15 Replies to “Utilikilt Alert”

  1. Leo, when are YOU gonna wear a kilt on the show! Patrick in a kilt, not my thing…but, Leo in a kilt…maybe! LOL

  2. perhapes everyone could do an all kilt show. everyone one the set wears a kilt. Fridays can be kilt day!
    wear do i buy my socks??

  3. “sweeps”…huh-huh…classic.
    [it sounds like I’m being sarcastic, but I’m not — it really made me laugh:)]

  4. I’ve figured it out!
    The brilliantly clever plan. Patrick is wearing the Utilikilt again to inspire Stella Marie to write another song.

  5. WHAT!!!?? Are you showing your support (ahem) and wearing one, too? I must know! Please send me a secret message during Tech Live and sing me a few bars from Brigadoon if this is true!

  6. Secret message to Pat: Never fear! I’m on the job, night and day, to protect you from all those over-zealous Laportean lady fans, who crave your legs — uh, want to look at your legs. My disguises are the best in the world — they’ll never know it’s you under that kilt.
    Tee-hee-hee ……….. ohhhhhhhhhh, this is gonna be FUN !

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