyway you own Leo, I’ve always wanted to meet Patrick Stewart. You are so lucky!

  11. I live in Fairfax, VA and Cox Communications is running promos from Leo’s visit to CompUSA in Fairfax a few weeks ago. They’ve got a really great shot of Leo promoting the launch of the digital cable network. I’m pissed because, although I have Cox cable, who carrys TechTV, I don’t have TechTV because Digital Cable is’t avalible in my area yet, and TechTV is only on digital cable. But Leo looks great!!

  12. meetin’ Patrick Stewart. hmmmm…and about the put girls in bikini’s and have them walk around for the whole show, i personally wouldnt do that. what i would do though, is have the girls mud wrestle for the whole show. that would be a good way to get ratings.

  13. Patrik Stewart is great. Not as good as Patrik Norton, but he’s up there. Anyway, im lookin for people who like rock music, Leo check us out, Threeface.net im hopin i can get some traffic on the site, from people other than my family, so if you like rock music and get bored visit Threeface.net and sign the guestbook so i know you dropped by, who knows you might win a t-shirt of cd for free!!!!!!!!

  14. Hi Leo. I know your interview with Patrick Stewart will go well and look forward to seeing it. I just wrote a review for your new book on the Amazon site and I hope they post it.
    You and Patrick Norton have become a mainstay on the TV set since we finally got digital cable. I don’t watch much TV but I certainly watch the both of you, John C, and Chris Perillo when I can. Kudos to the Tech TV team!
    Go Leo…Go Leo…Grab the pogo…Don’t break your bobo…

  15. News Flash:
    Patrick Stewart is doing his one man show of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” at the Marriott Marquis Theatre in NYC from Dec. 24 – 30. It is a fabulous show, really wonderful, I saw it some years ago and I highly recommend it to anyone who has the chance to go see it. There is also a Book on Tape version of it (cd’s, too) so if you can’t get to NYC, that is a great way to enjoy his performance.
    Will your interview with Patrick Stewart be on TSS, Leo?
    Or is this interview for something else?
    (Is it part of another Tech Tv special on the Making Of: Jimmy Neutron, perhaps?)
    I hope we get to see it… that sounds really neat!

  16. Alright Leo, what fun! Are you taking the kids? From all the previews I’ve seen for the Jimmy Neutron movie it looks like it’s going to be a keeper. Those of us who watch a lot of Niclelodeon have gotten to know Jimmy pretty well. The little prankster likes to pop into all the cartoons and change things around!
    EB’s right, Patrick Stewart’s “A Christmas Carol” is wonderful. I listen to the book on tape every year when I put up my Christmas tree. I’ll be listening to it again in a couple of days. So when do we get to hear the interview?

  17. Dear Leo,
    At the beginning of Monday’s show, you jokingly began the news with the old jingle, “What’s the news across the nation, we have the information, in a way we hope to amuse you…”. Nobody in the newsroom knew where that was from. HoHow depressing that was. Now I know I’m 46. Of course that was Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In. A guess of all the people who watches ZD now Tech TV getting in the old fart category. Sigh. Keep up the good work and have a great holiday. I haven’t seen your book in any of the New York City Barnes and Nobles yet. When is it arriving? Mark

  18. Hey Leo, was watching you on silicon spin today, once I got over the shock (you good sir, should not be in a suit… you look good, don’t get me wrong, it just somehow seems… wrong.) I was kinda scared that the layoffs had caught up with John, which really would have sucked. Anyway. Anyone notice how much more polite Leo is than John? hehe John is so aggressive in his questioning, which is part of the appeal. But Leo, dude, talk to your producers, you looked like you were auditioning for ABC nightly news or something *shudders*. I want my geek master back!

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