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For some time I’ve wanted a way to Blog via e-mail. I thought it would be cool to post from the road via Blackberry.
Still can’t do that with Greymatter, my blogging software, but thanks to AvantGo I can create entries on my Sony Clie and they’ll be posted when I sync. I have to write in Graffitti, which is kind of painful, but at least it’s mobile!

Next: an AvantGo channel.

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  1. I just wanted to let ” The Screen Savers ” know that I think you guys are great. I hope that you continue the show for quite a while. I rarely get to see it, but it’s great when I do. I express my recommendations on the two hosts: Leo and Patrick.
    Thank You,
    Bob Dole

  2. Always at the leading edge Leo!
    Leo I hate the new design of the set and why do the suits think that you guys have to do skits at every break…. oh for the old days of TSS……
    Talking of the old days….. When are we going to see more of Kate on the show?

  3. Leo,
    Nice tip on the Avantgo/blog client. Did you know that you can blog by using the AOL screen name bloggerbot? That way you can post right through AIM, if you have AIM support on your cell phone it makes it easy to post from the road. Except ofcourse for the keypad:)
    Keep up the good work!

  4. That’s pretty cool Leo. It seems like you’ve spent more time on this blog since the first week when you “test posted” every five minutes, lol. Keep up the good work!

  5. If he has the will, he will find the way! Léo is always leading the cutting edge. We look forward to reading how you solve this challenge, Léo.
    – Michael J. Titera
    Fremont, California

  6. Leo, I use Greymatter for my own personal site. How are you creating the log entries on your Clie and then syncing them? I’m curious as I’d love to be able to do that with my Palm. Are you saving some cached copy of the gm.cgi page?

  7. Channels? Can I borrow the “way back” machine after you guys are done with it?

  8. Always at the leading edge Leo!
    Leo I hate the new design of the set and why do the suits think that you guys have to do skits at every break…. oh for the old days of TSS……
    Talking of the old days….. When are we going to see more of Kate on the show?

  9. Hey that’s neat Leo. I’m having fun learning my way around my Clie. By the way when you did the segment on WriteRight awhile back you said they didn’t make them for the Clie but that the Clie had the same screen as another Palm. Which one? I’ve had mine a month and I already have a small scratch on the screen.

  10. I’ve had Leoville syncing to my Handspring Visor through AvantGo now for over a year. And it works flawlessly except in the rare instances when a page reaches “critical mass.” AvantGo has a limit in the size (in kb) of a page that the service will transfer. I am unaware of a workaround for that issue, as it is seemingly placed there by AvantGo for a purpose. However, in 95 percent of the posts they work fine. However the odd post with say 50 or more responses, (depending on the size), won’t transfer over because the kb limit will kick in and you will recieve a message on your palm device that the page was not transferred.
    Anyhow, here are my channel setups for Leoville. Clicking these links will add a custom channel to your AvantGo setup. If you have AvantGo already installed on your Palm device these links will take you right to your channel page and add them in for you after you log in. Of course when Leo gets an official listed channel that would be much better!
    Leoville Blog:
    Leoville Front Page:
    (Those may have to be cut and pasted because they are so long.) You may want to go in and edit the channel for Max channel size but I have found the numbers included to be sufficient.

  11. Hold the phone central!
    Those will probably work great for you, however you might want to tweak them a little. After they are created you can go in and disable the images if you have a device with very little onboard memory, (A durn shame cause they look good even on a monochrome screen!)
    Just be sure to keep the link depth correct or you won’t be able to read everyone’s responses. And, as everyone knows, my jewels of a wisdom are a must read!
    Oh, BTW I do know that “receive” is spelled this way, and not like it is in the message above. Sue me!

  12. Setting up an AvantGo channel is surprisingly easy. The most important thing is to keep the format simple for the handheld’s screen.
    At RandomMaccess, I use a CGI called NewsPro to manage my articles; it was relatively easy to reformat the content into an AvantGo template. That way I never have to enter anything twice and the AvantGo channel is always up to date.
    The one “trick” I used was to strip most of the links out of the AvantGo template to avoid all those “Page Not Found on This Device” errors.
    If you’re an AvantGo subscriber (and becoming one is free), you can see what I mean by subscribing to my channel (plus, it’s one of the few Mac-oriented AvantGo channels available. Here’s the link (it’s a long one):
    If anyone from here subscribes, I’d love to hear your comments.
    Thanks, and good luck, Leo — let me know if I can help!
    –Chuck La Tournous

  13. Hey, Leo, I heard a news story on the radio last night about the Blackberry pagers, they were the only service that stayed intact in NYC during the crisis on 9/11, they said in the story that using those devices was the only way the Mayor’s people could stay in contact with each other, (since so many cell phone services went down) and they also mentioned that the military just purchased 500 encrypted Balckberry units to be used for the upcoming mission in Afganistan. Thought you’d be interested to hear that.
    Hope your trip to Seattle was a good one, looking forward to the show and also your impressions of how it went.
    Welcome back!

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