Quicktime VR of The Screen Savers studio

Here’s a Quicktime VR picture of the Screen Savers set from my point of view at home base. (You need Quicktime to view this. If I’ve coded this properly, Quicktime should load automatically, even if you haven’t installed it yet. The movie itself is about 1.4 megs so it may take some time to download it. Click on the picture and drag your mouse to move around in it. You can look up and down, too.)

Thanks to Alex Lindsay of dvGarage for taking the picture. You can read all about it on The Screen Savers web page.

(NOTE 7 Oct 2007: I’m trying to figure out when this is. This is the second Screen Savers set – Patrick Norton is already co-hosting, you can see his skateboard behind home base. We’re already moved to Studio B – making room for Tech Live I guess – but lots of pieces are still missing, including the LAN party set, the spiral staircase, and the audience risers. The “babe corral” isn’t finished yet either. The control room is visible behind it. You can also still see the old Money Machine set behind the cameras. This must have been very early on with the new set.)

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  1. Hey does my monitor have a defect or does Patrick’s sledgehammer (which is shown laying on the floor of the set in the Quicktime VR pic) have a broken handle?? Boy, if that handle really is busted I would hate to see what the computer that he was demolishing looks like!! Hehe
    Thanks for your recent blogs Leo, and for sharing with your fans- keep up the good work!

  2. Wow…just like a virtual view from the “LeoCam” episode a few years ago.
    It seems like I remember the LeoCam had a defect that made it repeatedly track back to check Kate’s microphone location.

  3. awesome, leo! i don’t know how you guys can stand all those bright lights shining at you all the time though.

  4. It works, Leo! Way Cool! I’m glad to see you post again. Didja hear that the Emmy’s are canceled again due to the Attacks launched on Afghanistan? Oh Well, Stay Safe. God Bless!

  5. Hmm … to see the world as Leo sees it. Now that’s something I’d like to do for a day. ::grin::

  6. Is the floor painted with that driveway/garage paint? I’ve been thinking about doing that, but wasn’t sure if it was worth it…

  7. Hi Leo – I was bummed about you not posting for awhile, but you made it up by posting this great shot ( you coded it correctly, because for some reason I couldn’t get this to work on the TSS site, but it works here).
    Good job

  8. Hi Léo!
    That picture is simply amazing! We have finally entered the era where you can turn a static picture into a dynamic experience. Very cool!
    Thanks for going to the trouble. It was well worth it.
    – Michael J. Titera
    Fremont, California

  9. Great views, Leo. Really gives us fans a look into what you look at when we look at you. Kinda sounds funny but that’s what it is.

  10. Cool, Leo! I recently bought a copy of Photo Vista 2.0 by MGI Software http://www.mgisoft.com off of Ebay. It does the same thing. Stitches together individual photos together to make a panoramic that you can look around in. I haven’t had a chance to do my own photos yet, but have stitched together the samples. Maybe you could do some quicktime vr of your new house?

  11. Well the Boston area received its first snowfall today. I though I was dreaming, but hey, it’s New England.

  12. Not sure why, but I can’t view it. I have a new hard drive, so I answered yes to loading QuickTime, then waited. What I got was a “broken” QuickTime logo where the initial view should be (inside Leo’s opening message).
    Hovering over it gives me “Click for information” but when I do, nothing happens. I left the site and returned from a different URL, thinking I might be able to reload, but the “broken” image is still there (the Q inside a film frame with a corner broken off).
    Any ideas…did something go wrong with the installation of QuickTime on this hard drive or did I hit the load at a bad time? What’s the best way to start it over again — uninstall QuickTime and wait a couple of days and try again? Thanks for any suggestions!

  13. Wow Leo, this is great. . it really looks different from your point of view, everything it so clean cut on TV but I guess thats just TV. . =) We recently moved and we had to take down the satellite, so right now we’ve got cable in the new house which doesn’t carry TechTv and I really miss watching tss! I really enjoy watching you, you’re so funny =)

  14. Ive tryed, and Ive tryed Leo. But I just can’t make such a thing for my website http://www.derekshow.com Why can’t I be like you Leo, I wish I was a magical butterfly that could soar away from this world and live in never never land with my friends peter pan and the lost boys. I turned to the bottle, my website went downhill, I just dont want to think anymore. I LOVE YOU LEO, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

  15. Wow Leo this is so cool! I if you go too fast it’s like one of those sick amusement park rides. I love those things! I couldn’t get it to work over at the TSS site either so I thought I’d lost out. TYL for posting it here. I know you’re really busy so it’s understandable you can’t post a lot but it sure is nice when your around. Thanks for all you share with us.

  16. Leo – Thanks for recommending the direct download URL. Things worked fine first time, and I got a kick out of the tour of the studio. In the halcyon days of my youth, I did part-time work on both sides of the camera and mike in television and radio — it’s interesting to see how things have (and haven’t) changed.

  17. Andy, some places in the picture have a bend to them (to make them work) look up at the light and you’ll see what i mean. Leo i tried to make on of these pics on http://www.derekshow.com and when it finally loaded it just spinned around really fast. i guess i’ll keep trying…

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