New Message Boards

So many people have asked me to create a message board on Leoville that I’ve finally capitulated. The blog has created a nice, small, friendly community and I’d like to help keep it growing and flowing. So test out the new Leoville message board.
I started with Joel Rosen’s XMLBoard. But it was quickly overrun with posts. So I’ve changed over to a more powerful (and more complicated) system called Discus. Let me know what you think, and enjoy the board!

8 Replies to “New Message Boards”

  1. I guess I should have visited the board first. Seeing all of the messages together in the order they came in makes a lot more sense in my mind. even if I had high speed access I doubt I’d open every page. here I just click on one and scan everyone’s two cents. it’s just easier. have a good week Leo!

  2. I can’t use your messageboards! I have to register, and then my secret identity may be revealed!!!

  3. Leo hope your shoot went well yesterday and glad to hear that you are getting a well deserved break from work.
    I was noticing that when I went to your home page today you had a quote from Bucky Fuller.
    He taught here at our local university here in Southern Illinois in the 60’s. Before I moved out here in the country I lived down the street from what was his home back then. A dome…and it is being considered as a national landmark . I was in it once when it was empty for a couple of yrs in the early 80’s. It is really neat.
    take care…

  4. Finally!!! I knew if we kept posting off topic replies long enough you’d give in.
    Years ago I frequented a message board for a local radio station. It’s long since kaput. Too many teens looking to out shock the shock jocks I guess. Before its luster faded I found this was a medium that I wholly endorse. While they had problems with swear words and such I believed it was something whose time had come and that rather losing the board instead of the offensive parties was their loss but not ours. You only had to see the amount of posts to know it was worthwhile. I am glad you’ve taken up the charge. I will gladly add it to my bookmarks.
    One last off topic comment for the road. I read your article in the Access magazine insert in Sunday’s paper as I have for the past two weeks. I think one question was about helper applications. my biggest pet peeve about computers is when you buy them they are not complete. You have to go to various websites etc. and download or buy many things just to make it work. I wish someone would put shareware versions of everything on a disc or two enabling us to install it all in one step.
    They say that if you build a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door. But if you just build a mediocre one only the traffic which happens by will notice. There’s much I don’t know. And more taking place every day of which I am unaware. And while I am certain that much is passing me by I realize the cream will rise to the top where all who wait can collect it.

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