21 Replies to “Fairfax and Charleston are back on”

  1. Hey leo, your home page doesn’t have your updated schedule listed, but I am glad to see here that you are indeed coming out to Fairfax, hope I can see you then!

  2. Not sure why that link didn’t work.
    On the Board, it’s the first message under Leo – Tech TV – On The Road.

  3. Leo,
    I’m really glad to hear that you will be coming to Charleston. My wife, son and I will be there. I’ll be the fat guy down front in the ScreenSavers hat!
    I’m really looking forward to it. Would you like anything special to take home with you? Apple Butter (WV made)? Fudge (also WV made)?
    Let me know and I’ll try to have it for you! 🙂

  4. Hey Leo! when you coming to Michigan? i missed you last time with you and kate You ever coming back?
    Please Say YEA!

  5. I’m still trying to decide if a should bring my iMac for you to sign. I live only a block from the Town Center. My Visor might be a better idea. It would be much more fun to stand in line with.

  6. Been watching TechTv since day 1!!! (You know the ol’ ZDTV days?) Coming all the way from Augusta, Kentucky to finally meet my idol! Wouldn’t miss ya for the world and looking forward to meeting Jim L. in Cincy Oct. 6th!! 🙂

  7. Uh, so then when are you coming to Florida? Wasn’t Orlando scheduled for that weekend?

  8. Great. I hope i can make it down to the Town Center. i live about 20 miles east of Charleston.

  9. Leo, your coming to see me on my birthday! How sweet of you to go to all that trouble!!!!

  10. Psst … hey, Leo. How about a trip down south (southern Cali)? Or, are you going to make me come to SF to meet you? ^_^
    Take care, Leo. Have a safe and happy trip!

  11. I’m with Brian… c’mon down 🙂 I’d even be willing to drive into LA for the occasion.
    Vicki (happily living in the high desert — out in the middle of nowhere)

  12. It’s good to see that you guys are starting to recover after all of
    the events of this past week. I hope patrick and ALL of those in the
    tech tv family who were waiting to hear about friends and family got
    only GOOD news.

  13. Dear Leo:
    I want to thank you for showing my memorial web site on Screensavers on 9-12-01
    I’m working on other projects now.I’ve been reading those nice response letters
    you gotten from the nice people that having a hard time dealing with this terrible tragdey in New York City ,Washington DC and Pennsylvania. I honestly hope that people do not let those terroist take over their lives,as for I’m doing my part in helping out by making bumper stickers and I went to Red Cross to donated blood last Saturday with my little daughter Treanna while my husband was at work. By the way thank you for all the great information your network provided on that day.
    Thank you
    Norma (Everett’s wife)

  14. Does this push back your Orlando trip??? you haven’t had anything to say about it lately and since it was supposed to be in November I doubt it’s still on your drawing board. I guess jessica got demoted in favor of Scott. I think scott is virtually hilarious, but I’m sorry for Jessica. I really don’t have a bad thing to say about any of you. Even during the crisis I always tuned in. If and when you do get to Orlando I hope I can make the trip.

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