Spent the day putting up 16 foot galvanized hog panels and getting the hay feeder, salt lick, shelter, and shed ready for the goats.
We have a smalll pasture in the northeast corner of the ranch that’s just perfect for livestock. It’s 80×80 feet. But the old fencing surrounding it is a little raggedy. Hence the hog panels. We’re getting two female kids tomorrow. Both Alpine goats. We were thinking of getting a Nubian, as well, but they get pretty big. The kids are pretty young, one’s still on the bottle for another week. They were bottle-fed by a couple of 4-H girls in the neighborhood, so they’ll be very friendly. They’re really just pets, but they do have a job to do. We need them to keep the grass down.

We’re also going to get a few chickens for the eggs. We could milk the goats, Laura Burstein says I should start a goat cheese business, Chevre de Laporte, but that’s most emphatically not part of my three year plan.

Right now I’m making Hunter’s Chicken for the family while listening to great old country music on The Cowboy Cultural Society. It’s my current favorite Internet radio station. Last night they had a GRITS festival – Ghost Riders in the Sky. Hee yah!

I installed Windows XP on Friday night for the first time – Release Candidate 2 which is pretty close to the gold master. Its Windows 2000 heritage is very clear, and I like the new UI pretty well, although it’s a little gaudy. But I ended up deleting it because for some reason my beloved Sony Clie can’t sync in XP. It works fine in 2000, but not at all in XP. Which makes me think that XP won’t be quite as compatible as one hopes. So I ended up trashing it. I think I’ll stick with W2K for a while.

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  1. what’s with the farm animals? i had no idea. this website shows a side of you that no one would ordinarily be aware of.

  2. Since you are farming now, if they run out of things for Scott Herriot to do at TechTV, maybe you could hire him as a farmhand! 🙂

  3. Hi,Leo. Lot’s of luck with the farm,and your venture into goats and chickens. I bet your children will get a kick out of the goats. Old McLeo’s farm? LOL!

  4. Well…after a long time watching, this is my first visit. And I’m really intrigued. You’re an old guy–I’m an old guy. You write computer books, I wrote computer books (Bantam, years ago). You started out with BBS’s, I wrote an early BBS (Towne Crier, a hundred years ago or so). You are listening to country radio, I perform country radio (http://mp3.com/footintheair). Thing is, you seem to have kept your wits, and I got dumb. I do well to configure a p2p network in an office anymore, and I’ve only just picked up a copy of RH 7.1. What an exciting thing it is to deal with an operating system once again that is more than just a black box! I think I have you to thank for that.
    Anyway, I’m too darned old to write fan letters, so I’ll just say I quite enjoy your television show, and it is a pleasure to have visited your web site.
    Oh! and congratulations on the goats and your new house. May your house be blessed many times over. Perhaps we’ll meet when you come to Charleston, WV.

  5. Leo, beware the lure of the goat, it can be addictive. I have a friend who spent a winter finding herself on a goat farm in Vermont. Her parting gift in the spring was a kid. She has now moved to Maine and has 22 goats all named for classic authors and characters in books. She shows them at fairs and has many blue ribbons. Having spent time with her family I’ve found goats to be funny, mischievous and stubborn. Never underestimate them, they can be quite bright. Dawn has one who learned to open the pen gate by herself leading to goat stampedes on several occasions until a suitable lock was put in place. They are also very friendly and are often used as companions for other animals such as horses and donkeys who sometimes become lonely. Enjoy your kids just keep and eye on them as they grow they will keep you on you toes.

  6. Leo
    Thanks for the post! Sounds like an exciting time at the LaPorte residence. Thank you for sharing things from your personal life. It is really a lot of fun to get to “share” in the tidbids of your coveted private life away from television.
    I hope that the pasture for the goats isn’t along the same path as the DSL connection. Talk about troubles with hackers, these little creatures can really put you out of business….
    Maybe you can post some pictures of the goats! That would be fun.
    As always, enjoy the show — I just don’t get to see it as often as I would wish and have not seen Tech Live 🙁
    Have a great week!
    PS – Really enjoyed your segment with the Search Engine Watch and how to get your web site noticed — Any additional recommendations or resources you make there would be great! It looks like most of the resources on his site come only with member$hip. I’m continuing to try to help my wife (the harpist) with promotion of her site (http://www.elegantharp.com).

  7. I have such a clear image of you in “American Gothic” with your pitchfork. Has Hank Kimble been by yet to see you?
    Speaking of “Cowboy Cultural Society”, I love the name of the ranch in the top image. I have been there many times, figuratively that is. I noticed they had “Dusty Skies” on their song list. This is a great Bob Wills song, written by Cindy Walker. I have it on a tribute to Bob Wills CD by Asleep at the Wheel, which is fabulous. Ray Benson and rest of AATW are joined by Johnny Gimble, Vince Gill, Huey Lewis, Suzy Boggus, Merle Haggard and the list goes on. Check out the link to the AATW web site.

  8. How Leo it Sound Like you really getting into the country spirit!!. gee I am wondering will there be an Hee-Haw “special addition of the screen savers”? will the entire cast of tss will be force to wear overalls?
    Since the dot-com bust the silicon valley will the next new big thing will be goats milk? I Planning to invest my entire 401k into Pork bellie futures!!!!!
    The Cowboy Cultural Society. YEOOOOOO!!! Yuck. if I want to listen to “old time radio” I just listen to my kraftwerk mp3! http://www.kraftwerk.com
    back in the country line dancing craze in the late 80’s and 90’s I and with bunch of my friend actually did the Achy Breaky Heart while Billy Ray Cyrus perform Live in San Francisco. also I was with large group of folk that went to dances up and down SF peninsula. I had one claim of fame. I was one of two country line dancer who, only weared shock during the dance numbers. you ask why I did this? simply the shoe I was wearing were uncomfortable dancing in my socks was more comfortable.
    as for windows XP. I will be one of the first one on my block. but will have a tri boot(windows me/windows xp/linux system until Microsoft get out kinks XP. (service pack 3)

  9. Cool Leo! Maybe that’s what we need, some goats! Somedays it feels like an endless battle keeping our acreage cut! We start one day on one end, then by the time we finish the whole property a few days later, it’s time to start all over again! The kids have been bugging us since we moved out here to get more pets, as if seven animals isn’t enough already. 😉 We’ve thought about chickens for eggs, and we’ve thought about rabbits for selling, and even we’ve been offered a free young pot bellied pig! Goats sound like they would be benificial for the lawn, in more ways than one. 😉 The web address above is for our online photo album, if anyone wants to see our property, house, and kids.

  10. I just finished reading “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” and I am getting a big kick out of the mental image of you and your new goats! I am sure yours are “real” though and not electric. Can’t wait for the pics you promised of the new herd of goats. :^)

  11. Congrats on the farm.
    We haven’t got goats yet, but here’s some chicken advice from two people who grew up in NYC and moved upstate. Get the chickens as babies and handle them daily. In six months they’ll give you enough eggs to feed yourself, your family, and the screensavers crew.
    And don’t forget to get a rooster, it makes the chickens happy (A happy chicken is a productive chicken), and they are entertaining.

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