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Call me impulsive, but I decided to pay for the upgrade to the Pro version of Discus, the software I’m using on the new message board. I just really like the software and the Pro version has some great additional administration and security features.
For one thing, you can now register for citizenship in Leoville. It’s not required to read or post in the Town Square, but if you do you get some nice additional features on the board including e-mail notifications when someone responds to your posts, automatic login, and the ability to create a profile that people can see when they click on your name.

The Pro version also features editing of previous posts and a spell checker. I think. It doesn’t seem to be working right now. I’m really liking this software!

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  1. Oh man, I checked out the message boards, now my already LOw, Low productivity will be sinking to new depths as I click around Leoville on company time….. I am personally taking responsibility for the bad numbers on the economy, Mr. Greenspan, sir…

  2. I ran a BBS for a few years in the 80s (MacQueue) and it was really fun. Adding all these features to Leoville makes it much more like the old BBS. It’s all part of my 3-year plan to economic self-sufficiency.

  3. OK….You are impulsive!!! LOL!! 😎 I like the new board but the Blog is still my fave.

  4. Like you, Leo, I’m an old BBS user/sysop. I ran he TAG software, which was quite powerful and easy to setup. While I like using the Net, I do miss those days. The best thing about it was the people you communicated with were mostly from your area, so you could talk about things going on around you and they’d know what you were talking about. You don’t get that same sense of community with the global Net.

  5. Heck, Leo – your impulsiveness is just one of your many charms! Please allow me to send you a jewelry catalog and my home address for the next time you’re feeling antsy.* 😉
    Opportunistic Smooches,
    * I also accept hardware, software, antique books, textile art and high-end kitchen equipment.

  6. Well, Leo, if you collected every time I put my 2 cents in on this Blog of yours, you would have about a dollar, I am guessing. Good Luck on the 3 year plan! (A 3 year plan,now, why didn’t *I* ever think of that?!! I’d already be swimming in cash!!!)
    But maybe it helps to be a computer genius and have a great bubbly TV personality, perhaps that’s why I’m still broke!
    A fan of “Mr. Indoor Voice” ….. Elizabeth

  7. Leo-
    It’ll serve you well. I’ve been quite happy with my copy of Discus Pro. It’s extremely robust. I love it.
    Oh- and as for the spell checker problem: Spellchecker.net informed Discusware that in the very near future, they will charge for the spellchecking service. So, the guys at Discusware pulled it from the newest release of Discus to keep new people from gettnig too attached to the service. It will leave us shortly. Older versions still have it, but sooner or later, that spell check window is going to show up blank. 🙁
    Enjoy the boards! (and congrats on the new place. A chicken coop converted into a TV studio?? Talk about a fixer-upper!!!)
    Brian 🙂

  8. Leo (or anyone else that knows),
    I downloaded Discus for my second site called Tech Q and A that’s in the works, and now I can’t get rid of it! When I try to delete the directory that it’s all in, Fetch says “Server file error: backup: Direcory not empty.” It is empty! By the way, it says that about all the directories. When I tried to do it on my WinMe box, CuteFTP said I didn’t have the proper permissions set to delete the files. I double checked the permissions and they are the correct ones. I’m the owner of the site, I can do what I want to the files!
    Please help by e-mailing me at joseph_bt@hotmail.com or posting a comment on this page!
    A loyal Leo fan,

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