Pat and Leo head to Joisey

Finally the details are in on where Patrick and I are appearing on Father’s day.
We’re at Clarion Hotel & Conference Center on Route 70 East in Cherry Hill doing two technology seminars. Pat does The Wired House of 2005 at 11am and I’ll be guessing at The Future of the Internet at 1:30pm.

The speeches are free but you do have to pre-register on the TechLive web site.

I hope we’ll see you there!

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  1. That page now has the state listed. Thanks Leo.
    Hey, what’s with the penguin on the page?
    In Joy! Diana

  2. Oh geez…this is gonna be tough! How can I make it to Cherry Hill to see Leo and Pat and still make it to South Jersey to take Dad out for brunch?
    Anyone have a teleporter I could borrow?

  3. I’d registered myself for the seminars (twice, sort of by misunderstanding, actually), but when my friend went to the page this morning to register, it said no more people were going to be able to register. Now I can’t go because I can’t make the six hour drive by myself. 🙁

  4. Leo,
    Is there a chance that your lecture can be put on the web? Either audio or Video would make me happy.
    Heck, I’ll go for a transcript, and old menue from a local mexican joint, a piece of gum from Patricks shoe!!!

  5. great! Then I will have to return those tickets from Cypress Hill too..geeezzz a typo can really take you to the wrong place. I though it would have been a new thing…Leo and Patrick up there kicking a beat or two talking about the internet and the new wired crib[home] and all…SHOOT!

  6. Leo,
    Is there anyway you could do a web cam from your lecture? That would be so great! Not that your not doing enough for everyone who loves you…but I guess were greedy when it comes to you! Just a thought….
    great supporter,

  7. That doesn’t work if you have a caffeine tolerance.
    I got mine in college by finishing off about 5 two liters of Diet Mountain Dew in a 12 hour period. From then on I have to keep topped up, and I have to drink one before I go to bed.

  8. I just do it from my head. Maybe someone can make an audio tape of it. I’d post that. I’ll check if we can do that.

  9. Hey Aaron, how about if Leo does the high tech thing I saw at the movies the other night….. a guy used his cell phone to “broadcast” the movie to his friend until his friend showed up, late. It was high quality audio, I am sure. Just have someone hold up their cellphone and then play the call into a Shout Cast server. :^) OK, it was just a thought.

  10. The question is, do you, Leo Laporte, know where the remote is?
    Be sure to check your back pocket.
    And don’t mind the tumbleweed blowing through the blog since that fancy pants messageboard wend up on the suburban side of Leoville.

  11. Thanks a heap Leo! That would be fun, streaming audio or a MP3 at a low bitrate would be great!
    Better than great… it would be supersplendapular!

  12. Did anyone notice the letter that was up on the screen while Scott was doing the housecall on yesterdays show???? I taped the show and just caught a glance of the Dear part of the letter when Scott was trying to print the letter for the first time. It wasn’t exactly a nice greeting.

  13. Hey Leo! How are you feeling after that entire bottle of JOLT cola? Did you stop laughing yet?LOL!

  14. Can’t wait to see the show… I can only guess Leo was acting crazy again tonight… I once had a regular Coke AND a Surge (not knowing that Surge was the jolt of un-colas) and I was insane for the rest of the night… it really had me on the ceiling… anyone ever need to stay up late, try a Coke with a Surge chaser.
    Not recommended for children under 12.
    Void where prohibited.
    Your mileage may vary.

  15. Thanks for the details, hope you guys have a swell time, seems like Pat will be shopping for a Devils jersey while he’s in Jersey! That was pretty funny last night when everyone thought (at first) that it was Jessica shopping on the ‘net during the show!!!! Pat is really funny, I like when he has a great time on the show.
    Any Bloggers going to the Cherry Hill lectures?
    Old time Jersey Girl from way back when

  16. I feel pretty good actually. You can expect a number of new sub-topics on the message board created around 3am. I also plan to write that book we’d been talking about tonight. The Screen Savers Almanac. Expect it in bookstores around the end of the year. Also I’ll be packing the entire house so that we’re ready for our move later tonight. I have the plans for the tree house all drawn up and if the lumber arrives in time I’ll be building it between 5 and 6am tomorrow morning. Other than that it should be a fairly quiet evening. What was the question?

  17. Re: Pre & SyncingLeo. I’ve used Palm for many years and have been disappointed at the WebOS features.
    When it comes to syncing I have ‘hard reset’ my new phone several times to clear duplicate data and insufficient syncs. I did find the there is a USB sync to the old Palm Desktop made by Companion Link which gets all the custom fields the other sync utilities leave behind. Afterwards you can sync to the ‘cloud’. The gentleman Bob in SanDiego on podcast #637 asked about this.
    Fortunately for me I still have an active Palm Centro I use as a backup if anything happens to my desktop.

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