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  1. hey leo… remember me? i gots your home email.. naughty naughty me… make sure the camaras dont show it again… well any ways… good job with that kevin guy… he’s pretty cool… get kate back on the sho man… i miss her…. KATE AND LEO = SCREEN SAVERS FOR EVER! and jessica… I LOVE YOU!

  2. I know all the facts on Kevin, and still think he’s a punk.
    That’s my opinion, and I’m entitled to it.

  3. Before you speak of Kevin Mitnick, be sure you know the facts about him. Calling him a “punk” one would suggest that you have not done your homework. Passing judgement on someone you have no knowledge of should be a crime.

  4. Leo…. I enjoyed the interview with Kevin very much…Good stuff, keep up the great work

  5. I knew that was Woz!! My husband didn’t believe me. Wow Leo, that’s pretty cool!

  6. Well, three people decide to look at how Kevin Mitnick is a convicted felon. Hey, the guy served his time and is remorseful. Cripes, it’s not like he KILLED anyone. Andy P., Don, leo d., those who can, do. Those who can’t piss and moan about those who can.

  7. Well, I have two experiences with hacking…I hacked and was hacked. It surely sux, now that i think about it, that hackers only hack because it’s fun…even though i didnt see the Kevin Mitnick episode, I can truly feel much empathy. I think he’s sorry, and so am i, that hacking was a part of our lives, so I say give him some slack.!

  8. I totally agree, I didn’t watch that interview cause I think Kevin Mitnick is a

  9. The woz was there, now I have to watch the replay. I was going to anyway it was a great show. I will tape it.

  10. So, for those of us who were idiots and missed the show, WHO WAS THE GUEST?????

  11. I knew I saw wozniak. Oh, and someone was asking about if screen savers will be on in Canada a while ago, it is. I watch it a few times everyday.


  13. Loved the Mitnick interview, Leo! I’ve followed the story from the start, but this was the first time I’d seen him interviewed. Nice to see that, in spite of it all, he’s maintained a sense of humor. I wonder what it will be like for him when he *finally* gets to play with the new wonderful toys?

  14. Leo …. Was that the Woz sitting on the couch tonight. I just know that you Pat, Woz and Kevin are going out for a few cold ones tonight after the show!!!!

  15. I’ll be……. The Mitnick himself. By far the most amazing and outstanding guest to ever appear on the show. If god were a hacker, Kev would be jesus.

  16. You win the prize, Lar. It was Woz. He told me he doesn’t get to watch much TV but he watches Screen Savers whenever he can. He says he always learns a lot. I almost passed out.

  17. He Leo, I just found your website today when watching the screensavers and I came up with a suggestion. How bout creating a links page for all of your fans to post their websites. I don’t know, it would be neat.

  18. mitnick’s not only a punk but a convicted criminal!
    man… what’s next? a rapist? just because he has a webapge when he was in prison?
    come on… have some ethics…
    i mean, why didnt you interview steve wozniak himself. a true pioneer in the computer field. but instead, you focused, you even took extra time, to interview a felon…

  19. I’ll be watching the show tonight on principal, anyway. ;o)
    Leo, you make sure you get that Farmer Leo pic to us Laporteans! And, while you’re at it, maybe a contest for an autographed copy of your book? Just an idea. 🙂

  20. Today we are punished for our curiousity. The Kevin Mitnick piece
    was great. You gotta keep an eye on ham radio operators – we’re a
    devious lot. Suspicious looking fone freaker in the audience…
    the wozniak.
    Enjoy your show.
    Take care,
    Rich, KA8OKH

  21. Great interview Leo! I think what the government did/is doing to Kevin Mitnick is the real crime. Due process indeed! He seems so adjusted and rooted considering what he’s still going through. I’ll bet his sense of humor has helped a lot. Thanks for giving us the extended segment. You are without question one of the best interviewers out there.
    PS: Hope the back is better.

  22. Woz! Too cool! Ever interview him on TSS before? I bet that would be a great interview…. would you have to bend someone’s arm (TPTB) to get to do it?
    I also enjoyed your interview with Mitnick and am very glad you got to have two segments for it. Nice work. But I was really wishing you two guys would go over and help Pat out with his art project instead of doing all that talking. (just kidding.)

  23. Leo & fellow bloggers,
    I always find it amazing how some folks will confer celebrity status or some level of notoriety on individuals who have received substantial media attention, even though the accomplishment(s) of the individual may be far from honorable. Case in point: Kevin Mitnick
    Sure, he’s an interesting subject to interview, but please folks, don’t put him up on a pedestal.
    This guy is a convicted criminal- while his computer and telephony hacking skills may be considerable, he chose to put them to use in an illegal manner. To my mind, that does not merit admiration. He chose to break the rules; I see no reason to heap praise on him.

  24. You feel empathy? Killers feel remorseful as well.
    The whole “Free Kevin” movement was a total joke.
    I have no problem cutting the guy slack, that he has served his time.
    Just don’t put him up on a pedestal as being some “Cool Hacker.”
    I have nothing against hackers that do it for the sake of learning.
    White hat hackers if you will. As for the rest of the hackers, and script
    kiddies I hope all get busted.
    Defcon is for posers now. The real hackers don’t want to be known.

  25. Amazing… I don’t recived Kevin’s radio show over the radio. So I went to the web site – to liston to the broadcast over the web. Many radio stations do it and it works well. Maybe it is because of Kevin, the goverment, or the XFiles, but there is NO BROADCAST!
    This is what the radio station says..
    Due to continuing uncertainty over rights issues related to the streaming of
    radio broadcast programming over the Internet, including issues regarding
    demands for additional fees for the streaming of recorded music and radio
    commercials, we and our advertisers are forced to temporarily disable our
    streaming. We apologize for the inconvenience of this interruption. We are
    working with both our advertisers and the Recording Industry Association of
    America to find a solution to those problems as quickly as possible so that
    we can resume our streaming.
    quick lock them up, they know too much.

  26. Mitnick’s not a hero cause he hacked the big guys. He’s just cool cause he hacked the big guys. He’s a hero because he survived the government’s…our government’s…atrocities and he’s here to tell us about them. I suggest we listen and learn. 4 and 1/2 years in jail without a trial. 8 months in solitary. Can one of you defend that? One of Amerika’s finest hours.

  27. Mitnick’s not a hero cause he hacked the big guys. He’s just cool cause he hacked the big guys. He’s a hero because he survived the government’s…our government’s…atrocities and he’s here to tell us about them. I suggest we listen and learn. 4 and 1/2 years in jail without a trial. 8 months in solitary. Can one of you defend that? One of Amerika’s finest hours.

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