A Moveable Beast

Just a quick note via verrrrrry slow dialup to say we’re all moved in. It was a bit of a nightmare – the movers took 15 hours and two trips – but we’re here. The house is jammed with boxes and I’ve been doing everything from unpacking and breaking down boxes, to putting in smoke detectors, and a new mailbox. The cordless drill is sure getting a workout. I also set up my hammock under a shade tree. I hear it calling me.
We’ve had non-stop service calls from the water guy (UV filtering), the gate guy (I’m looking at a circle-L design), the drip irrigation guy, and, oh yes, the cable guys who came to burst my bubble. I’d have to dig quite a trench to get a cable drop in here and the cost is prohibitive. So I’ve signed up for DSL and may the saints protect me. I have dial-up access for the time being. I should get the DSL kit in a week or so. I’ll put up the spycam then. If I can get it all working.

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  1. All you need to do is convince TechTV management is that telecommuting once or twice a week would be worth it for them to install the T3…not greedy? T1…. reasonable? cable modem service.

  2. You know, you only notice a slow connection when on those ‘media-rich’ sites 😉
    But you’ll love DSL much more than cable as long as you are somewhat close to the thing.
    P.S. — Your segways are sagging

  3. man w/teeth – please explain- Tony Tzankoff owns ALL the domains? Even mine, yours, and Leo’s?!? I find this very disturbing…
    all yuor base now belong to tzankoff?

  4. hey leo martin is cool and all but he talks way to fast and i much rather see you so i hope the move went well and tell the whole staff whatsssssssss up from oregon see ya on the tube leo bye for now

  5. Hmmm. I think all leo has to do is go and complain to daddy paul… LOL
    T3 why get two of them while your at it…Heh

  6. Hey leo, i’m a worthy fan of your show. I watch it every day. Pat and Martin make the show go on, but… without you there, it’s just not as fun. Hope you get cable or dsl. And if you need another person on set.. i’m right here! 😉
    Have fun with the move and hope you dont get into much trouble.

  7. Congrats on the move! As others have said, we’re all happy that your family and yourself made it safely. No rush but we all miss ya!
    -Shayne W.

  8. I don’t know when I am going to move but one thing is for certain I am going to make sure it is into an area that has one form of highspeed net access or another. I can’t take much more of this 56K with an Identity crisis.

  9. Hi Leo,
    Hope the move went well, that is not too many things damaged. I look forward to seeing you back on the show.

  10. Leo, punch Patrick for me. He made a crack about Macs not letting you access hidden files; he was begging for a hockey-beating. The jerk has never heard of ResEdit or something.
    Oh, and congrats and all that jazz. I only recently graduated from 56k to cable, and is it ever nice. For those of you who don’t have it yet.. The secret is to bang the rocks together, guys.

  11. I don’t feel sorry for your “slow” connection. I’m lucky it i get 28.8k and I have been stuck with this for 5 years and it looks like i have another 5 years till i move out.

  12. I have a sucky connection as well. It’s nice that you get to see how the other half lives for once. Can’t wait for your return to The Screen Savers. A normal human can only take so much Martin and Chris Pirillo.

  13. Howdy Padnuh,
    Welcome to the Double L Ranch, where men are men and Jen is darn glad of it!
    Enjoy your stint in the hammock Leo!

  14. Hey i feel your pain leo i went on vacation a month ago fo a month and hd my cable turned off for a month when i cam back the though i said turn my cable off for 100 months! so i had to use a dialup on bluelight and i just got my new cable modem up with a new company!
    -Kyle Yankanich

  15. Hope ya didn’t get PacBell DSL Leo. That would have been a big mistake. Earthlink gives great service. Out on the left coast I think they give you 1.5/384. Where I can get it the upload is capped at 128 cause of Verizon.

  16. Hi Leo. Glad to hear everything went smoothly, and I hope the movers were gentle. Heed the call of the shade tree and hammock, and get some rest. Can’t wait for you to get back. Martin is really trying, but no one can take your place. Patrick and you have that chemistry,that just plain works. Miss you, and lots of luck with the DSL.

  17. If your gonna go for an OC fiberoptic line, why not go dual, i mean cant beat an oc248 line, never have any bandwith problems… Now as for paying for it, beats me maybe paul allen has some suggestions.

  18. I was going to ask you a Screen Savers question. I was getting a cable modem installed and everything, my netcam was fired up, then you up and leave for two weeks! I suppose it’s for the best. But you seriously look ahead too far. I wouldn’t look ahead more than 17 minutes, 30 seconds at most. I am rambling. Later!

  19. I got to know: Do you miss your TV yet? Dial-up and no TV? And just a word of caution: Watch out for the handle on the water pump.
    I wish I could take the action on when you’re going to get TV. I say you schedule the install for the week of the 23rd.
    Anyway, we were wondering about you. Glad you all made the move safely.

  20. Welcome back, Leo.
    Pay no attention to all the people who want to tell you what to do and how to live your life. It’s your decision, not theirs.
    However, I still think your place would be perfect for a home observatory.
    But that’s just me — and Elizabeth, too.

  21. Glad the move went well… I haven’t experienced a move yet (hope I don’t have to! 15 hours and two trips? You must have as much garbage in your home as I do! 🙂

  22. Just wanted to say, have fun with all the moving stuff. We all know what a pain moving can be.

  23. hey leo, i don’t know if your checking this since you only have dialup but your message boards are down and the error message says the admin needs to log in to get further info…i miss the board and it’s only been down for 2 or 3 hours

  24. Of course your daughter is more important, that is a moot point, and I apologize if I seemed insensitive towards her. You failed to mention that in your first post. You only seemed interested in your vehicle. On the other hand, I still find it insensitive on your part to call a 1000 pound animal “stupid” that is in the process of dying a slow, horribly painful death.

  25. You are all wront, I think Leo should good ol’ buddy Paul Allen to spring for an OC-192 line! It’s just easier!!

  26. Get over the elk scene already ladies. This is Leo’s blog, not the save the elk board! That’s why personal stories should only be shared by Leo here!
    Glad to see you got moved Leo.

  27. Great to hear that you finally made it to your dream home. I bet you are happy to say that you are thrid of the way there. Now, comes the fun part of finding all the things you packed…lol
    Good luck to your family and yourself.
    Have a good one.

  28. Leo, thanks for checking in, and thanks for your choice to be in solidarity with those of us using dial-ups. -JOKE- 😉 Does the “verrrrrry slow” problem have to do with the age of the wiring in your fabulous new farm house? Well, it really sounds like you have your hands full; don’t forget to heed the call of the hammock! We’ll keep the site warm for you.
    Smooches as you feather your nest,

  29. Whoohoo, the main part of the move is over! Thanks for the update, Leo. You know we’ve been wondering how you’re doing.
    Contrary to what our dear friend tries to convince us, dial-up doesn’t build character – just stress! ; ) I start to twitch each time I think about having to face life DSL-less for a few weeks (starting the end of the month!). Oh well, any connection is better than none, right?

  30. Congrats on the move and we’re all glad you and your family made it there safely. Good luck with DSL but I agree with Andy…write the book and get the T3!

  31. Welcome to the bottom, Leo. Not to worry, you have plenty of company here in dial-up land.
    “Be it ever so humble there’s no play like a 56k…..”

  32. well, leo as I recently told my friend, dialup builds character! but seriosly i hope you get dsl soon!!! your missed on your board! I really hope you get a chance to rest soon, you certainly deserve it!!

  33. Leo, it was nice to see a post from you. Thought we wouldn’t see one for a while yet. Love the pic of you packing. Hooray that you’re all moved in.

  34. Leo, hope all the unpacking goes smoothly,and that you don’t miss your cable modem after you get DSL.

  35. Leo, Congrats on moving in!
    May you have a moment or two of peace in your hammock and dissolve all thoughts of all the million things you have, must, need to do.
    * * * * * * * * * * *
    Ok, times up, …..back to work! :^)
    (commiserations from one dial up kid to another)

  36. I disagree, sadly. Leo, don’t write a book and get a T3. Write 2 books and get Fiber Optics!

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