First pix of new house

Here are a couple of pictures of the new house…
One of the chicken coops – 1200 sq feet just waiting to be a TV studio!

The house with the view to the northeast.

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  1. Ham Radio. love it. all the things there is to hear… dx (distant comunication) from other countries… listening to all sorts of things on SW band.,.. BlitzK, so right!!!

  2. Redoing that coop is one ambitious project, Leo. The area looks just beautiful, I can see why you bought the farm (in the non-euphemistic sense, that is). ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Mayberry RFD Smooches,
    *turning just a bit green with envy*

  3. Hey Leo, Turning that old coop in to a studio sounds like a really cool idea. After you fix it up are you going to broadcast on the web or are you going to broadcast your own local radio or tv show?

  4. Hey Leo!
    Where can I get details about your trip to NJ? I’d love to try and swing by on my way to visit Dad!

  5. Wow. Purrrr-ty. ๐Ÿ™‚ What are you planning to broadcast from your chicken coop? Special episodes of The Screen Savers? Weather reports? Leo Laporte’s Smile-Time Happy Hour? Just wondering.

  6. Beautiful house. Great view. I can see why you’re moving. Now you really are in Leoville.

  7. The new house looks really nice. Beautiful view. It’ll be fun to see the “after” pictures of that chicken coop.

  8. Charlotte, that a great idea, I mean, Celestron just came out with a great scope that has a built in GPS unit, perfect for Fresh Gear ( I know I know, they are gonna wait till it has a built in cell phone/PDA/digital camera/easy bake oven built in…) but thats why TSS can jump on it first!

  9. Hey leo! Nice house, looks like you got a chibney. who needs a computer when you can stare at a roaring fire ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Hey Leo,
    I haven’t been to your website in a long time, what’s this that I’m reading thathat your moving and your home is going to be a studio, will it be apart of techtv or another television company, and where is your now home at?

  11. Hey, Elizabeth! Are you an astronomy buff, too?
    I loved using my telescope until the neighborhood lights destroyed any hope of viewing even the Orion Nebula. It’s an old six-incher, and at one time I could pick out very faint galaxies. Now I just close my eyes and try to remember.

  12. Hi Leo. Can you believe that people can be so foolish as to think that you are serious about turning that chicken coop into a studio. Hehehehe โ€ฆโ€ฆ I guess they just cannot comprehend that Laporte humor.

  13. Wow! What a place! Don’t worry about not having a cable modem, you won’t have time to turn the computer on, you’ll be so busy milking the chickens every morning. :^)
    Is this a “dark sky” area? maybe the chicken coop could be converted into an astronomical observatory? You know, for star gazing in all your spare time!
    Enjoy! The place looks divine.

  14. Leo, when i saw the chicken coop, for a minute there i thought that was going to be your hous, until i read on. but i saw the house, and what a view! oh, and before i go, your message board is great, it gives people more of a chance to add on to each other messages

  15. hi leo,
    great looking place you have, are you really thinking about turning the chicken coop into a tv studio? if you did i bet it would be better than seeing i only watch you and pstrick on TSS. hope you and your family injoy your new place, i think you will love it.

  16. Have fun in the smelly chicken coop. (“Smelly” is the operative word.)
    Now all it needs are horses..every kid’s dream come true ๐Ÿ™‚ *bounces* horses horses horses..I knew I should have made my parents buy that little 1.75 acre farm way out in Riverside so I could have had a horse..somehow my constant destruction of things that cost lots of money eats out of my riding fund right now..
    I wish I could have looked at the stars through a telescope. I never have. Only looked up when travelling through Montana and southern Alberta at night – so many stars..
    (Okay, next time I’ll pick a better time than 2am to come read this!)

  17. Charlotte, I do enjoy Astronomy, but I don’t own a telescope…. my area is not a dark sky area, but when I visit somewhere new, I always see how “dark” it gets at night… naked eye viewing (or even with binoculars) is a great way to explore the night sky.
    Recently I tried to teach a few of my friends how to tell if a crescent moon is waxing or waning… that is fun to teach people. (For all those interested:
    Just remember DOC, if the moon shows the shape of the front of the letter D, it is about to grow until it turns into a full moon, [the O,] then it shrinks to show the letter C.)
    I hope Leo’s area is a far enough away from the city to be really dark at night, the kids will be amazed if they’ve never seen the milky way before.
    See ya around the Blog, Charlotte!

  18. Hi Leo! Just saw the photos of your new home. Looks like a beauty. That view is fantastic! If your your area is indeed a “dark sky zone” you should be able to see the stars even without a telescope. I know, because my parents live in central Florida, and on a clear night,you can see the big dipper,etc.Very cool. Anyway, I wish you alot of luck on your new venture. The change will be good for the kids.Lots of space to play, and learn about nature. Going off subject,saw what Pat did to that old computer.Looks like he REALLY enjoyed that one!LOL! Someone should put out a wanted poster reading:Wanted!Patrick Norton! Computer Killer!LOL!Again! Lot’s of luck once again,and I hope that well problem is straightened out. See you on TSS!

  19. SCREEN Acres! Leo’s new place is and will forever be to me the “Screen Acres.” :-> Can you see *those* filmed promo spots? Leo could have the 7-Up of the technology television niche:
    “Screen Acres–it’s the un-TechLive.”
    or what about this:
    “Coming to you live from The Chicken Coop at the beautiful Laportean Screen Acres, it’s….The….Screen…Savers! Starring Leo Laporte as Himself, Patrick Norton as the Athlon Killer, and Martin “Cute Cheeks” Sargeant as the Twisted Lister. Co-starring with this male cast of questionable manners and taste are the lovely and talented Jessica (yes, she’s just drawn that way) and the marvelous Megan, maven of the Download of the Day. Last but not least, joining this band of merry troubleshooters are Corey Haim and a selection of sidekicks in the Control Coop. Take it away, Leo and Pat!”
    Yikes! Cancel that whole last thought–that’s pretty darn scary!!
    ~~Alsatia, who posted, ducked, and ran for cover from the flames that you can send by simply clicking on her name~~ ;->

  20. LEO: (been watching ZD/techTV from day-1 on DSS..blah blah)
    You need to install PV and Wind power to that house!
    Nice size Inverter and some battries would be great.
    Art Bell has a neat setup at his house:
    You should make a little Homing Pigeon loft for the kids!
    I’m not kidding. Homing Pigeons make great pets. You
    let them out to fly around and they come back (usally!),
    they don’t eat much food, and don’t take much work.
    Check out the APRA at:
    …and last, That house needs an antenna tower.
    You should get into Ham radio (amateur radio)!
    I can’t belive what a different outlook on life
    I have after getting into hamradio. It’s not so
    much the radio part of it, but I have a new outlook
    on the radio spectrum (man, that sounds cheeeeezy!),
    geography, space (lots of astronauts are hams and
    talk from space to other hams on off-time.. even the
    space tourist, Dennis Tito, is a ham and talked from
    space!), etc etc..
    Ok… that should keep you busy for the next 10 years ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  21. Aaron, do you mean the Celestron Nextar 11 GPS, with computerized hand control/backlit liquid crystal display, 11″ aperture Schmidt-Cassegrain optical system, and 40,000+ object database, that Celestron lists at $2,995 and was reviewed in this month’s Astronomy Mag?
    I haven’t seen that.
    Haven’t seen the computer-controlled Meades in the same Astronomy Mag, either.
    ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
    Oh, well. I can always make my self feel better by pretending I get great satisfaction from setting up my old scope all by myself, carefully pointing it at the North Star, and laboriously locating the Ring Nebula — for a really good night’s work.
    By the way, if those trees are blocking much of the horizon, I hope Leo owns the hill where he took the pictures. It may be the only full sky view available for that observatory.

  22. Rob: Why not a TV studio? Sure it’d be a lot of work, but I have no doubts that Leo would be successful at it. He’s already got a good audience base to start from, and the fact that most of them/us have become discontented with the current state of TechTV.
    Doing a TSS on computerized astronomy would be interesting. In fact, why not do that segment from the LaPorte Compound; it’d have to be pre-recorded as it would be way to light to do it live.
    As for amateur radio. That would be a great hobby to get into. With all the open area at Leo’s disposal, he could set up a nice antenna farm.

  23. Hey, I didn’t know Elizabeth and I would start a night sky party on this blog. Maybe TSS ought to have a show about the use of computers in astronomy. It looks like there’s quite a bit of interest.
    And yes, I, too, dearly love helping young people learn about the universe. They always have a sense of wonder that is so easily lost, if it is not encouraged.
    It would be a great subject for the Cable in the Classroom series this fall.

  24. Great view of your new house. Now I see why you are so bent on moving out. One thing that puzzles me. I know you don’t have enought hours in the day for everything. I wonder how you will have time for your kids(PRIORITY=1),wife,job-2 shows,all the that driving time to and from work, not to mention household jobs,upkeep whoosh!! Makin me tired just the thought of it.
    Well I wish you the best of luck. My father-in-law has a ranch(30 acres) in Doniphan, Missiouri. He drilled 200 ft for water. That was 35 years ago. Still going. He built his own 1200 sq-ft house. How many acres is your place?
    Best of Luck

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