I’m Flying!

I’m flying tomorrow for the first time since 9/11. It’s a little nerve wracking, I admit. The effects of the attacks are so widespread and long lasting, even among people who weren’t directly affected. I hold my breath every day when I drive over the Golden Gate Bridge. I guess we’re all suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome.
It’s a 7am flight to Seattle for our appearance at EMP on Saturday. I’ll have to get up at 3am to get to the airport in time to get through security. Ugh. But I guess it’s worth it. I’ll be flying a lot in the next three months. I’m tentatively booked to do Regis in NYC October 25, then an appearance in VA November 3/4. I’m MCing a cable dinner in Raleigh, NC November 25, then flying to St Louis for a December 15 appearance. Pant pant! That’s almost 30,000 air miles. Yikes!

I’m not all that nervous about it, but I might be when I get there. I’m actually looking forward to going to New York in a week. I was born there and have always loved the City. I feel a need to go pay my respects.

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  1. Léo,
    Why do Regis and Kelly? You seem to be a very intellegent person. It’s obvious Regis is a rather dim-witted person. I’ll still watch you, though.

  2. Hey Leo ur awesome and i love the Screensavers I was wondering if Patrick had a website to.

  3. Everyone,
    jay is a troll and nothing more, just ignore it and hopefully he and his kind can go back under the rock that hatched them.

  4. You’re quite the popular guy Leo. Hopefully they don’t bump you off Regis like they did with the Today show, whatever happened with that anyway? Are you going to be taping episodes at EMP, or just doing shows? Keep up the good work.

  5. Leo, have a safe trip.
    My dad just flew back in today (Oct 11), without any real problems. The secuirty lines at Detroit werent’ that bad, and moved well from what I could see. If your taking your labtop have it ready, it has to go through seperate.

  6. Hey Leo–
    Can you give any more info about the St. Louis appearance?
    Oh, and to the person who asked about Zone Alarm for a cable modem: it works like a charm. I have never had any problems!

  7. Leo,
    Have a safe trip and I’ll be seeing you there in Seattle. I am taking a Greyhound from Vancouver, BC…Thought I would share. I am really excited, this will be the first time meeting you guys! …Do you do autographs?

  8. Leo,
    Do not listen to one voice that claims to represent many. This guy has some issues. I enjoy hearing about your life and I enjoy everything that you do for the site. We are not just Leo fans, we are a community. In times like these, we all need a place to get away and this community offers that to me. Thank you for everything!!!!!!
    Oh yea, have a safe trip and good luck.

  9. Cool stuff happening man! Good for you!
    Am I the only one who can tell that ‘Jay’ is apparently one of Leo’s buddies giving him a hard time? I dunno, it seems obvious to me. You people are easy. L&K 🙂

  10. Jay is upset because his starring role in “Buttcheek Bonanza” was panned by the critics.
    Leo and Regis…has a ring to it. I think this is the beginning of Leo’s ascent to national media superstardom.

  11. Leo:
    I speak on behalf of many fellow fans:
    Although it is kind of you to keep up with your site and keep us informed, no one cares anymore. You didnt blog for about two weeks and everyone lost interest. It’s kind of scary, and voyueristic, that you do this thing. Go back to your goofy life and leave us be.

  12. Everyone,
    jay is a troll and nothing more, just ignore it and hopefully he and his kind can go back under the rock that hatched them.

  13. Leo, Have a great and safe trip. I had to fly twice since Sept 11th and it not that bad a little longer of a wait at the airport but no big deal. And the passengers on my plane would have stomped anyone who made a move for that cockpit door. As for the post by Jay, Jay you speak for no one but your self. If you dont care anymore why are you visting Leo’s site then. There are millions and I mean millions of Leo’s fans who care!

  14. Hey Jay,
    Speak for yourself dude! I am sure Leo has much better things to do than keep all of us entertained.
    I personally am grateful for any time Leo devotes to this site. I consider it a real treat that Leo lets us have a peek into his life and workplace whenever his busy job and homelife permit.
    Keep up the great job Leo!

  15. I don’t know who Jay is but I don’t agree. I check Blog almost daily to see if there’s anything new. I enjoy your messages very much.
    I know how you feel Leo. Everytime I see a plane in the air I worry about whether it will be safe or not. I work next to an airport and I worry about hijackers crashing planes on takeoff and set down. Everyone has their own personal fears.
    But have fun. Give my regards to NYC.
    ps: I just got a cable modem on Saturday. Love the speed. Hate the feeling of vunerability. Got to get a firewall soon. How good is Zone Alarm with a cable modem?

  16. Hey, Leo, I get up at 3:30 am 5 days a week, so you have my sympathy. Can really wreck your normal bio clock! Have a great time in Seattle. I used to live in the area, and miss it terrible (the rest of my family could not stand the weather, so we moved back to Southern California).
    And to Janice, I have used Zone Alarm since we had DSL installed and I LOVE it. Very easy to configure, and keeps both incoming and outgoig stuff at bay.
    (not born in NYC, but love it just the same)

  17. Jay, I don’t know about you, but I didn’t pay a penny to get into Leoville. I don’t think Leo or anyone else here owes anything. The fact that this cite even exists means that we are all be given a gift. Most everyone appreciates that.
    This is probably the most safe time in recent memory to be boarding an airplane. I’m not worried.

  18. Jay, I hate it when other people try to put words in my mouth. Please, speak only for yourself. I know of no other person in the public eye who shares as much of himself with his fathful following as Leo does(and we are faithful and legion)! I understand completely why celebrities wish to keep their private lives private. The fact that Leo shares some his with us makes him very special. That is why he’s so loved. Long live Leo’s Blog and Leoville!!!
    Leo, have fun, looking forward to seeing the show you guys tape in Seattle. And ummmmm could you come a liiiitttttle bit further east to (Boston/Providence)sometime, maybe?

  19. Hello Leo,
    I was shocked when I read this, Jay wrote :”I speak on behalf of many fellow fans:
    Although it is kind of you to keep up with your site and keep us informed, no one cares anymore”. (end of quote) What an idiot! If “Jay” is a “fan” and he thinks your “kind” why does he write such nonsense. Leo Laporte has to be the most busiest man on television. Not to mention he has a wife and kids and a new house. I bet Jay couldn’t do half as much. Good luck in Seattle Leo, say Hi to Megan, Pat, and yes I guess even Scott. You say your going to New York, I never been there, but since September 11th , I have got to know more of New York and it’s people. And what I see, I like. Never thought much of the city until the terrorist’s attack’s. I got satellite and tuned in to the New York channels for the first time. It’s a class city, I come to know New Yorkers are strong. Bin Laden and those fools picked the wrong City to attack. They will pay. I pray for all New Yorkers, your great people! you make me feel proud. I hope to visit your fine city someday. And you Leo, keep up the great work and good luck on your endeavors…D.C…

  20. I’ve heard people saying that they are arriving at the airport the recommended 3 plus hours or more before their flight and end up sitting waiting for most of it in the cafeteria because it went very smoothly. I’ve also heard tales of people standing in line so much that they missed their flight.
    My mother just got back from Paris, France on Friday evening. She told me her and her frineds as well as all the people on the flight were searched SIX times thouroughly at the airport there. Yowser. Looks like a mixed bag out there.

  21. You know, people like Jay only come here for one reason … to stir us up! We really shouldn’t let people like that get us into a frenzy. However, I do kind of feel an attack on Leo is an attack on the rest of us.
    Leo, it’s good that you’re not letting last month’s events keep you from moving on. The thing that most don’t understand is that we NEED normalcy now more then ever. If we let the past have a permanent effect on our lives, then they win. The greatest tribute we can give to the lives that were lost is by moving on.
    Anywho … have a safe trip, Leo. Regardless of what Jay said, please keep us posted! 🙂

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