Lights… Camera… Diction!

Here I am in the studio. Yes on a Saturday morning. For some reason they need us in today to film (not tape) a promo for TechLive. What a pain in the booty.
Occasionally they’ll do promos on film when they really want to waste money (and time – working on film seems to take about 10 times longer than tape). Most TV commercials are still done on film. I guess it gives you a more polished look, but I’ll never understand why you’d promote a television channel using film. Oh, well. It’s not my money. This one must be costing a bundle, too, because there’s no script. They’re just shooting us doing random bits and pieces as if we’re on the air. Then they’ll spend weeks editing it into something coherent. They had a guy with a SteadiCam in yesterday during TechLive getting stuff.

I got here at 7:30a, but they’re still taping Chris Pirillo answering fake calls for help. I shoulda brought a book. Take four. It’s going to be a long day.

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  1. Fake? The question/answer marathon was FAKE?? oh, well, so what. It still was good…still heard answers that were helpful and Chris was great to watch as usual. Too bad he’s not still on the show…

  2. FAKE calls?! They’re using FAKE calls?! Can’t wait for them to start using fake calls on the air with fake answers.

  3. Good point. If they’d put this much promotion into Call for Help maybe it’d still be on the air.

  4. hi leo,
    with all the fridays you have had off saturday isn’t that bad!
    have a fun sunday and will look forward to TSS on monday

  5. Read more carefully… the marathon wasn’t a fake. We were faking calls for a promo. We never fake calls on the shows.

  6. Thats odd. If they want random bits and pieces for a promo, why dont they just take some stuff from the actual live show, like they usually do? Well, hang in there Leo. Vacation time is coming up soon for you.

  7. Oh Leo, I sure wish they were filming you doing “Call for Help”. I love TSS but I miss my CFH with you! Pouting 🙁 Maybe you could pick one question a day from the people on your blog and answer it? Or maybe you could do a video of you answering a quetion each day and post it on your blog? Just some thoughts running through my head. Sugar plum fairy’s in my head have you back on CFH. I can dream can’t I? LOL
    your friend,
    Just another Blog Hog! LOL

  8. Good Morinig Leo!(at least I hope it’s a good morning in spite of the work!)Boy,do I know what you mean! Working on Saturday can be a real pain. But,it will be over sooner than you think, and then you can go home and spend the rest of the weekend with your family. I saw TSS last night (as always) and I’ve gotta say:Love that dance! Time to go take care of my business. Hang in there, and have a good weekend. See you Monday on TSS!

  9. Aw, Leo. I’m sorry about your booty pain. Reading this I was thinking, when are they NOT hyping TechLive? Either the show itself is on, or we’re hearing about the show being on . . . what’s left? Greg Drebin will come to our houses and whisper “TechLive” into our ears as we sleep. You’ll pour out some Fruity Pebbles and a TechLive toy will land in the bowl (a tech stock ticker action figure, not intended for children under 3) And then as the coup de grace, Vulcan Ventures will enter into a deal with your cable or satellite provider to program all of the remote controls distributed after July 1 to switch to TechTV between the hours of 9 and 6, EST.
    But, in the words of Mr. Norton, you know what? All of the promotion can’t offset the fact the I still can’t bear to watch it. Some of us are impervious to the hype. I found myself home during the Call for Help segment yesterday and thought I’d take a peek — 5 minutes of all of that screen noise is still about my limit. I guess I’m feeling nostalgic for the old CFH right now (typed wistfully). I know, I know, we already covered this up one side and down the other . . . I guess it’s one of the stages of dealing with the new TechTV: anger, denial, bargaining, depression, blogging . . . 😉 I still want my LeoTV, dammit.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Mr. L. And take care of that booty. 😀
    Working on Saturday Smooches,

  10. Actually, I can understand why they want to use film for the commercial.
    I’m guessing that they used film for the “You have questions, so do we” ad that runs on Tech TV. That one looks great! The lighting makes everyone look great (we can actually see their eyes!) and the color and tones look beautiful.
    BTW, while visiting a friend at the local hospital, I noticed that his room had Tech TV. Way kewl! Our local cable dudes (as far as I know) don’t offer Tech TV, so it was surprising to see it at the hospital.
    Too bad that my friend isn’t into computers. He spent over a week there in the hospital. My friend is afraid that looking at a computer monitor will give him an epileptic seizure. I think that the newer monitors shouldn’t be a problem with this, but some people just won’t listen.
    Have a great weekend everyone!
    In Joy! Diana

  11. Hey Leo:
    I’ve worked on some commercials for a casino buffet up here in South Dakota…they hired a company with a stedicam to come in and do some film shots…the guy running the camera explained that film has a different frame rate that makes things smoother. Also, with video, it’s an electronic signal that is an exact replecation of the thing it is shooting. With film, it’s a chemical process that has a tendency to fade and blend lines and edges better…it provides for a more relaxing shot wheras video is more edgy and more of a harsh shot…
    So there.
    The Other Ted

  12. Hey Leo!
    I’ve done some extra work in some movies, so I know exactly how you feel being bored. *yawn*
    I saw on the homepage that you get to be a Booth Babe! I think you should wear some extra high heals to get the full effect. 😉
    Anyways, if they’re carrying TechTV in hospitals, I think I’ll go injure myself now!
    *waiting for this Leo soundboard thing to download on my 28.8 might be enough to bring me to the hospital …*
    oh, it’s done! yay!

  13. I hate working Saturdays too… just got back from taking my SATs. I think it went okay though. Hopefully your shoot will go just as well, Leo.
    I’m into video editing and TV production and there’s some rather inexpensive (compared to the cost of actual film) software that actually will give productions a film “look”. I’ve used it before and it’s absolutely awesome. Not quite as good as film but extremely close, and certainly good enough for a commercial. Too bad they didn’t find out about that… or they did but they wanted to burn as much cash and time as possible so they went with film anyway. Oh well. Hope they let you out of there early so you can go spend some well-deserved time with your family. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  14. Previewing Your Comment
    Just thought I’d throw in my two cents about film.
    1)It looks awesome
    2)Technology has just caught up with it
    Sony’s 24p digital HD cameras mimic film almost exactly and George Lucas happens to be using these cams on the new Star Wars episode. And whether it is as lame as the first one or not, the technology will be show-cased for most of the movie-going world to see.
    Film is fun to shoot, though.
    Oh and to Ryan–if you want a nice film look on video, without any plugins, try halfing the frame-rate from 30 to 15 and cut the resolution in half. It’s an interesting, film-looking effect. Side-to-side motion will still never be as smooth as film, of course, but it’s a neat, totally free effect . . . well, if you already own Premiere.
    Oh, and just to shill–check out my site! The link’s: chamber/portfolio_index.html
    ps–you need a messageboard Leo, so it’s not all willy-nilly off topic all the time! ; )

  15. I have to say about the film spots on Tech Tv that I like Leo’s very sexy read on those…. very smooth… :^) So, I am sorry it took all day on Saturday to do more, Leo, but maybe these new ones will be fun to see instead of the Dell commercials, and Hey! now that I think of it… those Pffercorns seem to be gone from the air waves… or maybe….YIKES…. they are making more! Arrrrgh.
    Anyway, I had to work on Saturday too and it’s a drag…. glad you had your Blog to keep you entertained. I was doing “Membership” (aka: begging) and we were airing a Lawrence Welk Marathon…. we had a woman in the studio who “mimed” playing a piano whilst I played a DAT recording of a real piano being played…. I am NOT making this up. So, I would have gladly traded places with you! (Well, for a few hours anyway!)
    Best wishes to you Leo, Elizabeth

  16. Believe me, the fake calls were difficult to do. Since I’m a ‘seat of your pants’ type of guy, having to answer any technical question within ten seconds is difficult to do. “Okay, tell me how to clear my History.” Sure, no problem. “Okay, get to the point MORE QUICKLY.” Yikes. As if my stress level wasn’t high enough to begin with. 😉
    Leo was indeed playing calm, cool, and collected in the background. Being in the presence of a legend didn’t help matters. I’m a neophyte to television, pre-recorded or live. It’ll take a while for me to get my sea legs. No amount of makeup will help the face, unfortunately.
    Now, pardon me, I’m off to play with my Leo Soundboard.

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