Eva Gabor was right!

We’re shooting the cover for “Poor Leo’s 2002 Computer Almanac” tomorrow night. They asked me if I had my own overalls and straw hat or if they should get one for me.
I have my own pitchfork. I have my own goats. But, oddly enough, no overalls and straw hat. If I can steal a copy of the picture I’ll post it here.

I’m not going to be too sprightly on the show tonight, my back is killing me after all the farmwork yesterday!

The goats arrive today. Any suggestions for the names?

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  1. One of these days those girls are going to really let you have it, Leo.
    I can’t believe Megan let you live after the Monkey Boy episode

  2. How about Nick and Kristin. It sounds cool to me because it’s my name and my sister’s name.

  3. Hi,Leo! I noticed you were a bit reserved tonite,but I would never have known you were hurting.I recommend lots of hot water,and Epsom Salts. Works wonders As for the goats,how about Scott and Roger? Take care. See you tommorrow on TSS.Feel better. 🙂

  4. Hey leo,
    How’s the back, take some aleve! Anyhow name the goats Salem and Rocco! Unique yet fitting! Hope you feel better and I watch your show whenever I get a chance. Keep up the good work!

  5. Goats are awesome. We just got ours last week after finishing our barn. Did you know you can take them hiking and teach them to be pack animals. I plan on taking mine geocaching.

  6. I say let the kids name the goats according to their personalities…errr the goats’ personalities that is.

  7. Hold The Presses!
    You’ll not need to use any professional photographer to get a perfect picture for the cover of your new book. You’ll just have to use my photgraphic fakery of “Farmer Leo” I made a couple months back, now with added “goat”!

  8. It is my firm belief that you should name the goats after Chinese Emporers.
    Or for characters by authors you admire. (Slartibardfast The Goat anyone?)

  9. Leo you should call one of your goats Zatar Its my Screen name But hey it sounds cool for a goat hhahahahahahaha Later Leo Love the Show keep up the good work

  10. Hi Léo!
    Yep, Jessica and Megan would have been great names. Oh well…Megan will be dissapointed. Hey, if you get another pet, you could name it “Monkey Boy”!
    – Michael J. Titera
    Fremont, California

  11. Oh well, too late. Turns out the goats came pre-named Stella and Andy and the kids like the names. I was hoping to name them Jessica and Megan.

  12. How about Patrick? Or better yet, Ms. Dos (if its a female). Or name it google. He he. Good luck, my back hurts from football.

  13. lets see ziff and davis no….mac and pc no allthe fish are gone!
    so how bout linux and bsd?

  14. Hi Léo!
    Congratulations on all the hard work around the ranch. I know how your back feels. I just finished installing a 1,000 square foot wood floor for the dance school that my wife and I are opening on Saturday. My back, hands, and knees are killing me. I feel for you! 🙁
    How about naming the goats Jessica and Megan – or – Dev and Null ?
    – Michael J. Titera
    Fremont, California

  15. I am sorry to hear about ur back also. I sure have missed my letters from u and want to tank u for sending me one now. I was just tjinking about looking u up again and c why I have not gotten one in a long time. I realize u r busy. I am gald to here we do not have to worry about u being around for ahile. But I do not know what is going on the show. Because where is Jessica. U r changing help so much so fast on all the shows. Sorry to say LEO but I loved the show much better in Dec 2000 the way u were doing them seemed much more informative. Now ya’ll are talking about so much and I was watching to learn about my computer I paid $2,000.oo for.And now I seem to have to read between the lines. Call for Help seems to be almost offf the air. I am sorry about that. I hope Tech tv keeps both shows and I feel like I would be better off if they both came on more times aday. I see screen savers at least 2 most of the time 3 times aday.but as for call for help only 1. what is the deal. Thanks Robin

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