Poor Leo’s 2002 Computer Almanac

Woo hoo! My book hits bookstore shelves December 3rd. We have the final art for the cover. (It’s a PDF file you can download from here. You’ll need the free Adobe Acrobat reader installed to see it.
I’m already thinking of ways we can make it better next year. And how I can get back on Regis to plug it!

19 Replies to “Poor Leo’s 2002 Computer Almanac”

  1. Okay, Mr. Laporte, so how do I get one of those Mac T-Shirts? You said something about getting one during the show, but then didn’t.
    I need answers, man!

  2. Why didn’t you plug it on the Ronn Owens Program?
    No one sells more books than Ronn.

  3. Hey leo
    you look like that guy on the PBS show “Red Green” (www.redgreen.com)
    plaid shirt, surrounded by defective stuff, and a little twisted in the head
    it could work
    The Other Ted from South Dakota

  4. $24.99 is the list. I argued for a much lower price – like $10 – but was overruled. The TechTV store sells it for $20 and Amazon will sell it for $18 I think. I don’t make any money on it anyway so pay as little as you can!

  5. Looks more like a book about monitors. I don’t see any computers in that picture.

  6. Leo, you can bet I’m getting this for my Mom. I am trying to wean her from using me for tech support by pointing her to C4H and TSS. I send her links to the show notes and articles all the time.
    Great cover, BTW.

  7. I wasn’t complaining about the cost…I’ve paid $50 for a (now outdated) JavaScript book (and I never will again)…Livewire my @$$…
    I was just asking a philosophical question…would the newfound wealth change your “poor” perspective…

  8. WOO HOO! I know what *I* want for Christmas!
    Psst … hey, Leo! Remember what I said about having a contest/giveaway/something like that for autographed copies of your book? Well, what do you say? :o)

  9. Leo,
    I want to tell you I am such a fan. The Screen Savers is my favorite Tech TV show. You and Pat do such a fantastic job and help so many learn so much. I will be looking for you book sir and will recommend it to all my friends in the tech world. Keep up the extraordinary work and tell Pat the same. You are the King of Tech TV.
    Thank you for the years of service.
    Jerry Gulledge

  10. Leo, if you had an agent, he/she would be working on getting you back on Regis and who knows where else. And if you don’t have an agent, have you considered getting one? Who knows what could happen.
    Not to give you a big (or bigger) head or anything, but your genuine feelings for people of all ages, your kindness and consideration, your personality and your philosophy and manner of teaching technology to people of all ages is a gift and should be shared in all possible mediums or media, I should say.
    As one of your “students” of technology, I thank you.
    And I’d love to know who had the “final” say on the picture chosen for the book.

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