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We had a great time in Seattle. I flew in on Friday, taped a piece on Tacoma, the self-proclaimed “America’s Number 1 Wired City.” Then we did a show to tape on Saturday. The edited show will air on Friday, 10/19 and through the weekend. Uncle Paul’s museum, Experience Music Project, looked great. Wait til you see how Microsoft’s XBox looks on the wall sized screen behind us.
We had a capacity live audience of about 300, pretty good considering that the Mariners were playing at the same time. It was so fun doing the show with a live audience. I would love to do it that way every night. Thanks to everyone who came to the show.

The weather was awful. At the end of the piece I did in Tacoma there’s rain dripping off my nose and the lettering on my microphone is starting to run. It was cold too. All the natives said that we had just missed beautiful weather. Yeah right. They probably say that to all the geeks.

I flew back right after the show, so I didn’t have any time to see more of Seattle. But I have a feeling we’ll be back.

Next week I’m flying to NYC to do Live with Regis and Kelly. They’re doing a technology week. Bill Gates is on on Thursday 10/25 (XP day) and I’ll be on the next day, Friday 10/26. I’m going to show Regis a bunch of tech gadgets. Should be fun.

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  1. Hey Leo,
    Love your show! Are you going to visit us in the DFW area any time soon?
    (A big fan)

  2. Leo on Regis, that is so cool! When I saw you talking about it with Patrick on last nights show, you really seemed like it was unbeliveable. I think it’s awesome! I’m sure Jeanette, E.B., or Carol would be willing to pinch you if you still don’t believe it! 😉

  3. Awww nuts! Im going to be in Seattle the day before you get there. Oh well, if you happen to stop by Trumbull, Connecticut give me a ring!

  4. Leo,
    Very disappointed about missing the show in Seattle…Had it all planned out, but things came up. Well I hope you’re feeling is right about visting Seattle again, there would be no way I’d miss you guys twice! Good luck with the Live with Regis and Kelly taping, wouldn’t miss it.

  5. Leo,
    Congratulations on the Seattle taping! I can’t wait to see it!
    Also, I will be sure to check out technology week on Regis and Kelly. Can’t wait to see you on there to!
    You are awesome Leo!

  6. Hi Leo !
    Have you actually got to meet Paul Allen in person? I read that he will be doing a computer museum in the desert town he started in.

  7. I have been in the throes of Leoville withdrawl and Tech TV withdrawl due to being swamped with work, but after reading Sue’s post (above) let it be known that I will gladly be available for “pinching services” should a need ever arise. :^)

  8. Anyone know when The core 4 of MCSE XP will be finally out?
    Shouldn’t MS have the full thing avai. when Windows XP comes out?
    I know 1 is out, the Windows XP Professional install, config, and admin course and test.

  9. Wow Leo, you’ve hit it big now! When are you going to come to Boston? I would love to see a taping.

  10. Hi,
    Just watched the show this afternoon… it was way too much fun! I wanna go play at the music museum. Sounds like a good excuse for a trip to Seattle.
    Leo, I hope you can arrange to do something like this in the Los Angeles area. There’s lots of very cool stuff here, too 🙂

  11. Wait…the lettering was running off your mic?
    I thought you guys had a larger budget than that…somewhere in the “permanent marker” range…

  12. Leo,
    I just wanted to say thank you for giving up part of your weekend and coming to Seattle. I was sitting stage left right next to my new TSS friend “Mr Memphis TN”.(Scott drove from Mephis just for the taping of the show) You do a good think by making sure he got some free stuff for his son. It will mean a lot to the kid. Just sorry I couldn’t stick around after for autographs, but the show ran over and I was late getting home to take over watching my daughters so my wife could leave. Hope to see you agin soon in Seattle @ the EMP. What a show!!!!!!!

  13. The exact same thing that happened to Shayne above happened to me! I even happen to live in the same town as his! I had gotten onto the list to see “The Screen Savers” in Seattle, but my mom, worried about my safety, did not let me go unless I could find a travelling companion who could drive; I never learned how to drive. I found a potential travelling companion in one of my friends, but he needed to consult his wife first, and he could not do that before 1700, which was the time that I had to call TechTV back by to confirm my reservation. Prior to that, I had even come up with another travel plan. Using the Internet, I figured out how to get to the Experience Music Project and back using the transit systems of my hometown and Seattle and Greyhound. It was too bad I could not put that plan into practice. Missing this opportunity to see “The Screen Savers” live was the biggest disappointment for me of this month of October. Strangely enough, my biggest disappointment of the month of September also had to do with “The Screen Savers” — I missed “‘TSS’ Canada Day” because of my local cable company’s bad planning of the introduction of some new digital channels, one of which was TechTV Canada.
    Leo said that he felt that “[we’d] be back.” By “we,” did he mean he and the other “Screen Savers?” I certainly hope so; should they visit Seattle again, I intend to be there!

  14. Since I’ll be at work, I’ll definitely be setting my VCR to tape your Regis appearance on 10/26. I agree with Dan’s posting that it’d be great if you can also make an appearance on Letterman after doing the Regis show. I think that your humor would definitely blend in well with Letterman’s. In a way, “The Screen Savers” is like a computer/tech show written by Letterman’s writers.
    P.S. Did your Weekend Today segment air yet?

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