They Shoot Show Hosts Don’t They

I really owe you guys a post, don’t I? It’s been a week fer crying out loud!
I guess the message boards here on Leoville have been stealing a disproportionate amount of my energies. Leoville Town Square is going great. Thanks to all of you who have participated.

Meanwhile, things are happening on the home front. We go in this morning to sign the papers for our new house. Moving day is the 5th. I’m taking two weeks off (7/4-7/19) to move, unpack, and build a tree house for my kids.

Don’t tell my boss, but we’ve decided not to install cable or a dish in the new house. That’s right – no TV. I think it will be great for the kids. Jennifer and I don’t watch much, anyway. DVDs are fine for us. We’ve been watching the DVDs of the Sopranos first season and LOVING it. I know – we’re a little behind the times. I’m so busy DOING TV I don’t really have time to watch it!

I will be getting a visit from the cable installer, though. I’m told that our neighborhood is wired for cable modems (unrestrained cheering). The catch: there’s no drop within 100 feet of the house, and all our wiring is underground. AT&T tells me it’s at the installer’s discretion whether they’ll dig the trench or pull the cable to get it to the house. The installer is coming the morning of 7/6. He will be met with piles of TechTV swag. We shall see.

After I sign my name 50 times this morning I’m hoping to sign another important document this afternoon. I have the final draft of my TechTV contract in my ink-stained fingers. There are literally only two words that I need to have changed. I’m sure we’ll have a deal by the end of the week. Maybe even today. They’re really little words.

Part of the deal includes three books and three videos. The first book has to be finished by July 25 for publication by the end of the year. That’s right. I have one month to move, build a treehouse, and write a book. (Oh yeah, and do three hours of live TV a day.) I actually believe I can do it all. Now you know why I haven’t posted in a while. I’m going for a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Will he do it? Stay tuned!

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  1. Wow, good news for you (new house, contract) and good news for us (contract, books and video)!! This will help ease the separation pain we’ll feel while you’re away. ; )
    Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Done!
    $24.99 and it says its 380 pages… how do they know that? He hasn’t even written it yet! sheesh. Don’t feel any pressure, Leo… I pre-ordered JK Rowling’s 5th Harry Potter book and I haven’t gotten that yet, either! :^)
    “Chapter the First: It was a dark and stormy night, the UPS beeped mysteriously as I entered the studio….”

  3. Leo!
    Finnaly! I have been looking on every day for a new post!
    Best of luck on your move, but as someone else (don i think) said our Comcast @home requires basic cable for a cable modem.
    Well, good luck with your videos and books, which I’ll most likely buy.
    P.S.- What are you going to use the TV studio for?

  4. Leo, I sent you a “PGP” email….wonder if you got it? Somehow I get the idea you’re a little bit busy! Nothing good comes easy!!

  5. I went without TV for lent one year. Boy, I’ll never do that again: too big of a sacrifice!

  6. Book update…. On Amazon the title seems to have been changed to: “Tech Tv’s 2002 Technology Guide” (although at it is still Almanac) and it is written by Lorna Gentry and features Leo Laporte (although the cover of the book spells Leo’s last name LaPorte) … publication date is set for September, 2001.

  7. the addition of chris pirillo to the tech tv team definitly brought everything down a notch. true, the guy knows his stuff, but jees.. enough is enough with the comical interface.. seems that everyone is going to that format from news anchors to talkshow hosts… anyway, we miss you leo!

  8. Leo-
    Get just 1 TV. Get it with satellite. And hide it in your home office. Make
    it a “secret” tv monitor. You’ll be glad you did.

  9. Hey Leo,
    I was wondering when you were going to mention the book again. Only last week did I do a search on for “techtv” and three books came up; all of which are supposed to be published by mid-August.
    So everyone… head to search for techtv and pre-order “TechTV 2002 Computer Almanac: featuring Leo Laporte”
    Happy shopping!

  10. Fortunately, we are not required to get TV with our data. It’s strictly ala carte.
    Thanks for the ergs, EB. I need ’em!
    The book is tentatively titled “TechTV’s 2002 Computer Almanac.”

  11. That was a great presentation that you did in Cherry Hill NJ. My wife & I enjoyed meeting you & Patrick. That was nice that you took the time to sign & autograph picture with the guests. My wife gave you a donate life pin, but I haven’t seen you wear it yet on the Screen Saver. Enjoy your show on satellite tv.
    Donald King

  12. Thanks for Bloggin’ again… I don’t know why, but it always seems so “official” when the mayor of Leoville shows up here! I am sending you virtual “ergs” of energy for you to use: packing, moving, signing, negotiating, writing, blogging, performing, tree-house building, and breathing. These “ergs” may be saved and used as needed. * = “virtual erg”

  13. Bravo to you for going w/o TV. I’ve been living in Boonieville, Oregon for 17 years and when we first moved out here (when I was 4), we didn’t have TV until I was 15! I’ve never regretted it.
    Hope you have a good library nearby, though 🙂

  14. No TV? Come on Leo get serious! : )
    Then you say you want your cable modem back? Well I don’ t know about your cable company, but ours requires us to have basic cable + HBO for a cable modem. You say no TV now, but you’ll wake up at 3am one morning and say “Oh my god…I have no TV!”
    We’ll see how long you can hold out.

  15. Hey Leo! I was just wondering, what happened to your daily Mac tip on Call for Help? I don’t watch Call for Help much anymore, but right after the change to the new format I thought you were supposed to have a daily Mac tip. Best of luck to you and your family in your new house!

  16. You know, i wish i would have thought of the no tv idea before me and the wife spent 2200 dollars on a TV and surround sound. We could have extended our stay at Disney later this year and super upgraded the computer. ::slapping forehead

  17. i bet i know what one of those words are. thousands to be changed to millions huh.:) and if the cable guy don’t want teh swag i will she take it off yoru hands, look at it as less unpacking for you.

  18. Leo..
    How do you do it all? Youre making me tired just reading your post. Wow…!
    Good luck with the move, the potential cable modem, and ah yes, the contract negotiations and its finality.
    Take care…

  19. Going without TV is a good thing. We just moved to a little town and my wife and I decided to do the same thing. We spend more time doing productive things like reading together, spend more time outside, and talking. The boys spend more time together playing and becoming closer. The only thing I miss is the Screen Savers. If we do finally get satelite we will probably restrict its use.

  20. Welcome back, Léo!
    You must be very excited about signing the papers today. Congratulations on the new home. Enjoy your two weeks off. Trying to work and move at the same time can be very stressing. The two weeks off will give you a fresh start with your family’s new home.
    I know what you mean about T.V. There is only one show I watch for 90 minutes a day. That is all! Aren’t DVD’s great? NetFlix keeps my family busy with a huge selection of movies.
    You must get cable internet access. As a fellow AT&T @Home customer, I can not imagine the internet world with out my incredible browsing speed. Have your boss do whatever is necessary to make sure that AT&T hooks you up, pronto! 🙂
    My best wishes in regards to your TechTV contract. TechTV is very fortunate to have such a dedicated and hard working employee. You are their most valuable asset. I will be looking for your entry in Guinness.
    Take care, pal. See ya on the boob tube!
    – Michael J. Titera
    Fremont, California

  21. Leo (and everyone else without cable/satellite),
    You all are crazy! I can’t imagine life without All in the Family, Discovery Channel, TLC, TechTV (I like ZDTV better), and Discovery Health! I do watch the educational channels by choice, my parents don’t make me; I’m a nerd. However, I do a lot of other things besides watch TV.
    Goood luck on everything!

  22. What’s wrong with tv. I am so sick of people blaming tv for everything. I enjoy watching sports, techtv, the sopranos, nick at nite and some sitcoms. Without tv I would never would be able to see my Seattle Mariners have their best season ever. I would have missed Ken Griffey Jr. sliding into home in 95 to beat the Yankees or Carlos Gullien’s bunt last year that scored Rickey Henderson to beat the White Sox. The kids I went to school with who didn’t have tv were some of the weirdest people I have ever seen.
    Leo – I have the sopranos first season on dvd and my favorite episode is The Legend of Tennessee Moltisante. I think that the music in that episode is great.

  23. My wife and I have talked about getting rid of TV, but we have never actually done it. Hopefully you will have better luck than the Barrys:
    “Exposure to nature is healthy, especially for children. Kids today spend far too many hours sitting around indoors, watching moronic TV shows such as ‘Jackass’ and ‘the evening news.’ By stark contrast, when I was a youngster, growing up in the small rural town of Armonk, N.Y., in a house surrounded by rustic woodland, I spent countless carefree hours roaming free in my bedroom, learning to make flatulence noises with my armpit.”
    – Dave Barry

  24. Leo, glad to see that you won’t have to do without your cable modem. I have the cable company here coming out tomorrow to install mine. Finally I can get off of a 33.6 connection! But I’m also nervous about the installation. When the cable company came out many years ago to install our cable tv, they actually had to crawl underneath our mobile home to do install it. I’ve been told the only thing they need to do is split the cable then work the cord around to the computer. The big question is whether they will split it from outside (cable runs right outside my window) or at the cable box. If they split it from the box then it has to be run around the entire room then tacked under the carpet. We’ll see! Then I need to find a good mac firewall for os 9.1. Any suggestions? Wish me luck. And good luck with the move! 🙂

  25. You sure have your work cut out for you. I can’t wait for the book and videos. Do you want my credit card now or later? I agree that TV is garbage for the most part. I watched entirely too much of it as a kid. I finally got sick of it on my own and now there is very little that I can stand to watch. Your show is practically the only saving grace. I think the live component makes everyone more realistic. We have seen enough spliced together perfection. To be human is to make mistakes. I love it when you screw up and make a joke out of it. Or when one of your newer recruits gets flustered and needs to be saved. There is not a person on your show that I haven’t liked. I think it’s the best and I hope you guys stay on for years to come. From the sounds of your post you might be spreading yourself too thin. I can picture all but the book as happening, but unless you have it all down in your head I’m not sure how you can rattle off a book so quick with everything else you have to do. The pics of you back east were great. I have been looking for a slide show program for some time, but I was hoping for one which could play back on a DVD player for relatives who don’t own a computer. Good luck with your house etc. I’m sure we’ll all be waiting for the tree house pics to tide us over until you get back. my friend’s daughter got her first cover in Palm Beach magazine to be shot on saturday. I keep telling him to pitch her to Bill gates since she has done so well, but he just laughs. I think you made the right choice with no TV. physical activity or play is essential to a healthy attitude and with the right attitude there truly are no limits.

  26. I went for a while without TV a few years back; I owned one but just fell out of the habit of watching it. I certainly found more than enough other ways to fill my time – and that was before I bought my PC – imagine. 😛 I could easily do that again except for one significant, aching loss I’d feel each day at 7pm Eastern/4 pm Pacific (and that’s not counting the repeats). Honestly I don’t think my heart and mind could take it! [*all misty-eyed just thinking about it*]
    The only plausible explanation I can think of for the significant delay in getting your contract is that management decided to get extra creative and have all of the documents hand-lettered and illuminated by Celtic monks. I bet that’s some real pretty paperwork you’ve got there; I hope it was worth the wait.
    As far as garnering the energy to meet all of your impending deadlines, I suggest the following regimen: 3 times daily drink a ginseng/blue-green algae smoothie, you’ll want to add some extra soy protein, ginko bilboa and vitamin B complex to round it out. Follow immediately with one quart of Jolt cola over crushed ice and 6 ounces of M&Ms. That should put you directly in the saddle. :o)
    Smooches for a busy, busy man

  27. Hi Leo! I wanted to tell you how much fun it was to see and meet you and Patrick in Cherry Hill last week. I think that I was the oldest guy (82 years) in attendance. I am the guy of Italian descent that wanted to know if you possibly shared any of that heritage.
    Glad to hear you will be able to get a cable modem at your new house. Here in Cherry Hill Comcast the monthly fee is $39.50 with your TV and $49.50 without. If you use their modem they will charge you an additional $7.00 per month. I got my modem from Radioshack plus a $100 credit. Net cost: $0.(I think they made some kind of mistake.) I also received a reduced rate from Comcast for 3 months plus a $100 rebate.
    I want to wish you and your family great happiness in your new home! AAA

  28. How can you say “no TV” just because you don’t have cable or satellite? We live near Green Bay (WI), with only 100,000 people, and still get 8 broadcast stations (ABC, CBS, Fox, WB, NBC, UPN, PBS, and TBN). I know that’s not much compared to cable, but I’m fine with it, except for TechTV. I just have to get my daily dose of technology online. Until…You start up some TechTV broadcast stations!!! That would be great! Anyway, you’ll make it. Good luck.

  29. We went for a while without TV once. They raised the rates really high and my parents, upset and cancelled it. We couldn’t even get local channels because we were next to a hospital that blocked the signal.
    Result: INTERNET ADDICTION!!! (Hehe.) At least, I started spending more time on the Internet than I ever did watching TV. When they plugged the cable back in, it didn’t stop. (I just managed to get a TV and computer with a modem in the same room so I could do both at once.)
    Moral of the story: force your kids to go outside. It’s good for them. 🙂 Even I still managed to be on a swim team despite massive Internet addiction..

  30. man every one likes you just look @ all the comments people posted!! asny way man you are techtv if you aren’t on i ither go back on the computer or i watch game spot!! your so kewl that they made the screen savers a 2 hour show!! i saw you pluging in network cables into a apple hahhahahaha. but then my brother changed the channel so i couldn’t see what happend but i enjoy watching your show’s…. is this site hosted by your own server or is techtv hosting it 4 u? I have been watching your show since i was 12 years old and now i am almost 15!What version of linux do you think some one should start off with? because i am making this server and i want it 2 have a power full os..i am sick of windows i have windows xp and its kewl and all its just i want some thing different..
    e-mail me when you have a chance…
    c ya later,

  31. Dear Leo,
    You mentioned again in your 8/18 episode about studying Chinese. Were you by any chance at the military program at Yale in the early 60’s? My class graduated in ’64 but I think I might have seen you in an earlier class.
    After Yale, I served in Taiwan and Vietnam. Went on to get BA in Chinese studies, grad school and then 24 years in a branch of the State Dept. Retired several years ago and have been part time computer instructor since then.
    Deeply appreciate your honest where-the-bear-sits-in-the-buckwheat approach to computers. Hope you are enjoying your success!
    Best regards, Ray McGunigle

  32. Thank you, thank you for the fix Leo. I just can’t get enough!
    Actually all of this reminds me of the 1960s’ and my obsession with Micky Dolenz and Mark Lindsay in Tiger Beat and 16 magazines. Yeah, chew the staples and lick the print.
    At least my obsession at age 46 is teaching me something!

  33. What’s the book gonna be called? I recommend “Confessions Of A TechTV Wise-Guy” or “Shirts That Kill”. Can anyone else think of a good title? I’m sure he could use more time to actually write the book than thinking of a title. Congrats, kudos and good luck.

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