How’s My Hair?

I came back to work yesterday for the first time since the layoffs and it was so weird. The halls were much quieter. Partly because there were fewer people. Partly because people are a little subdued. I greeted everyone I saw with “I’m glad you survived!” which puzzled a few people until they realized that this was my first day back. But I missed so many who would have been there.
Among the most missed, our hair, makeup, and wardrobe folks. It’s humiliating to admit this, but we have to do for ourselves these days. They laid off all the stylists. I doubt this situation will last long – it’s just too bizarre to have a production assistant pretend to apply makeup to our guests – but for now I have to do my own hair and makeup. Which explains the eccentric Elvis swoop in my forelock tonight. I just couldn’t do a thing with it.

Last week I went to the local M.A.C. cosmetics store to stock up. The good news is that I get a 30% trade discount. The bad news is I’m buying makeup for myself. In case you’re interested I wear NC 35 for concealer, apply studio fix NC 40 (a powder foundation), add contour with Symmetry Matte, then powder it whenever I get shiny with Dark Blot Powder #451. I wonder how Patrick is going to handle this when he gets back?

On a brighter note, cartoonist Rich Tennant, our guest tonight and the creator of The 5th Wave, did a cartoon of Patrick and me. What an honor.

Cartoon of Leo and Pat

I think my hair looks pretty realistic, don’t you?

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  1. For this non-acting type there’s just something bizzare about a guy talking about makeup and making sense. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that) 😉

  2. Your hair, sir, is an abomination and an affront to all that is good and decent.
    I demand you do all that is necessary to remove this horrendous display, posthaste!

  3. Hey Leo,
    I would think you guys would have some software that you could use to morph your plain ole’ face into a nice one with makeup. Think about the cost savings (even with your 30% discount). And no more cleanup!!!
    Great show…keep the faith.

  4. Good luck, Leo, to you and the survivors at TechTV. Being one of the survivors of a layoff can be difficult because most survivors cannot help but feel somewhat “guilty” about their good fortune. I look forward to TechTV making a strong comeback in the future. In the meantime, we all know you can handle the extra tasks(hair and make-up).

  5. I have like an ounce of nerd in me, but sometimes i watch Tech Tv, and when i do i see “Morgan” she’s a Kutie Pie. Is she single? I hope so, i have this HUGE crush on her. So leo i was wondering if you could hook me up with her ;0)
    ::LoVe ThE ShOw::

  6. Hey LEO!!! Get that HUGE SPIDER OFF YOUR HEAD!!!
    By the way, how does one create the little graphic in one’s browser or if you have made a site a favorite? It looks like yours is of either a turkey for Thanksgiving, or a swan…which is it?

  7. How can I put this? Brilliant ideas are useless if they’re completely misdirected and handled with the grace of a drunk puppy.
    But enought about TechTV!
    It’s all good, Leo. The best is yet to come.

  8. your hair is fine its right where its supposed
    to be.your makeup is very realistic, I mean
    be glad you dont look like the guys in
    ” the hall of presidents ” those guys are a
    bunch of Stiffs ! 🙂

  9. Hey It’s me Steve. I’d just like to say about your hair..dude…you are So not getting a dell.

  10. Leo take it from me as long as your hair is there be happy. I love the show and please tell Megan to put my IM thoughts on TV. Ok maybe I shouldn’t ask for that. Keep up the good work.

  11. Do you wear make-up at your live appearances? I just want to know because, if you don’t, then I won’t be as shocked and afriad when I see you in person.

  12. Leo,
    I have noticed a couple of absent people from the Screen Savers were they let go or just on vaction. Scott Herriot being the most visable.

  13. I know in this tough economy cutbacks can be hell to experience, but we’re all hoping that things will get better in the new year, and I’m sure they will.
    After watching the Screensavers last night and seeing the guys who do the show on the Canadian version of TechTV I have a suggestion: put that show on the US version! Now that that awful mishmash of TechLive is gone, the channel has LOTS of time available, so why not put on a show that’s already produced instead of hours & hours of endless reruns.
    As a cable operator, I know the Canadian government requires that US-based channels have to have a certain percentage of Canadian-produced content to be allowed to broadcast in Canada, but that program looks quite interesting, and would provide an alternative to studio-produced programs. Just a thought, but now that we’re finally rid of the endless checks of the stock market and 45 second segments where there was barely enough time to show a product, let alone tell how it works, on TechLive, here’s a chance for the powers that be at TechTV to give US a different perspective from Canada. I like that prospect. Keep up the good work, Leo.

  14. A few people posted originally on this topic that perhaps Tech TV could do a trade out with a local Salon to have them do the hair and makeup for a trade out for On Air credit. I thought that was a great idea.
    But, you’re doing a great job now, with your own hair and makeup, except for the one night where you were going for the Elvis/Ted Kopple combo-do. :^)
    Things seem to be going fine with you and Pat, but it might be nice to have someone for the guests.

  15. Hi Leo, just wanted to say that if Techtv lets any of the people on the Screen Savers go they have lost their mind!! I don’t know who is responsible for hiring each of you or who grouped all of you together but it is a winning combination!! All of you work so great together. If even one of you were to leave; the show just wouldn’t be the same. I love to watch all of you. I watch the show and also tape it so I can watch again in case I missed something. It is rare to have a group of people who compliment each other so well. Your personalities just shine when you all do the show. I don’t watch much tv as most of what is on tv bores me, but my husband says he has never seen me enjoy any show on tv as much as I do the Screen Savers. That is because of all the members of the show. All of you just “click”. I hope and pray your employers appreciate each of you. They have a great thing going and I would hope they don’t get stupid and let any of the Screen Savers group go. It would be their loss and mine as I would have to go back to my hobbies and housework, LOL.
    I have 14 grandkids and 7 great grandkids 2 more in late Dec. and in Jan. and you would think I wouldn’t have time to watch anything on tv but I make the time for your show, LOL.
    Barb D.

  16. I’m so inspired to hear Leo detail the makeup thing, I..I…I feel somehow better now. I was the girl in high school who couldn’t stand make up, grew up swearing I’d never have to wear it, but succumbed for the sake of the working and (part-time) social expectations.
    But reading Leo’s shopping list, and realizing that even with his great looks makeup is still required, I can finally brave-up and approach my own local cosmetics counter with my stuff. Until of course the saleswoman (on her 3rd face-lift) asks me accusingly, “Are you SURE this is the right color for your skin type?!?!?”
    “Welll…I DON’T KNOW!” At which point I’ll probably go back ot dreading the experience. But thanks for the inspiration, Leo!

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