Mushroom Time

I just e-mailed the Today show and the segment was bumped again. They assure me it was not killed – just slipped. Apparently they had told our PR people yesterday but the PR people never told me.
I’m trying not to take it personally.

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  1. I don’t get the weekend edition of Today where I live, but I sure was surprised.
    There could have been a reunion between you and Soledad O’Brien. Bummer.
    Is there a picture of you and Soledad from the reunion?

  2. I didn’t even have to work this morning so I could have seen it but I will probably have to work next Saturday so hopefully I can tape it and you will be on!

  3. SCREW NBC! No one messes with my adopted dad (::grin::) and gets away with it!
    I think it’s pretty crappy on NBC’s part to keep bumping the segment. I was up at 5 AM (California time), to see if the segment would get aired. Well, as you already know, it wasn’t. I’m thinking about writing a nasty letter to NBC. What do you say, Leo?

  4. Leo…
    I think the ol Today Show is giving you the run around. dont they realize what a valuable asset youd’e be?
    I was feeling bad because I forgot to tape the today show
    Have a good weekend…and happy grilling.

  5. Leo, remember how MSNBC Completely ruined the show ‘The Site’ by pulling it off the air with no warning!!!! i would never trust NBC to honor any commitments.
    NBC as killed, and their own twice now. when it comes to Technology and The Internet NBC has no clue What Their Are Doing!!!! <<<<—- check out my weblog.

  6. I love time travel stories as well. Sometimes I wish that I could go back in time several weeks and cut my grass before it was at mower choking length. Other times I wish I could go say hi to John Adams and tell him, you know, “good job dude.” Other times I wish I could go back in time and talk to Douglas Adams. I’m very sorry he died. He made me laugh out loud in embarrassing places. I recomend Gregory Benford’s Timescape and Orson Scott Card’s Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus if you haven’t already read them.

  7. Hi Léo!
    The Today Show would greatly benefit, I’m sure, from your segment. Don’t take it personal. You know how crazy TV scheduling can be…
    Kudos to you and your wife for putting on such a great event for your son’s birthday. I bet he had a wonderful time. I enjoyed the pics of your property. Looks like those goats will come in handy…
    I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day Weekend. See ya soon on the boob tube!
    – Michael J. Titera
    Fremont, California
    P.S. Tell Henry, great speech!

  8. Here’s my plan, fly [insert NBC bozo name here] out to The Screen Savers and make a big deal over him/her, tape the show, then immediately (to preserve the freshness) put the tape in a can. Tell them it airs at 9 pm that night, then call them and tell them it airs next week, sorry about the mix up.
    Then forget about it for a week, when they want to know when it’ll be on, tell them to check the web page. Then take the can (with the valuable tape in it) home and use it to shore up that one part of the goat shed that is leaning, and then tell them the show will be on at 12:30 AM.
    (BTW: These times are exactly what the Tech Tv folks told me about the Doug Adams “Big Thinkers” show which finally did air, at 12:30 AM, a great time slot.)
    To make it all up to you, I hope you lay on the guilt to the person who booked you, and have them book you again, this time for a chance to plug your new book!

  9. I wish they would hurry up and invent the time travel device, I mean, really, rather than all the other crazy stuff they seem to be inventing these days. Just recently I saw “Animal Crackers” with the Marx brosthers for the very first time, and I really wish I could go back in time and go see them perform the show on stage on Broadway in 1930…. that must have been something! I also would say “Hi” to John Adams.

  10. I don’t think a boycott of NBC is necessary. So it got bumped, what’s the big deal? But next time when they want you to fly out again for something like this, i think you should agree to do the segment, but do it from the comfort of your own computer. Do it via webcam, and play Max Payne, or the new Blizzard game the entire time, and get constantly distracted by fragging everything in sight. Now that’d be comedy. Or like E.B. said, have them come to the SS set, and have them sit there all day, not get to them for lack of time. Have them do this for an entire week, that’ll teach them.

  11. That would be the perfect pay-back.(You know what they say about revenge being sweet!) How dare NBC fool around with our friend Leo! You know,Leo,every job is the same. Total lack of communication. Don’t let it get you down. I know how it can be. Aside from that, I hope you and the family have had a good week-end,and that you got plenty of well deserved rest. Also, the photos of all the kids are beautiful. It looks like Abby and Henry really love the goats. Well,let me close out this little note, and get myself ready for work tommorrow.(UGH!) As always, catch you soon. 🙂

  12. It’s a conspiracy!!!! Yes, a conspiracy, perpetrated on the geeks and techies of the world by GE and NBC. You see, NBC is afraid, dare I say, scared to death. The source of their fear: LEO LAPORTE!!!! NBC fears Leo, and the vast amount of knowledge that he has to share with the rest of us. Leo needs to get in touch with Richard Belzer and collaborate on a book….a sequel to Belzer’s “UFOs, JFK, and Elvis: Conspiracies You Don’t Have To Be Crazy To Believe”. Putting these great minds together can only show NBC that their fear is unjustified, and Leo’s voice shall be heard by all! LEO IS THE MAN!!!!

  13. Hi,Leo.:)
    Did they bump you on saturday? I set my vcr to record from 830 Am–902 Am
    and I didn’t see you, and on a show last week you mentioned it VERY briefly.
    I hope I get to see it soon!
    please keep up the excellant work on techtv!
    Your Friend AND Fan,Joseph blough

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