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  1. I LOVE The Screen Savers, and for charity is always good, but… PLEASE PEOPLE!! IT’S A PENGUIN !!!!
    Ok, I feel better now.

  2. Got me to thinking….what other Tech TV stuff is on eBay? Well, nothing to be exact. So I typed in Laporte. It seems that there are two cities that have stolen your last name. Laporte Indiana and Laporte City Iowa. Key question: which one is your adopted hometown?

  3. Hmmm, should have had the bidding end with 5 minutes left in tonight’s show. It could have had a big build up during the show ending with one of those Jerry Lewis toteboard moments.
    The world would be so much simpler if I just ran things!

  4. Eric:
    Neither. 🙂 Leoville and Laporte (and, yes, that is the spelling, one word, small p) are both towns in Saskatchewan, Canada. 🙂
    Arthur from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan’s biggest city and birthplace of Michaela Pereira

  5. Wow .. not bad!
    Who needs celebrity golf tournaments to raise funds? Just have TSS continue to auction off autographed Penguins on Ebay!
    Do it enough times, even world hunger will be eliminated. 🙂
    Joe C.

  6. Even though most of us dont have that kind of money to spend, I hope you raise alot for Fireman Dan’s Charity. Gotta love those penguins.

  7. Leo taking over Canada?
    Leo HAS began taking over the world…little by little…though, starting in Canada….[Canadain Bacon movie starts to play in my head]
    Rock on Leo!!
    [email address has changed to hotmail until I can get new service from @home…while moving to a new city *ack*!! I sure hope my IP stays the same…I think all of the @home providers mention that…I think…hope it is better than RoadRunner by far.]

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