My Bags Are Packed

The car comes in half an hour and I’m off for Charleston WV and Fairfax VA. I sure hope Patrick feels well enough to do the show tonight!
I’ve loaded up my new HP Jornada 565 Pocket PC with audio books (I download ’em from Audible). I bought a 128 MB compact flash card for the Jornada. That’ll hold about 18 hours of audio books. I have a book called Bobos in Paradise, four or five This American Life episodes (my all time favorite radio show), and a couple of Robin Williams interviews with Whoopi Goldberg and Will Durst. I’ll stick some music on the Rio 500 for the flight, too. My current favorite flying songs: Bruce Hornsby’s Walking in Memphis, Everlast’s What It’s Like, Will Smith’s Miami, and Shania Twain’s That Don’t Impress Me Much.

I’ll be flying again on Wednesday, but just for a day. I’m going to LA to interview Ted Danson for the show. Those frequent flyer miles are starting to pile up!

I’m hoping people show up in Charleston and Fairfax. Everybody is so jumpy these days I wouldn’t blame them if they didn’t. My own producer begged off the trip yesterday. He just wasn’t comfortable flying. For some reason it doesn’t worry me much. I feel like it’s probably the safest way to travel these days. On the other hand, I’m not so keen crossing the Golden Gate Bridge ever since Governer Davis announced that terrorists plan to blow it up this week. Gee thanks, Gov.

See you in VA and WVA – or back on TV on Monday. -yawn-

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  1. Lets not get into political showdowns here. I am very happy the evtent did not happen. It is bad enough THe WTC is still smoking.
    Anyway, thank you Leo. And why would we laugh at Def Leppard, Id am a child of the 80’s, and I am still awaiting the retro 80’s revival!!!
    Bring back Men at work !!!

  2. It sure was nice meeting you in Fairfax Leo. We appreciate you coming out. The wait for me was about 2 hrs but it was well worth it. While waiting in line, I asked Cox cable when broadband would be available in my area and they told me it was available now. Yes! I bought the Toshiba modem and will be off work tomorrow to meet with the installer. Thanks again Leo. See you next time.

  3. Wow, I was absolutely floored by Leo at Charleston. I got autographs and pictures, and my friend who couldn’t make it (he had to be at his grandpa’s funeral) was ecstatic when I brought him home an autograph to him too. Thank’s Leo! You really made my (and Brian’s) day!

  4. Have a safe trip!
    It’s nice to see that there are some people who aren’t deadly afraid to travel!

  5. Have a safe and wonderful trip Leo! I’m sure you will have a great turnout! I know if we lived nearby, we’d be there. 😉

  6. I was in Charleston on saturday and would just like to thank you for signing my case cover. It made the whole 2 hour drive worth the while. I hope you enjoyed your self and I know the fans were happy that you didn’t leave us and came around to shake our hands.
    Thanks again.

  7. Gov. Davis dropped the ball and the FBI said there is no
    credible threat to any bridges. Once again, proof
    you can’t trust a democrat!

  8. I stopped by but the line was wayyyy to long. Looks like you had a great turn out. Have a good trip back

  9. Cool Leo,you’ll be pretty close to me here in Pa.i live on the border of WV,maybe i’ll see ya down there!
    Stay safe and have a good flight. ^_^

  10. Wow coming to LA on Wednesday. If only my club was having a meeting, I would then beg you to speak for it 🙁
    But Leo what’s with all the travel?

  11. Does this mean that Leo get’s “jiggie with it”?
    Also, could you tell Ted Danson that his 10 years have more than elapsed (I think he’ll know what you’re talking about), and what his feelings are on being a tool?

  12. What airline do you fly Leo? Have a safe Trip!
    United We Stand,
    Ryan Gray Rike
    Winston-Salem, North Carolina
    P.S. Please keep the Bay Bridges safe!

  13. Hi Leo,
    Just wanted to tell you that I loved the quote that’s over your home page right now:
    Anything can be made to work if you fiddle with it long enough.
    (Wyszkowski’s Second Law)
    I’ve been fiddling with something for a week that seems finally to be working. That quote says it all.

  14. Lord Leo, 5:31 am I don’t know how people function at that time of the morning! Have a great trip! I’m sure your devoted fans in the area will turn out in droves. Wish I were closer, I’d be there in a heart beat (sigh). You just have to come to the Boston/Prov area some time. I know it’s scary times but if we let it stop us from doing the things we really want to do the bad guys win. You’re a real trouper!

  15. BTW, speaking of music, I’d like to hear the whole
    Screen Savers theme. Where can I?

  16. You’re right it’s Marc Cohen. Doh. I didn’t mention the Def Leppard because I didn’t want y’all to laugh at me.

  17. Damn! I live in Fairfax, VA, and I forgot that Leo was coming. Damn! When do you expect to come to the area again Leo? Damn!

  18. Def Leppard?
    Why didn’t you take along some Twisted Sister to complement it???

  19. Loved meeting you on Saturday in Charleston! Who knew you’d be so popular?! If I’d known, I would have gotten there a lot earlier. You’d been signin’ and smilin’ for an hour and 50 minutes by the time I got to you and you were still going strong. You’re fabulous!

  20. Ohhh cmon LEO Shania Twain-“that don’t impress me” What are you smoking? That song makes my blood boil every time I hear it. So she can sing that dont impress ME!!!!!!!!! I used to think she was hot too!! Oh well hope you had a good trip. Are you guys still on for Orlando FL?

  21. “Bruce Hornsby’s Walking in Memphis”
    Hmm…you sure that ain’t Mark Cohn, not Bruce Hornsby? They sound a LOT alike.
    I could be wrong…but I don’t think Hornsby’s got a song by that title.
    *goes to…waits as it sloooooooly refuses to load the page*
    Eh, screw it. 🙂

  22. Hi Leo,
    This is the first time for me posting on your page Just thought I would say hello. I like The Screen Savers and have gotten a lot of good programs from the show.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  23. Sorry I’m going to miss you this weekend, Leo, I’m in NYC visiting here through Monday, or else I’d be there with bells on to meet and greet you in Fairfax. My sister (who a few days ago didn’t even know who Derek Jeter was,) got us tickets for last night’s Game Five of the World Series. OMG! It was so incredible. If we had a paintbrush with a short handle we could have painted the roof, we were in the last row of the top section, first base line, but it was still a great view and we enjoyed the game, needless to say! We got there early enough to pay a visit to Monument Park and rub Babe Ruth’s forhead for good luck. It worked. My sister now knows who Derek Jeter is, and a whole lot more than she ever bargained for in quite an education in Baseball over the past 2 days.
    We went to the ESPN SPorts ZOne in Times Square for Wednsday night’s game and got Lazy-Girl chairs (we were the only women there) in the front row and watched the game from there, which was also an incredible game! I recommend it, if you get the chance, to vist there on your next trip to NYC, I didn’t move for 4 hours and was in TV-ESPN-Yankee bliss the whole time. My sister and I got there early to get a ticket for the seats and then to play games on the third floor before the game, she looked at her watch and told me we had been there 8 hours! It felt like 10 minutes to me! That’s where I saw Mr. November hit the home run.
    Anyway, safe travels to you for your trip East… hope you get a great turnout. Have a great time,

  24. It sounds like you are loaded for bear with portable entertainment choices for the trip! I am also a major TAL fan, Léo. Next to you, I’d nominate Ira Glass for Coolest Guy on Earth. 😉
    As someone who under ordinary circumstances is afraid to fly (think the person that the flight attendants want to sedate for her own good) *g*, I can appreciate people’s fears. But I also agree that the commercial airline system is probably substantially more safe than it was prior to 9/11, so go and enjoy yourself. I take it you’re not exactly thrilled with your governor just now – I know that he’s being criticized for his decision to make that announcement yesterday, and that the FBI is saying that the “credible” threat he talked about is not entirely that. We’ll see what happens.
    Have an outstanding time, I’m sure that there will be legions of throngs of masses of fans there who will love that you came!
    Smooches in a handy Travel Pack,

  25. Have a safe trip, Leo. You’ll have more fans than you can shake a stick at in WV/VA.
    How ’bout you guys taking a trip down to SoCal and visit us at the CompUSA in Burbank?
    I am a fan of TAL too! I LOVE David Sedaris.
    Other than a longer wait at the ticketing and the metal detectors, my trip back to Detroit wasn’t so bad last month.
    I didn’t even know the name of the bridge in San Pedro (the Vincent Thomas Bridge) before this hullaballoo started(!)
    The beautiful Golden Gate will be waiting for you on your return…see ya Monday!

  26. Leo, although I waited more than 2 hours in line for an
    all too short visit with you, I enjoyed myself.
    Thank you for coming to Charleston. I’d love it if
    you’d do the show here. Tell that woos producer to get
    with the program. The terrorists win if we are
    frightened into inaction. Hope Pat gets better soon.
    Tell Chris to stop acting like an inane 8 year old.
    He is really sharp and could be a great host if he wasn’t
    so irritating. The rest of the cast just keeps getting
    better. These trips are a lot of work. Hope you have had
    a safe trip home. My wife appreciated the note. She had
    surgery yesterday and couldn’t come.

  27. Man I was so disappointed about not getting to see you after the Sept. Charleston date was cancelled. But missing you this time because I had to do a show with Tom Wopat was even worse. I can’t believe I had to spend the whole day with “Luke Duke” instead of getting to meet my hero. My buddy was going to get me a picture but the crowd was so large that he waited an hour and a half and still didn’t make it to the autograph table. The odds of you being back in WV or me being in CA anytime real soon are probably slim to none so I guess I will just have to settle for my pre-autographed 3×5 card of you and Kate that was sent the last time I requested a picture.
    Keep up the Great work and God bless you.
    P.S. what is the deal with that dorky kid on the screensavers? Are times that hard at TechTV.

  28. Ya that other post is right Marc Cohen did walking in memphis…
    Unless Leo has an mp3 of Bruce doing it at a show or something but I dont think Bruce covered that song. Leo can you confirm ? I’m a Hornsby fan and a Hornsby fan needs to know… But if Leo likes Hornsby then he is my kinda music guy!
    Hornsby is fantastic, be sure to see him live if you get the chance!

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