I’ve been farked

Drew Curtis has posted some very funny photoshops of my blog picture on Fark. Some of the pix are in poor taste so don’t click if you’re squeamish.
Worm Alert: Incidentally, there’s a very nasty worm out there called W32.Nimda.A. It affects Microsoft’s IIS web server and spreads using a hole in Internet Explorer. You can be infected by this virus just by reading the e-mail. You can even be infected by just visiting an infected web site UNLESS you have updated Internet Explorer. IE 5 and 5.5 are susceptible. IE 6 is not.

It’s not currently known if the worm has a destructive payload, but a side effect of its activity is abnormal HTTP traffic. Webmasters running IIS should patch their servers. User like you and me should immediately run Windows update and apply all the critical patches. If you’ve patched since last March, you’re probably OK.

Some relevant links:

Kevin Poulsen’s write-up on Security Focus

The Microsoft patch is available on their site. Or you can run Windows update and apply all the critical patches.

The Symantec Anti-Virus Research Center alert.

31 Replies to “I’ve been farked”

  1. I wonder how many of Leoville’s female citizens went a little woozy at the title of this particular blogule? =P

  2. Hey Leo-
    About this worm, before when this worm came out, I had about 16-20 pings to my system in a time period. Now I have 40-50!!
    -the professor

  3. I think I got this virus e-mail on monday more than once. I got four e-mails from four different people with the subject line a bunch of gibberish. I just thought they were really strange subject lines so just deleted it. Glad I disabled the preview pane a long time ago.

  4. If I can bring a smile to someone’s face where there wasn’t one before by pasting Leo’s head somewhere you wouldn’t normally see it, then I’ve done my good deed for the day.

  5. Hi, Leo. I laughed over your comments about Bonzi Buddy tonight. I told a friend, though, and she didn’t seem amused. Her desktop Bonzi has officially declared war on you, so beware! : )

  6. Drew,
    We took it easy on Leo, although there was a few that went over the line, I was glad to see them removed. I have to say that compared to some of the photoshop’s that have been done, this one was very clean.

  7. Yes, the Nimda email will have a gibberish subject and no body. Here’s a sample courtesy Chris Pirillo:

  8. As the Farkistan minister of militia and misinformation services office, I encourage everyone to watch tech tv and make Fark.com a part of your lives.
    Scraping Fetus Off The Wheel
    Minister of Militia and
    Misinformation Services Offices
    of the Independant State of Farkistan.

  9. It could be worse. It could have been SomethingAwful.com. 🙂
    Sorry Sue, I no longer have a homepage.

  10. It could be worse. It could have been SomethingAwful.com. 🙂
    Sorry Sue, I no longer have a homepage.

  11. I think all these years of doing Fark has affected my tolerance level for stuff. I thought they were all pretty tame. On a second pass through however, I think I see Leo’s point. But hey, they’re funny. It cancels out marginal content. grin

  12. But did you bother to print out and color in the teletubby leo?
    (sorry for intruding, we had a link to see the comments)
    nice blog

  13. Yep, saw the Fark stuff other day. I figured I’d sit this one out. I get to ‘Photoshop’ you 7 days a week right here. 🙂 That and you don’t really want to know what I’d come up with if bad taste was fair game do you?

  14. Leo,
    The Fark stuff was a bit harsh. Some of those had me breaking my side laughing. Something I haven’t been able to really do in a long time.
    I haven’t been able to do anything on my site since it happened. Although, I did make public a chapter that was on the site only for those who are part of my groups thing.
    I’m glad to be able to laugh at something again even for a little while. That’s why I finally went public with the new chapter.
    Also, Leo, is there a worm causing e-mails with gibberish as the subject line? I got like four from four different people. I just deleted them without thinking of opening the mail.

  15. Leo: When I saw on TSS that you were being Farked (so to speak LOL) I knew I would finally have to check out Fark.com. Hilarious stuff! Thanks for the “Some of the pix are in poor taste so don’t click if you’re squeamish.” remark, I made sure the kids weren’t in the room before I checked it out.
    Carol: in response to:”Yep, saw the Fark stuff other day. I figured I’d sit this one out. I get to ‘Photoshop’ you 7 days a week right here. 🙂 That and you don’t really want to know what I’d come up with if bad taste was fair game do you?” Maybe you should add a section to your website for your Leo photo edits where anything is fair game? Then, you can share the link with your friends here in Leoville. hint, hint…LOL

  16. Mr. Laporte,
    Drew has been doing the weekly thing on the Screen Savers via webcam. Isn’t it about time that he made a personal appearance on the show? Give him a good 7-10 minutes of airtime. You can talk about root beer and various other subjects. Sounds like a good idea to me.

  17. As the acting Minister of the Cosmos of Cyber Jugoslavia I also encourage people to watch Tech TV and The Screen Savers…and of course make fark.com a hefty part of your life, much like my bretheren of Farkistan humbly suggest. Hopefully I will receive a coming victory in the Sanitation Department nominations of Farkistan.
    God bless.

  18. Your Royal Leo Lioness…
    I just wanted to say it was a pleasure photoshopping such an ‘eligible’ subject (you know what I mean)
    Enjoy the show, keep it up…say hello to megan (personal plug there)
    We’re anticipating your cameo appearance on the forums
    capybara (minister of left handed bowlers)

  19. I must admit that the unceremonious pasting of a person’s head on another person’s body hasn’t struck me funny since about 1998 when it got old because it’d been done to death. It’s interesting to see that Fark and related sites can still find people who have the time to waste making these personal statements. Ah, I guess nothing ever dies. Heck even bell bottoms have come back. Is this what the internet is about? We seem to have an internet that is all about business and news or entertainment. Basically it’s turned into a medium like TV. No wonder they can’t get people to sign up for DSL and Cable access in the numbers they would like. John’s got it right here:
    (you’ll have to copy and paste this since it doesn’t link correctly)

  20. begin of transmission
    The Brady Bunch Edition of the Weakest Link!
    Who Will Be The Strongest Link In the Brady Bunch????????????
    Weakest to Strongest Brady!
    8. Cousin Olivier
    7. Greg Brady
    6. Jan Brady
    5. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha Brady
    4. Bobby Brady
    3. Carol Brady
    2. Cindy Brady
    1. Peter Brady
    Highlights of the Show
    Carol Brady Kissed Anne Robertson When She Tooked the Walk of Shame
    Peter and Cindy Voted Off Carol in the 6th round.
    Most Money Made in a Round $17,500.00
    Least Money Made in a Round $0.00
    Grand Total for all eight rounds $49,000.00

  21. It’s currently 1:23 in the AM for me. I’ve had a couple drinks tonight, so maybe that has something to do with what I’m about to say …
    Y’know … I love Leo. I don’t mean I’m IN love with him. I mean, I’ll never tell. ::grin:: What I’m saying is that Leo seems to be such a down-to-earth kind of guy. I don’t know him personally, but I’m willing to bet he’s one hell of a friend to have.
    After a day of working a yucky job, I enjoy coming home to catch Leo, Patrick and the rest of the Screen Savers crew. It’s one of the few “perks” in my life.
    Keep up the GREAT work, Leo!

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