Today segment postponed

Erp. I got off the plane in New York and got a message from the producers saying my segment had been bumped. I’m still going in to the studio. I want to watch Blues Traveller perform on the show. They didn’t get bumped! I’ll tape a segment with Soledad after the show at 9:15. They say they’ll air it September 1. We’ll see.
Oh, well. Such is life. Or rather, such is TV. I have an 11a flight back to San Francisco. I’m taking Monday and Tuesday off. Henry is having his 7th birthday party on Tuesday and we have a lot of preparation to do.

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  1. Oh yes, the weather may be changing, quit possible that your return airplane will be delayed in Chicago. Just kidding ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Have you done a bit of Birthday shopping in NY?!?

  2. Oh yes, the weather may be changing, quit possible that your return airplane will be delayed in Chicago. Just kidding ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Have you done a bit of Birthday shopping in NY?!?

  3. That is BS Leo but I guess it’s good for me because I couldn’t figure out how to get my VCR to record off my satellite dish. Sorry Leo.

  4. Well, at least you get time off for the kids (not the goats) in return for your efforts.

  5. I’m sort of glad. I forgot about the appearance until 9:12 Eastern. So, at least I didn’t miss it.

  6. Leo,
    I’m sure if Congressman Condit wasn’t making news (which is old by the way), you wouldn’t have gotten bumped. Weekend Today doesn’t know what they missed out on!
    – Scott

  7. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan, screw Blues Traveler!
    Stayed up all this time for nothing!
    ::grumble, mutter, spit, curse::

  8. ….missing “time” above….
    Hey, that sounds like a haiku almost…. anyway, forgot I can’t edit over here on the Blog, should have read it before posting… So, while I’m here again, maybe I’ll ask (nicely) if you can post some pics of the goats, chickens and pear trees sometime, I mean now that you’re done resting up after your cross country airline torture test and all…

  9. Leo,that sure does stink! All that cross country travelling,not to mention jet-lag, sheesh!! I hope you had the shovel handy for the B.S. I hear it makes great fertilizer. LOL!! Wish Henry a happy birthday,and see you Wedensday. Rest up,you’ll need it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Hey Leo I’m glad you got bumped! Stayed up to late Friday nite on tech tv chat. And missed it Saturday morning. So now I get to see it later if I don’t stay in chat to long again. Keep up the good work Leo. You are the reason I gota computer. I watched tech tv for a year before buying one. Guess that what they mean by doing your homework. later bye

  11. Soledad is a babe! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Bummer about the trip though… I’ll keep an eye out for ya on the 1st though.
    Take care.

  12. Leo,
    I want to wish Henry a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I know he will have a great day because you’re spending it with him.

  13. Up-date.. It’s pouring rain in the midwest. Your airplane really may be delayed! Oh my !!
    See you in the airport.

  14. If it was my call I’d day (In a Mr. T voice) “Put Leo on you fools!!”
    I’m real sorry to hear it, Leo, but I’ll be sure to watch the interview on September 1st.
    PS: Wish Henry a happy birthday.

  15. Leo I am looking for a cgi script that puts a new qoute on your site everytime the page loads and I can’t seem to find any free ones I am looking and looking wasting time. I got to go. Bye and thanks

  16. Leo they bumped YOU from the show?? NBC must have had some stoopid story about cloning sheep or some B.S. Your segment should have been a half hour!!

  17. Leo is a “glass is half-full” kind of guy (thinking I just can’t understand!), so I am sure he is looking at it as a chance to see Blues Traveller in person–or something like that.

  18. so sad ๐Ÿ™ but glad you could tape it! ๐Ÿ™‚
    to bad you couldn’t do some of the book that was resently finished!
    happy bday to henry!

  19. Bumped?! Those fools! Don’t they know you’re in tight with some of the cast members of HBO’s “The Sopranos?” Perhaps they erred now but with a little of your friends’ “ardent persuasion” I’m sure it’ll never happen again!

  20. As far as I can tell, that Condit segment was WHY Leo was bumped. Yet another case of the media reporting on themselves. Then a room full of John Q. Publics conducting a trial by media…how wonderful.

  21. I’ll be looking for you in the Blues Travelers audience. I would say enjoy NY, but your schedule doesn’t seem to permit that. Seems the Linux 10th Anniverary got bumped too – by Microsoft publicity stunts. Ouch!

  22. Hi Leo,
    I just don’t know- I am sure that being a popular TV show host and all around great guy has its advantages, but flying clear across the country only to be told, “sorry our plans have changed” isn’t the best way to start a weekend!
    What a pain for you, but I suppose you know as well as anyone what TV production can be like. If it is any consolation, all of us devoted fans will be looking forward to seeing you at your regular place of work on Wednesday evening!
    Enjoy what’s left of the weekend, and I hope your son’s bithday party is a great time for the entire family. And although it has been said before, thanks for sharing the interesting details of your life via the blog!

  23. Well, that explains why I can’t find it. I think I got up too early anyway, it’s a show on finding missing children. Oh well. The house is very quiet this early on a Saturday! I’ll enjoy having the house to myself for a couple hours while the kids are sleeping.
    Enjoy your weekend anyway. Wish Henry a big Happy Birthday!! We’ll be watching for you Wednesday! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. Bummer Leo. But it’s better they taped it then sending you straight back home. At least it’s done and over with. Unfortunatley, you didn’t have time to just walk around the streets of the city. Whether you live there or not, sometimes it’s just fun to sit back and just take in everything. Anyway, I’m sorry to hear you got bumped, but I saw that you were prepared for it, and somewhat expected it to happen. Like was said above – I’m sure you know how television can be than most of us here.

  25. OK guys, thing to do now is to write nbc. i just finished my email expressing my displeasure in thier bumping of leo’s segment. the address is it will not change the world, but it will certanly let them know leo has fans and that his interview was important to us.
    We are consumers and support thier advertisers. make noise people. say it loud “were geeks and we’re proud”.
    yes i know, i need to just walk away from the computer.

  26. I’m very dissapointed with NBC for bumping one the interesting interview they would of had on the whole show!! They could of eliminated the home repair guy instead or most of that Condit stuff!!! Which they just kept repeating what was already said anyway!! They could of composated you with a bagel Leo, its the least they could of done for your trouble. Hope the Blues Travelers concert was good. See Ya on wednesday!!!

  27. All the plug on The Screensavers about the NBC Today SHow, and you get bumped?
    I bet if Katie Couric was working on Saturday, you would have been put on first
    priority. Heck, she would have bumped Matt Laurer, and have you host the show, you’re so good. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Nice excuse they give you… Hey, we’ll tape it for a September show! Yeah, ok, Hmmm…. You have to assume, all that time, gives for great editing. THey will probably edit it down to a one minute segment. Plus, it’s on Labor Day weekend. You will probably get bumped again, for a parade, or perhaps a telethon. Lol. Move over Leo, Jerry’s coming through… Hey Lady!!

  28. Gosh. Leo… that really bites! But, anyway, they taped it, right? (did they?) And you got to eat TWO small packs of salty peanuts in one day! (or did you bring them home for the kids? my dad always brought me the peanuts from the plane when he went on trips and I used to think that was SO great! In case you haven;t guessed, I have a very low entertainment threshold!) Here’s hoping you get to enjoy some quality with the kids (both kinds) and have a nice couple of days off.

  29. Hey Leo! I think if there had not been so much news on Gary Condit (yawn…) they would have had a real show. I finally went upstairs to look at leoville, when I discovered the change in venue. Had I done that first, I could have gone back to bed!
    But, now I’ll set my VCR.
    Enjoy the birthday party. I hear that goats like cake….
    Chris in Illinois

  30. When Martin mentioned last night you’d been bumped and we hoped is was a bad joke, I wondered if it could be Condit. I just want to screem but I won’t. Ok yes I will Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Just what we needed more in-depth analysis on how awful he was. Sorry Leo. Keep us posted. Hope Henry has a great Bday and you get some time to relax. Heed the call of the hammock for once.

  31. I stayed home, just to watch you on the big (bigger, won’t want to offend Paul) TV network. Auu Geezzz.
    Yup, I was there in the begining. I saw you (leo) when you worked with Solodad. I even recall when you would appear as the guest expert and she was the host. mmmm… not much has changed. ahh what a small world we do all live in. So here we all are years later, and well still the same. you have been bumped and Solodad is still talking with a virtual co-host.
    Go find a good deli, I hear NY does have afew. Let us know what you (leo) finds.
    Oh yes, how is the statue of liberty?
    Happy cornbeef ๐Ÿ™‚ mmm. yum..

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