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  1. I think you should have that Laura girl co-host too so her and Kate can make a Leo sandwitch.

  2. Yummy Botello goodness! AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
    Q: What makes everything better?
    A: Kate Botello
    Nothing against the Alpha geek, but I would rather see Kate in a dress any time. She is such a hottie.

  3. Some things just go together… like Peanut Butter and Jelly, Milk and Oreos, Joannie and Chachi, Salt and Peter… Kate and Leo

  4. Leo – can you let us know when Pat will be at Comdex? Also does anyone know where we can get a breakdown of everyone from TechTV will be at Comdex, dates and times? Going there.

  5. I still think they should be out the old opening to the show while Kate hosts with Leo. There are some people who didn’t get TechTV/ZDTV until after Patrick already joined TSS.

  6. Hmmm, Leo, you must be working on the Blog. When I clicked on Blog, I saw this entry. I saw “Kate and Kilts (05:23 PM PST)” and thought “Kate will be on again! Yeah!” But, then I saw the date was for Friday, November 9, 2001. Oh well. I must say though, it’s been great that Kate has been on TSS more often lately! She’s great!

  7. Leo just signed onto the net. Netcam just updated. Sup Leo!
    Long Time No Talk.
    Hopfully we can talk again someday.
    –Raymond Angel

  8. Doesn’t happen too often, but happened again just now . . . hit ‘Post This Comment’ once, see two posts . . . grrr . . .

  9. Whoops just one more thing. It appears your server’s clock or your settings are off. Your “post time” is off by approximately 1 hour and 38 minutes (ahead) and I believe we are now on Standard Time not Daylight. I could be wrong , however… Though that’s a rare occurence. (err yeah)

  10. Kate! Kate! Kate! Be sure and dance with her at the end of the show for old times sake….

  11. I loved it in 1998 when the whole zdtv gang was at comdex doing screensavers and silicon spin from the show floor. It was great! I wish they’d bring that back, I know they hit CES but there’s still something special about comdex.
    Leo, I would love to see you and John C. Dovorak do a screensavers!
    John C RULES! He’s the Bill O’reilly of Tech Tv!

  12. I don’t know, Mr. Laporte. I think the phrase “double or nothing” could have been overheard behind the scenes in TTV Land…

  13. WooHoo KILT ALERT, I can’t help but look at a nice pair of manly legs. In the meantime, I’m waiting for Scott to pull out his skirt/kilt!!!!

  14. Doesn’t happen too often, but happened again just now . . . hit ‘Post This Comment’ once, see two posts . . . grrr . . .

  15. In regards to Kate co-hosting on Monday >>> AWESOME BABY!
    Btw… Leo >>> YOU RULE! 🙂
    Later Dude…
    ~Mike Strickland~

  16. So, Leo, you and Kate will be wearing kilts Monday? Did I hear that right? Hello? Hello? Did this line just go dead? Operator, I’ve been cut off.

  17. NBC has delusions of grandeur. Monday on TechTV is the REAL “Must See TV!” It’ll be just like the old days…SNIFF. err I was referring to Kate..not the Kilt.

  18. Having AT&T Broadband Cable TV service, I have no clue when I’ll be able to watch The Screensavers. You’ll have to examine how bad their service can be. They apparently have a major software glitch on their digital TV service.
    It’d be interesting for you to do a show on the software used by AT&T for their digital TV service.

  19. The only way I will get all twitterpated over this is if Leo wears a kilt I must say, however, that my 10 year old son will be wayching because he LOVES Kate 🙂
    Vicki (who will also be watching regardless of kilt status)

  20. Yay! I don’t really watch TechTV anymore, but I’ll be watching Monday! Somehow you and Kate made motherboards seem cool to me but after she left I lost interest in that side of it. Nothing against Patrick but it takes alot for me to devote a whole hour, or 90 minutes as it is now, to a show about this stuff. I need something else to keep me watching and Kate made it funny and I could relate. I rarely missed an episode during 98-99.
    That makes two amazing duos coming back on Monday!!! Kate & Leo and Patsy & Edina!!! My VCR WILL be set!!!

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