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  1. Chris and Leo make a very FUNNY team. That gnome thing last night were Leo threw “The Gnome”. That was just too funny. LOL.

  2. I’m sad that I’m somewhere that doesn’t carry TechTV, but, at the same time, I’m kind of glad. I mean, I’d be sad if I missed Leo AND Kate … but Leo and Chris? I can SO do without Pirillo.

  3. Nothing against Chris. I would have loved to see Kate back on for a show or two. She is the original Co Host. She is still missed, even though I have to say Pat has given the show a very different feel. Kate is still missed. I think they could have let her one. That was not a fair decision to the long time watchers of The ScreenSavers.
    The tassles have to go Leo, you are starting to make me worry

  4. Leo, Can you do a segment on the screensavers about adding a pocket pc to a wireless network with the new dlink wireless cf network card Please. Thank you I Love the show the only one I really watch.

  5. Dump Chris off of Tech TV! Bring back Kate, I support Kate!
    Give Kate CAll For Help!

  6. Why God, why? Chris is Okay, but this is too much. Give us Kate! Leo, you better watch out at techtv, I smell something rotten in the works that involves the gnome. They better not ever think of replacing Pat for him, I will never watch again.

  7. One of your questions of the week should be whether or not people actually like Chris P. I think you would be surprised at the outcome. He just seems to be a little high strung. I think he had too much suger as a kid(and still to this day). I guess he wouldn’t be so annoying if he would calm down a bit and STOP INTERRUPTING PEOPLE.

  8. Sure Sue, now that the “party” is over, you’re gonna tell us was just for the kids…
    Uh huh…

  9. Chris,
    You must have been posting at the same time I was writing. YOU GO, GUY!!!!!!!
    I love the dialogue with Gretchen, lol! BTW, how is she liking SF? Oh, I enjoyed seeing Sprocket on CFH the other day. I remember when y’all got him and seeing his puppy pictures on the LG newsletter.
    Blow off the critics; they are not worth your time!

  10. I didnt even know chris had a wife,lol. He cant be THAt old,can he?
    And do none of u care about pat’s health?

  11. I like Chris’ energy..but, I need my Patrick fix.
    Get well fast and hurry back!!!

  12. You guys are brutal. Now I know why I don’t want to be on TV. Personally I like Chris (and I’m an old-time Laportean from back when Leo was on KGO Radio).

  13. Chris would be okay if he just goofed off a bit less. Otherwise he is tolerable. (would you rather have Roger with zero energy?)
    I like how Patrick doesn’t dumb things down. (Leave the newbie tips for CFH!)

  14. Leo,
    Do us all a favor and remove the post by the “I Hate Chris” person. He does not have the cojones to use his own name, linked it to Chris Pirillo’s e mail address and was very disrespectful to you and Kate.

  15. As for us “critics”, even if Chris were God incarnate, if things are the same as they are now, I’d turn the channel (and do).
    Then I’d immediately head down to my local neighborhood Church of Satan and renounce whatever faith I had.

  16. So, Pirillo is threatening us with more of HIM?
    Looks like we’ve got ourselves a Mexican Standoff…

  17. Come on people Chris P. does a great job and he’s very smart,don’t hate him for being him.
    Hell if Gramps thinks your cool your cool dude!!
    Now go check our site!!!!
    Please! hehe!
    Ok i know you will stop by Chris,cause Leo stops by all the time! ^_^

  18. Guh, I now know why I don’t watch Call for Help… Vive La Pat and Leo! La mort à Chris The Brillo

  19. You know you people cry too much,and the young man does a good job!!!
    We all know Leo is the Da King,Da Man, Da Boss,but the others do a bang up job too, if you could do better give it a try it isn’t an easy job!!
    Ya Big Babies!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! haha!!
    Now that i made you all mad stop over at CrackerJap.com and comment on some of the stuff we post. ^_^
    Well hey i tried!!

  20. You’re right about the flaky part…
    He IS flaky, but not in a good “pie crust” sense, but more in a bad “Needs Head & Shoulders” sense…

  21. Aw C’mon Patric’s not really sick he’s sittin at home watching you suffer with the gnome, laughing the whole time.

  22. Lets face it Kate is awesome, why they took her off live TV is unreal. She has the best on camera personallity ever, if she looked like Morgan they would let her host the show by herself. BRING BACK KATE!!!!

  23. So–what’ll be the costume theme this year?
    How ’bout Chris dressing up as a computer tower and you dressing as a sledgehammer?
    ‘Sicky’ Patrick might at least get a little (comic) relief out of it.

  24. Leo!
    Chris is okay but it would have been great for old time sake to have you and Kate! They could have dusted off the old beginning to the show as well. Man!

  25. You guys have a great show, hope Pat is feeling better, I watch every night.
    Chris is a great stand in.

  26. Bah! My head is gonna explode!
    Luckily I can probably watch “HeartBeeps” instead of Chris…
    And, if this is one of Sue’s infamous “parties”, I doubt she would’ve cancelled anyway…

  27. Leo,
    I feel for you man! Thanks for trying to get them to let Kate co-host. Too bad they didn’t let her. 🙁 If Kate were on, I would have canceled my party plans to watch! I’ll be at a Halloween Party tonight, so at least I won’t miss much if Chris is on with you. I’ll try and catch a rerun, but, I don’t know how much of Chris I can take. 🙁 Tell Patrick he better hurry up and get well! 😉

  28. I don’t know about the rest of ya but I like information & don’t care WHO is disseminating it. Chris P is just alright with me: he’s kooky – hip to what we all love & he fits in PERFECTLY. Get well soon Patrick.
    And Leo – find a permanent place for Senor Pirillo – the dude is flaky, funny & a full-blown geek! I like him.
    I love the show & Tech-TV. Thankyou.
    Mike Pruett
    St.Petersburg, Fl

  29. If, as Garry speculates, the marketing people are going for the “young nerd” crowd by letting Pirillo host TSS, they’re going to lose the larger older nerd crowd (age 18 and above?) that makes the money to buy the sponsors’ products.
    Please remind them that most of us watch the show hoping to learn something, not to watch a middle-school kid make faces and noises. He might know about computers, but that doesn’t qualify him as an on-air personality.
    What’s scary is that Leo will (I suppose) be off tomorrow and Friday to go to WV/VA, so even if Patrick IS back, it might be Patrick and Pirillo… Patrick, stay home — a man just recovering from a bad cold shouldn’t be exposed to something as noxious as Pirillo, and maybe they’ll give us a nice re-run, or a retrospective of the Hairstyles of Bill Gates, or a Nad’s Hair Removal commercial, to watch, any of which would better than having Pirillo hosting!

  30. Wow. Y’all are starting to sound like my wife. Are you sure you’re not related to her? It’s an uncanny resemblance. Here’s the message I got from her this very morning:
    “Chris, why are you hosting the Screen Savers AGAIN tonight? We had an appointment for the chiropractor and you were going to finally get your haircut. Can’t they find someone else?”
    To which I responded:
    “Because they asked if I could help – other people had scheduling conflicts. We’re all on the same team here. My hair can wait. My back can wait. My hairy back can wait.”
    To which she responded:
    “Whatever. Why do you feel the need to go out of your way, sacrifice your personal schedule, and do something for someone else every time they ask for help? Besides, do you realize how white you look on camera?”
    To which I responded:
    “Yes. It’s the makeup.”
    To which she responded:
    “Well, they’re not putting enough of it on you. I just hope you’re not under the notion (read: delusion) that you’re the least bit entertaining. You don’t make me laugh. You don’t know what you’re talking about. And you’re too woooh waaah woooh waaah [Charlie Brown Adult Speak Trails Off].”
    To which I responded:
    “So, you didn’t see them throwing candy at me on CFH today?”
    To which she responded:
    To which I responded:
    “So, you didn’t see a robot beat me up on the show yesterday?”
    To which she responded:
    To which I responded:
    “So, you don’t like change?”
    To which she responded:
    “Only if it’s exact.”
    To which I responded:
    The moral of the story: ignore me and I still won’t go away.

  31. Y’all all need to give Chris a break. He and Leo are great together and you can see they really enjoy one another. The show has regained some of its lightheartedness and free spirited attitude that it has not had since Kate left. I still miss Kate as she and Leo were a terrific combo. While I like Patrick, it has taken me ages to get used to him. He is just SO smart and throws around long technical words and sometimes makes issues more complicated than they actually are. He is growing on me, though, and seems to be trying to appeal to the masses more rather than the super-techies.
    I am glad that I was subscribed to LockerGnome for several years before Chris made the move to SF and TechTV. In that time, I gained such respect for his tremendous knowledge and ability to communicate that knowledge, that it would not have mattered if he had 3 heads. He is a clean cut, hard working, smart guy and yes, he is hyper and yes, his voice is a bit shrill at times but I am sure he is working on refining the edges of his on screen personality.
    I wish some of you would think twice before posting these critical posts on the Leoville Board.
    Just my two cents!

  32. Happy Halloween!
    Well, after his first night with Patrick, I never thought I would say Chris Prillo is growing on me. I am impressed with how well he can explain complicated things so the average person can understand and always has a intelligent answer. . I learn something new everyday when I watch the Screen Savers. I seemed to learned the most the Monday and Tuesday Chris was there.
    I noticed Chris was a bit more subdued tonight. Funny how much he really does look like a gnome…

  33. well i guess i won’t watch the show again tonight…..
    I boycott the show every time chris is on I can’t stand the nerd!
    I boycotted the old call for help everytime beckey was on she just annoying!
    now I’m becomming sick of kate…. leo pushes her around as being so great…
    it’s more like he’s having an affair with her…..
    why can’t we have the old screensavers back…just pat..leo..and martin.

  34. Why don’t all of you Chris bashers go play football or get ready for your next big ‘kegger’or something…
    Chris is the ultimate geek on two shows meant for geeks on a channel designed for geeks. Geeks are geeks – If you only like them when they are acting like cool, laid-back, social mongers then do you really belong here in the first place??????

  35. Chris is KEWL, I get all the Lockergnome stuff in email! But I am a great devotee of watching Kate! Kate is just too kewl. I don’t personally have a single thing against Chris. Gotta love that kwirky off-beat humor, but Kate is like da bomb! Would love to see her back at the Screensavers! I miss the chemistry between Leo and Kate, it was a very good mix. No one has seemed to gel quite as well as they did! Plus all the little tips Kate came up with on the show where in a different style and light than Leo and the guys tips. To be honest,…I’ve put way more of her little gems to use than anyones! To tell the truth I really enjoy everyone on TechTV’s “The Screensavers”, but I miss Kate!(Does it show? LOL) Good luck traversing the “Digital Divide” and Peace to all the geeks out there! From one geek to all you others, Brian

  36. Yikes! All This Chris bashing going on… he is smart and funny and he and Leo are a terrific team… even better than Patrick or Kate (just my opinion… please don’t hurt me 🙂
    Fun show tonight (although I missed the last half hour… had to change channels and watch the World Series)
    Sweet dreams to all
    (early bird on the west coast)

  37. Oh, Martin’s in Thailand. That explains it. Kate would be okay, I suppose. However, the show is different without Pat – the balance is lost. Too much goofing around – no straight man. I suppose the marketing people are thinking Pirillo will bring in the “young nerd” crowd, and, for all I know, they’re right. He is bright. I can’t even stand to look at him, but he is bright.

  38. I agree, give Chris a break. Everybody brings their own unique flavor to the Screen Savers. He may not be what we are used to everyday, but he is still a good host. You think he talks too much, but a lot of what he says is very informative. A little extra detail to help solve the problem (and future ones) and a little filler while typing in a website and waiting for it to load never hurt anyone. The Screen Savers is a very different environment from Call For Help and it takes time to adjust. In my opinion, he is getting better and better with every show that he hosts.
    Compliments to Pat and Leo for putting out a great show everyday and to Chris for getting out there day after day and facing these hungry wolves that are out for your hide.

  39. Let me just clarify something: I do not dislike Chris. He is very intelligent, he knows computers, he knows Microsoft, etc. However, he is a bit too energetic for me. He reminds me of an ADHD teenager who forgot to take his ritalin. All I meant was, I had enough of Chris for now, and I would rather watch Leo & Pat, or Leo & Kate, or Leo and anybody else.
    And, in response to Observer’s comment about the Halloween Party I was going to: “Actually Observer, it was a party at my brother-in-laws house for the kids! If Kate would have been on, actually I would have still gone to the party, I just would have used my brother-in-laws remote control to change the channel to TechTV when the show started. Instead, we left it on one of the music channels.”

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