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  1. Randy,
    Its a interface that plays short sound bites when you click on the link, just silly fun.
    Hours of silly fun…

  2. Hey what’s this soundboard page all about? When I go there, all I get are several rollover links which appear to be clickable, but when I do nothing happens. Am I missing something?

  3. Love the soundboard!
    Though to be honest, my fav is the Tony Soprano soundboard, I have called a few friends and had decent conversations using it! I look forward to using the Leo one now… heh, my poor firnds, they dont understand.
    heres a link if anyone wants to check it out..

  4. I was doing a search on google for Techtv and came across this site . What’s the deal with that? Oh well some wierdos out there.

  5. Leo,
    Is there anyway that you can tape the Future Of The Internet speech and somehow post it on the web? I know many of your online fans would love to see it, always prefer video, but will happily take audio. (I’m sure Third Geek or TechTV fanatics would be happy to host it.
    Just a thought I had while I delete my add blocker software.

  6. Don’t follow Aarons link if you happen to be under 18 or are easily offended by seeing nasty porno banners!
    Aaron I would have hoped you would have chosen more wisely with regard to the links you would put on a family blog like this one.
    Mr Sensor

  7. hi leo,
    great sound board. i want to use those sounds in my computer,how can i or can i? i really want you saying DONT OPEN ATTACHMENTS. i want to make it where when i get my mail you say that so i wont open attachments.

  8. hey leo that sound board is great. i was just about to attempt to make a site with mu sic clips so this came just in time.
    also when i am on techlive for your call for help with the kids i don’t watch the kids myself its actually my moms job i just help out
    another thing you all cna go to http://members.tripod.com/leoville2/ to see lots of pix of leo and the e-mail video from the real call for help this summer i am going to make the site a lot better and add more leo stuff

  9. I’m afraid I skipped the site due to a poor connection. Are you still working out? I’m still on the same program I started a year ago and I’ve only missed one day. It is very hard to keep up with it. When I started I knew the only way I’d ever do it was to never miss a single day. I’ve made it impossible to ignore by setting up a virtual home gym in the middle of my living room. It has made a huge difference. I look better and feel better. I still don’t have any time to do anything, but thirty minutes less doesn’t matter.
    I worked the first half of the day too. I think you guys have one of the best jobs there is, but even if I could pull it off I’m not sure I could hack it. My throat gets dry during prolonged bouts of conversation and I don’t think I could stand still for that long. You still have it good though. gorgeous women surround you and even though you’re married interaction with beautiful women is unbelievably stimulating. In my opinion the reigning beauty queen of Tech TV is Erica Hill. I still remember the talks you had with her on Call for help. No tech live for this kid though. the premium cable has your station full time, but even if I got it, I’m not home when it’s on so it’s pointless. Have a great vacation Leo.

  10. Oops, yaknow, i hate to say it, but i never see the banners and I’m truly sorry if anything offensive was shown to anyone here. I debated the link, and even went and checked it out again (since the show is full of adult language and such) but the language for 99% of the board is just fine, more of a PG thing if anything…)
    Anyway, I feel bad, and apologize to everyone, the down side of blocking banners is.. well the same as the upside, you dont see them.

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