A Moveable Beast

Just a quick note via verrrrrry slow dialup to say we’re all moved in. It was a bit of a nightmare – the movers took 15 hours and two trips – but we’re here. The house is jammed with boxes and I’ve been doing everything from unpacking and breaking down boxes, to putting in smoke detectors, and a new mailbox. The cordless drill is sure getting a workout. I also set up my hammock under a shade tree. I hear it calling me.
We’ve had non-stop service calls from the water guy (UV filtering), the gate guy (I’m looking at a circle-L design), the drip irrigation guy, and, oh yes, the cable guys who came to burst my bubble. I’d have to dig quite a trench to get a cable drop in here and the cost is prohibitive. So I’ve signed up for DSL and may the saints protect me. I have dial-up access for the time being. I should get the DSL kit in a week or so. I’ll put up the spycam then. If I can get it all working.

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  1. Leo I just moved myself and it was an absolute disaster.
    I was driving at midnight on I-40 going to my new home when I hit a 1000 lb elk. I was in the middle of nowhere and my cell phone was out of the service area. Fortunately, a truck driver stopped to make sure I was all right. The truck driver was kind enough to radio in the accident to the local authorities. As for my car? Well it had to be towed to a body shop. It could no longer be driven. That stupid elk tore up my car so badly that the whole front end had to be rebuilt. (I’m be getting it back next Thursday thank goodness.) On top of all that, one of my moving trucks didn’t show up for two weeks. I finally received the last of my stuff about a week ago. Trust me Leo when I say, “I feel your pain.”
    As for your internet connection, be thankful you can get DSL, I can’t even get that here. The only choices I have are: dial-up connection or T1. Now there’s a choice for ya.
    Hope the rest of your move goes well for you, Leo. Lord knows it couldn’t be any worse than mine 🙂

  2. !!! WOW !!! what a move Leo. You sure moved qite a ways away from the city. I am glad you decided to join the rest of us in “Dial up Land”, even if it is just for a short while. Hey, if you have time, take a look at my site will ya? I got my own domain now. Well I know your a busy person with trying to get moved in (what’s left that is) and getting rest while you can, so I’ll close now. Take care.
    Your Friend,
    Jay Chapman
    Fort Worth, TX USA

  3. Hi Léo!
    Congratulations on the move. I know it was a lot of work, but all the hard work will be worth it, in about a month, when you can relax in your hammock and say, “All is good.”
    Bum deal in regards to the cable line. Too bad TechTV doesn’t help out with the cost. When you do go DSL, you will have to let us know your experience with DSL versus Cable. I have both, and Cable really kicks butt. Hopefully, your DSL experience will be much better than mine.
    We miss you on TechTV, but Martin is doing a great job. Maybe it is time for you too hook up with Martin. 🙂 Enjoy your days off and spend as much time you can with your family. This is an important time for all of you.
    – Michael J. Titera
    Fremont, California

  4. You’re living the American dream Leo. It may be tough getting started, but you have all of the ingredients, all you need is the time to put them together. I think we all admire the way you handle the madness which life thrusts at us at an ever increasing pace. It’s almost as if you walk undaunted through a hailstorm, never getting struck or even noticing that anything’s amiss. How do you do it? Are you secretly from another planet?
    I think we all live for the same basic things. All you need now is guaranteed security, everything else you already have. Hopefully your new contract took care of that. Have fun unpacking. When I moved in here it took me over a year to straighten out the mess I shoved into my closets.

  5. Cheryl,
    So you know, I’m a woman. Also for your information, a truck driver had hit the elk before I did. I-40 has no lighting on it and I was driving at midnight. The elk was already dead. An SUV pulling a trailer was in front of me and just missed the elk. I was concentrating so hard on avoiding the fishtailing trailer that I didn’t notice the elk until the last second. I’m angry with the whole situation not only because of what happened to my car but also because I had my daughter with me who could have been seriously injured. The truck driver, who hit the elk, had a responsibility to report the accident (so the elk could be removed) but chose not to do so. (Heck the highway patrol almost hit it on the way to come and get me.) And forgive me for being blunt, but my daughter is far more important to me than some animal. I consider the subject closed and I forgive you and Mike for your harsh words against me.

  6. Ew. I remember when we moved last year. Couldn’t get DSL or cable until June. Cable TV didn’t have ZDTV and I missed Kate leaving =P which is why I’m trying to upgrade my cable at college (assuming I’m in a dorm and not an apartment). At least you’re not discovering bad things about your house, like holes in the wall, rat infestation, cruddy do-it-yourself work by the person living there before..lots of that last bit and you’ll go NUTS. A grounded outlet doesn’t *exist* in our new house…the phone gets really static-y sometimes…there’s a hole in our backyard that my dad fell in…one of the outlets in my room doesn’t work at all…ick. And now, while we’re saving money to fix all these problems, the air conditioner breaks and the rest of the house is 80-85 all day and night. (We won’t even talk about the temps in my room…no air circulation in here, unlike the rest of the house.) And at least you had moving people. You didn’t try to move yourself using two minivans! (Two someones who are related to me and “older and wiser” should have rented a Uhaul at least.)
    But that won’t happen to you. You didn’t buy a house from “friends” for a “good deal” and take it as-is without having an inspector come out to at least inform you of the problems. (I still think they should have bought the farmhouse in Riverside.)
    Good luck with the cable. If you ever have weird disconnects and can’t figure out what’s wrong, it might be heat around your modem. We seem to be having that problem a lot lately. ^^;
    I’ll stop scaring you now. *g*

  7. Hi Leo;
    Ain’t Moving Fun… I did it 25 years ago and almost had a teenage breakdown!
    I have ADSL and love it 1.5 MB down 512K up and a static IP to boot.
    Don’t Knock it till you try it….
    I hope you have a good ISP!! and they have a BIG pipe to the D-Slam!!
    Cable is in town but not where I live, anyways this cable company
    uses non-routable IP addresses, no servers, no IRC, No Bearshare
    no nothing! Just fast downloads and fast browsing…
    That’s No Fun!!!

  8. Leo – Pat needs you on The Screen Savers, Martin is dying out there with his ‘zany’ presentation. Funny – ha ha. Now, that’s enough Martin. Hurry back Leo!
    BTW, while getting a DSL can be a pain getting rid of one can be even worse… getting DSL from Telocity involved 5 vendors and 2 months of fingerpointing, but cancelling service after I moved has taken longer and I’ve been billed twice and STILL they haven’t cancelled my account. If only I could fdisk/mbr Telocity!
    Good luck getting your new house up & running… are you going to set up a wireless network?

  9. On your problem with the trench for the cable – Go to a rental place and rent a
    Ditchwitch tencher. They look like a oversized tiller. In ohio they rent for
    about $50 for 4hrs. should take over 1-2 hrs to dig the trench. If you do this
    call the Call before you dig # in the phone book and get all buried utilities
    marked. I used a ride on model to trench a water line from my well.
    Also I know what you are going through with a dial-up connection. I am so far
    from the central office all I can get is a 26.4kbs connection. Ain’t living in
    Boonies Fun!!

  10. leo, please come back to the screensavers!!! when you are off, i don’t watch it because patrick seems lost without you. the funniest moment was pat finding that new key . i guess he never did dos. also, the more command has been used for a very long time. Also, watching the two guys in linux.
    Boy, Becky is on her 2nd co-host–the lockergnome guy. I say he is a good karoke dancer.
    now, as far as moving is concerned, my wife and myself moved from new jersey (after living in the same house for 28 years. I found stuff, I didn’t know i had) to single wide trailer in Lincolnton NC.

  11. The campaign continues…
    I know that the astronauts and mission control expect that re-entry radio silence but it is always a fingernail gnashing experience. Instead of the loyal Laportean forces assembled in formation to fight the evil forces of geek repression, we are merely soldiers wandering around dazedly without a purpose. While we should be mounting an offense on new projects and conquering lack of knowledge by helping our non geek friends with their computers, we are sitting around debating whether we should have tuna sandwiches for lunch, or try the old standard of peanut butter and jelly.
    We are the pawns without their royalty… The unwashed multitudes dying of thirst on the eternal sands of ignorance…The peasants fighting back the armies of the computer illiterate with only their hands and farming implements. We need our leader. Our mission is clear, but without his guidance we are merely dost motes drifting endlessly on the wind. Come back to us, Leo. Come back!
    Ummm do you think I overdid it a little? MaybeI was a “little” melodramtic. Sorry. But you see my point 😛

  12. Hey folks, remember Support Laporte? heheheh… it’s back… start watching http://www.supportlaporte.com (or .net, or .org) over the period of the next four weeks. Work has begun on the new Support Laporte Reincarnated (Version 3.0). I don’t mean to be mean by plugging the site here… but wait ’till you see it! It is great, new design, new content, way better pictures, everything fit for a leader like Laporte. See you there (remember sometime in next 4 weeks).
    – The Man W/Teeth
    P.S. The domain currently goes to tzankoff.com as Tony Tzankoff owns all the domains, but, The Man W/Teeth (formerly The 204th Geek, just had a name change…) is still in charge!! 🙂

  13. Welcome back Leo!
    It’s good to have you back, we all love Martin, but no one can ever take your place. Guess what? Bush just bought my Xbox. Any links to a pre-order site would be appreciated. God knows I can’t hold on to it that long. When you hit Orlando in November I’ll try to make it up to see you. If possible I’ll bring my friend and his instant messaging crazed youngun. Best wishes with your new abode!

  14. Leo, Congratulations on your new house and especially your new contract! I am really pleased to hear that it is squared away. Best of luck also with your DSL. Mine has been pretty good, and I pray everyday that COVAD will stay in business..LOL
    Hope you are having a great Summer, and best regards to all the Laporte clan.

  15. I hope Pac Bell is as good with their DSL as their cousin Bell South is. Going on 18 months and only 6 hours of down time! I know because I run a small web page and mail server on it and it is NEVER down!
    Good luck and we look forward to seeing any pix!

  16. leo glad to here you have in into your new farm house. i finally got my dsl hook up. but i can’t connect to the pacbell dsl network. pacbell said there is static on my line. lucky the static is on pacbell end.
    you thinks your 56k connection is slow. i have to live with earthclink 20k. infact my are upload faster 24k!

  17. Glad to hear that you are moved in. I know how stressful moves can be. Don’t be brokenhearted. DSL will do you fine. I have DSL and love it. I have never had any problems and speed is 640K. I could get cable modem now, but I feel that I will be losing speed as I will have to share with others. I don’t share my DSL (costs more, but worth it). I do remember Jim Louderback’s article on his DSL woes, but have heart—It will be great.

  18. Leo, Congrats with the move. I’m in the process of weighing the land/open spaces versus highway access/city convenience factors at this stage too! I’d lend this bit of caution… If you start typing “All dial-up and no television makes Leo a dull boy” on a 1950s typewriter, go for a day in the city! (grin)
    I hope you and your family will be very happy in your new surroundings. I often feel sorry for those kids who never had at least suburban surroundings to grow up in. Nature is good. Take care!

  19. I’m with you, Charles! I have BellSouth DSL and it works terrific so Leo, don’t be bad mouthing DSL until you get it installed and it doesn’t work, LOL! Seriously, I love it but then, I never have had Cable as our cable company here is so unreliable that I am not willing to take the risk. The phone NEVER goes out but the cable goes down when it rains! I average 1250/211 speeds on my DSL line.
    Martin is doing a great job on The ScreenSavers but I wish that Call For Help were on a bit later, like it used to be. I am a long time LockerGnomie and would love to catch Chris live every day. I guess I need to set the VCR, huh? (uh, what’s that blinking 12:00 mean? )
    Enjoy your time off, Leo. Believe me, it will all still be there when you get back.

  20. Hey Leo,
    Miss ya’ on the show (ScreenSavers)… what, indeed, did we EVER do without cordless drills??!!??
    As regards your cable hook up; you could probably rent a trencher and get the co-ax cable and connectors at your Home Warehouse (Home depot, etc.). Don’t know what your local building codes are (does the cable have to be buried in a conduit pipe (preferably PVC), do you have to run the cable from your house to a box on the “treelawn”?, etc.) … better check with them first .

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