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  1. Patrick breaks alot of stuff.To start off 1 athlon,then ugm mobo,then a
    windows 98 se cd,and alot of hard drives and floppy drives.

  2. Well i guess it true.Patrick is just i meen butthead.He breaks anything in
    site.He has broke two athlons,1 windows 98 se cd,i don’t know how many hard
    drives,and about 16 millions floppy drives.Well i guess Patrick just likes
    breaking stuff.

  3. Also, I must add that I have a very big huge crush on Patrick and this just added to it. You should see my JPEG collection now.
    Ah, the sweet life of being an übergeek.

  4. What an evil, devilish laugh Patrick had during that segment, he was enjoying himself WAY too much, wasn’t he? he sure knows how to have fun with a sledge hammer and a pair of heavy shoes, though, gotta give him credit!
    I never knew a computer could be that flat!

  5. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. my name is patrick and mr. norton over there is giving us guys a bad name. (wink-wink)

  7. E.B. –
    I would hate to hear of any harm to an Audio Board…esp. when it was made in 1979…when things were made great…easier to fix as well !

  8. Patrick is an animal! (in a good way, lol)
    Patrick looked like he was having a great time and that all that matter.
    I would have done the same thing, if given the chance.
    The Screen Saver Crew Rock!!!!!!!!!

  9. Leo,
    I just love the “page titles” and the “file names” you give your pictures! Great job — great fun!

  10. Patrick Norton + Sledgehammer + old computer = hours of entertainment for me. Whoo-hoo.

  11. Well i was also having one of those days guys ..
    It was late one night , trying to upgrade the some components on my server .. when it started getting very meen. the next morning i took the dam thing out into the field, with my 22 in hand .. and went nuts..
    i felt much better afterwords.. And not as tired as if i would have used a sledge hammer..

  12. Although I’ve seen some crazy happenings on the show, that was one of the funniest. Jeez, and I thought I was insane. Well I am, but that’s beside the point. Anyway, I must admit, this still doesn’t top the time Patrick said, “Linux has been doing a lot of weird b*s*.” And then you, Leo, proceeded to say “smut”. I still recall it.
    I’m from Rhode Island, too, I’m insane as it is.

  13. I’ve got an old audio console that I’d like to maim, can I borrow Pat’s sledge hammer some day? This audio board was made in 1979 and it is on it’s last legs, I’d like to help it to the “happy, flat as a pancake, hunting ground.” Better yet, I would love to have Pat come here and do it for me! I’ll pay!

  14. I don’t know Dan, that kinda sandwich may call for the more subtle flavor of Brake Fluid instead of the heavier enhancements of a WD40 type condiment.

  15. I think Patrick is a sweetheart and very talented at his job. Only a real man could do what he did with that computer. And he has a very child like sweetness about him and he was only having fun with a broken toy. It was fun to watch.
    much support to the TSS,

  16. So…how many techtv type personages of historical significance (if you guess where that diddy is from I’ll give ya bag of broken glass – but you have to guess that one too) are peering into the depths of our fragile egos and ids?
    TechTV Soundoff!
    I’ll go first:

  17. Hmm .. I take it that Pat answered “Yes” to that poll awhile back saying that he did physically assault his PC. 🙂
    I’ve never gone to *that* extreme myself, though admit to occasionally throwing a few words at it that this site would probably censor. 🙂
    Btw, sure hope Patrick wasn’t destroying a PC w/ that nifty new dual Athlon processors. You know how much he lives for killing those things. Heh. 😉
    Joe C.

  18. I had the kids cleaning up their daily mess in the living room as TSS came on last night and my 5 year-old quipped “This is that funny show where they break computers.”
    The Screen Savers, not just for adults anymore!

  19. It’s kinda like Tool Time on Home Improvement, only both hosts actually know what they’re doing. 😛

  20. No wonder he fryed 2 Athalons (I cant spell)! Probably used them in a sandwich he was makeing of Hrm… Let’s see here. 1 broken laptop containment case, 1 UGM 3.0 MoBo, 1 Win98 Se CD, old floppy and H.D.’s, and to top it off, a jumbo sized can of WD40.All flatened into a nice cute little sandwich… that he eats… Mmmmm… I’m hungry.
    Dan S

  21. You know, I’ve been tempted to do the same thing, but the problem is our shed is way out in the back yard and by the time I walked all the out there and lugged that heavy sledge hammer back, I probably wouldn’t be as mad any more.
    Now if kept the hammer at my desk, rather than putting it back in the shed…well…that could be bad.

  22. To Whom It May Concern:
    As the subject of the pix above I would like to make a few corrections so as posterity isn’t all confused about what really happened.
    First off, I don’t have a violent streak. I just have a rather alternative style of exercise. Really.
    Second, I only used the sledgehammer to flatten out the power supply. Mostly I just jumped on it. In a pair of dress shoes.
    Third, it is true, I did say “lock me up and throw away the key, it must be a crime to feel this good” during the commercial break.
    Computers… ‘cuz life isn’t complicated enough.

  23. Face it, Patrick is awesome. These machines cause such headaches that its only natural that every once in awhile a little venting is in order.
    Besides in Tonights show (Wed) both he and Leo were very kind to the most avid MAME gamer in the world! I mean… WOW, I want a tape of that one, its not often you see looks like that exchanged on TSS, and then framing Jessica with the shopping thing….. it wasnt the most informative show, though there was some information… but it was the funniest!
    Viva La Evolution!

  24. Hey, I know .. maybe Patrick can autograph those dead Athlon chips on Ebay to raise even more funds for charity!
    Ok, Ok .. maybe not. 🙂
    I also enjoyed poor Patrick and Leo’s expressions when that rabid gamer was trying to explain how he wanted to play those old Atari games on his Mac. That was so LOL hilarious! And I thought *I* was an extreme gamer in my past — but no way could I hold a proverbial candle (or joystick) to that guy!
    Maybe invite him to a TSS show when you have UGM III running and have him have a go at it. 🙂
    Joe C.

  25. I am very interested in buying a digital camera comparable to yours. for now its out of reach but I look forward to getting one in the future. Sumi did a review on the Screen Savers once a while back. I try to catch her show when its on but I’m not always able to. I hope you’ll have her on again sometime. Hats off to the guy who submitted his own top five list. it was too funny. I’ll bet a lot of us have our own lists. not all of which resemble an egyptian harem with our favorite TV personalities. Sumi and Erica you didn’t hear that…
    I also thought the Jessica frame was priceless. the rabbid gamer didn’t even seem to notice the reaction he was getting. but still my favorite of late was the home submittion top five list and the reactions it received. ranks up there with the geek makeover tapes they made of everyone a while back. that was hysterical.

  26. Eric,
    You’re right, this audio console I am talking about is a Ward Beck 34 channel board that has done very well over the years, I am amazed that it still, (mostly,) works…. mechanical switches, big bright LED on/off buttons and 4 whole AUX sends! But we are limping along with it until the digital conversion, when we will get a new audio console. And besides the show I was mixing on it just got cancelled, so there’s no rush to come maim it, it will glow silently in a dark room until someone decides to do TV again.
    Then some day before 2006 the station will convert to digital broadcasting and we’ll have to get new gear. But in the meantime, they are cancelling a lot of shows to save money to get the transmitters overhauled first. Whose idea was this digital conversion anyway????

  27. I got to flatten a couple computers once. When I worked at a movie theater they had some computers in the store room that were really old and didn’t work, the manager told us to do something with them. Well we got to throw them off the roof and then go down and finish them off with a sledge hammer. I am a computer technition during the day and that was nice to take a little technical frustration out on those old systems. I know how Patrick felt, it was really fun.

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