Playin with myself

OK I couldn’t resist doing a panorama with the new camera. Olympus requires you to use Olympus SmartMedia to do this, so I had to re-insert the 16 meg card that came with the camera. This is without a tripod and the angle is weird so it looks kinda strange. But it’s cool too!

My little corner of the world… for one more month!

I’ll do one of the new house when we move in.

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  1. Enough about the car he drives!!! Did you catch the title of this blog??? Playin w/ Myself. C’mon Leo, I thought this was a family friendly page!
    Love your work, keep it up.
    Now I will return to my normal personality.
    Thanks for reading.

  2. Wow now everyone finally now know what Leoville look like.
    Great Luck in your New Home LEO. When could I crash for the night??????
    Leo drove a Geo????
    Would that mean Patrick Drives Yugo???????

  3. Hi Leo.This is my first time using a blog.I like the idea of getting “up close and personal”so to speak. Anyway, I wish you luck with the new house. Your old house was beautiful also. can’t wait to see photos of the new home.See you on TSS soon.

  4. Hey Leo,
    I thought you were rich beyond all belief and lived in a 200 room mansion.
    You mean those evil rumors about you being a pretty normal family guy were

  5. What a nice little house in the burbs.
    No wonder you’re always so happy at The Screen Savers.
    With a place like that, and a great family to come home to.
    Heck, this country stuff is going to really perk you up Leo.
    Dan S

  6. Leo what do you use to make those picture popup windows?
    There has be a better way then viewing source copying code and re-writing it everytime I want to have the same effect.
    any hints?

  7. I always though Leo’s house was supposed to look like the mayor’s house from SimCity. Those people @ lied!!

  8. I know this is off the topic but i got a question
    Is Erica Hill still anchor a portion of TechLive ? Havent seen her in a while

  9. MWHAHAHAHAHA! I mock your old house! You must now come to West Virginia and fight Hillbilly style for your honor!

  10. Leo,
    I think it’s great to know you really are cheap. That will come in handy when you move to the country. Because it’s hard to rid of stuff, you tend to keep more and recycle more. I will say the country life is quiet and helpful, believe me my husband and I are Green Acres. Enjoy your new toy (camera)

  11. What is the black think sticking out of the house on the side. It could be my eyes or my monitor but i cant figure out what it is…

  12. OT I know, but I wonder what ever happened with the lucid dreaming machine?
    And the search for the Loch Ness Monster, reeks of a coverup I tell ya!

  13. I know this is off the topic but i got a question
    Is Erica Hill still anchor a portion of TechLive ? Havent seen her in a while

  14. p.s. I guess Leo’s not afraid to show all his crazed fans pictures of his house now that he’s moving. He’ll have mobs of teenage girls at his front door. 😛

  15. Big House Leo. I don’t see much yard though. Who takes care of it, You?
    Good Luck with your move..
    Steve Walton

  16. Leo, good news bad news.
    I guess I had everyone going!
    LOL. The mayors house in SC3!
    Remember when I posted that to ?
    Everyone thinks your a millionair mansion man!

  17. My aunt used to have a ’92 Prism. She bought it new and had it for seven years. After she got married she sold it and now she drives a massive Chevrolet Tahoe. Quite a change of pace. I kind of miss that old car. It never failed.

  18. Hey leo,
    im surprised you answered a Blog, i haven’t seen that in a while, well i run run a T3 connection so dont feel left out…I hope you have a great time moving…

  19. Nah. That’s the neighbor’s truck. I drive a Lexus GS 300 and Jennifer drives a Toyota Siena. I’ll take another picture with the Lexus in it!

  20. No, no, no. It’s not Leo’s Chevy, and he doesn’t have a 300M. He’s got a Lexus. What model Leo, is it an suv or a really fancy one?

  21. Thats it! a panoramic shot of the interior of your car! Or of the Screen Savers set! Of your butcher! Of the inside of your closet (with the lights off of course)
    Mega fun to be had with that toy i tell ya.

  22. Once again Leo, nice shot. Having the front angle of the house as the focal point of the picture makes this image look more like art instead of a photo. Good luck with your move and wish me luck with mine. I’ve got a 12,000 square foot warehouse and a 4,000 square foot house to move from Las Vegas, NV to Austin, TX in less than 2 weeks.
    Here’s hoping that your family has a great holiday weekend 🙂

  23. Man, just look at that place. Leo has got the world in his hands. (everybody sing!)
    To work where he does and enjoys most of what he does and come home to a house like than and a loving fam…..
    I bet he pleased some god with a Windows problem or something to get everything !

  24. Surely that isn’t your truck out there leo, I had you pegged as the owner of a comfy yet sporty sedan like a Chrysler 300M. 😀 Its a nice looking house though, I hope you enjoy the new one though too! The only downside I could see is if you face a much longer commute each day to work. Oh and that loss of broadband 😉 I’m experiencing that now myself, after the mild feeling of sickness passes you’ll be okay 🙂

  25. Leo..
    Congrats on the new house. But I must say your other house looks pretty neat too.
    Have you had any more ideas on internet access?
    Yesterday I just got my airport wireless cards installed in my Imac and laptop…now I can surf anywhere. “aint technology cool!”
    Happy Memorial Day..

  26. Hi Leo,
    I hope you and your family had a good Memorial Day! Your present house is beautiful, and the new one sounds great. All that property sounds like a perfect place for your kids to grow up on. It sounds like you’re going to put all the extra space to good use too. Good luck with everything.

  27. A Lexus?? I guess that means that all those on-air references to driving a Geo were just jokes. I feel so . . . so used. *sneefle*
    The pic is gorgeous. If this is the house you’re leaving then the new one must have a solid gold front door or something. 😉 (That’s it, you’ve bought Liberace’s house!!)
    Panoramic Smooches,

  28. Sorry havent replied for awhile.
    Hey ur house is just as I immagined it.
    Actually I had a picture in my mind just like that.
    It really scares me how close it is to what I thought it was.
    Good Luck!
    Raymond Angel

  29. I wasn’t lying, Jeanette. I was driving a ’92 Geo Prism for the longest time. Well until last February.
    My wife hated the Geo and kept needling me to get a new one, but it was paid for and got great gas mileage and I’m cheap so I kept driving it. I had 120,000 miles on it (I have a long commute) when I brought it in to the dealer in January for a tuneup and to replace some stuff. $1100 later I was driving it off the lot when the kid who brings the cars up whipped in front of me and totaled the car!
    My insurance company told me the damage was $4000 and the car was only worth $2500 so they sent me a check and kept the car. I had to buy a car in a hurry. I had seen the new 2001 Lexus GS430 at CES where they were showing off its DVD navigation system and Mark Levinson stereo. I fell in love with it but didn’t ever think I could afford such a nice car. After the Geo was totalled, Jennifer persuaded me to get the Lexus. I didn’t get the top of the line GS430 or the DVD navigation or the Mark Levinson stereo – just the 300 with the standard Nakamichi stereo and a map in the glove compartment – but I’m so glad I did. It’s the best car I’ve ever owned and a real pleasure to drive. So it all turned out for the best.

  30. Leo,
    With a long commute the car you have becomes a lot more important! I’m buying a new car and being a cheap guy I’m looking into the Nissan Altima for reliability (plus my employer has a deal so we get discounts on them) and the new Toyota hybid is looking really good! Especially since its been in production for a few years in japan. But I swear I got in one of the new beetles… and fell in love. cant believe it, perhaps if I put a Jerry sticker on the back I can bring back some of the magic from my 69 VW van…. ahh memories.
    Of course, it would probably be a H.R. PufnStuff sticker… because I cant believe they make them!

  31. Leo,I think it’s so great how you share. I enjoy your blog so much. I had a GEO and they are great cars but I’m 5’10 and there just wasn’t enough leg room for me. So I upgraded to an SUV. Much to my surprise I’m getting great gas millage. Can’t wait to see more pics. Hey Leo, please don’t forget to take pics of yourself. We enjoy seeing your handsome face.
    Addicted to the blog,

  32. Actually I would have been driving a Geo for a long time if I wasnt so doggon big. They were the first cars to get really great gas milage, although now a days they seem to be making more run of the mill sedans and everyone has at least a few cars that get good gas milage.
    Heck, if Harlan Ellison is one of the spokespeople for a car, it has to be cool!

  33. Leo,
    It’s great to see you blogging so much! Love to read all that you have to say! Your pictures are great too! Keep em coming! 😉 You are so gonna love it out in the country! We love our country home! Yesterday I spent the day outside riding the four wheeler (Honda Fourman ES 4×4) and using my long handled pruners to trim the low hanging branches. It was great to just pile up the long branches on the rear and front racks, then ride over to the burn pile to dump them. The back 3 1/2 acres we let the grass grow taller then the rest of the yard, and we use the tractor and bush hog to cut a path for the kids and us to ride the four wheelers through. Now that I trimmed the branches, we won’t have to duck while riding! 😉 We use a little E-Ton 50 four wheeler for the kids, and the bigger 450 four wheeler for us. (You can see the Foreman 450ES here: .) When you guys move, I highly recommend getting a few four wheelers! They are great fun, and make working in the yard so much easier (especially when you have 5 acres or more, like us)! I took some pictures with our digital camera of the kids and hubby on the four wheelers. I will post them to my MSN photo album as soon as I have time. If you click here it takes you to my online photo album. I will add a photo album called 4x4s. Just click on “photo album” and then on “4x4s” to see the newest pix I plan to add! 😉

  34. Oy Vey and Good Grief! What a story . . .
    Well, I think we can successfully argue that getting scrunched while you’re actually on the dealer lot qualifies as a full-fledged *Sign From Above* to get a new car. (Just make sure that kid didn’t get hired at the Lexus dealership) I’m glad you didn’t get hurt. Besides which, if you milked 120,000 miles out of a Geo perhaps you earned a Lexus – kind of like collecting box tops or something. (I didn’t run that little theory by the Lexus people, they probably still prefer cash) 😉 I’ll bet that commute feels a lot better now.
    Smooches with seat belts and a standard Nakamichi stereo,

  35. If you have a lot of land you might want to consider getting a “Mule.” I’m not sure who makes it, but a friend of mine just bought one for just under ten grand with tax and all of the options except diesel. I think they’re like a golf cart, but so much more. Even when we can afford every toy on the market we have to consider children’s safety above all else. He wanted a four wheeler, but talked his daughter into the Mule instead. Should we give a child more just because she can afford to buy it? I don’t think so. Either way it spoils them. I don’t think I’d have the stomach to be a parent. There’s so many worries to add to all of the joys. They brought a magazine back from Canada which compared her to Britney. Let’s just say I don’t think she was the loser. We all have different obstacles thrown in front of us. No matter what they are, the worst thing we can do is give up. I really enjoy your show. I realize that I can’t do everything I’d love to try, but I appreciate everything you pass on to us, just in case I do get the time to apply it someday.

  36. Hey Leo!
    I’d have to say, the camera works great! nice house too, to bad your getting rid of it! How about handing this 13 year old kid the keys to the house for the low low price of:1.00
    thats all i’ve got 🙁
    hmmm… well, keep posting here! have a nice evening!

  37. Leo,
    I know many of your fans, including myself, could not afford your house nor move to California to live. However, you might could have gotten more out of some crazy obsessed fan of yours. Just think of what an ebay auction for your house would have brought?
    Just an afterthought I guess. Congrats on the house and the move.

  38. A Geo!
    Sheesh Leo, I am 5’nothin’ and drove a Chevy Nova (loved it) (116,000 miles)and no one I knew could even get in the darn thing…. I, however, had lots of head room! Anyway, I think you’re safer on your commute in a bigger car and I know you are more comfortable! Drive in good health and Matzel Tov on the new homestead….
    (Drivin’ a Toyota Camry now and lovin’ it.) (4 cyl,w/no-name cass/cd)
    (My Commute to work: 3 miles to work, 3 miles home.) (I *had* to brag about something, didn’t I????)

  39. Well, if you go blind don’t say you weren’t warned. Congratulations on your new home…do you remember what it’s like to move? The books, records (yeah, I said records), and kitchen stuff has to be the worst things to box and lug. Need any help? You’ve got quite a resource right here to tap into! Go for it. Since you’re moving to Green Acres you don’t need to worry about an ISP — Mr. Haney has been in the business for years. So what if you have to climb a telephone pole to connect. Keep posting those pictures of the house…if we ever figure out where exactly you live you’ll never be lonely.

  40. Hi Leo! I enjoyed the Screensavers interview with the “father of video games”.
    FYI, my dad is George Earl, the creator of educational software for the TRS-80 and Apple II with titles like “Spanish Hangman”, “French Hangman” and I think he even had a “Latin Hangman”.
    13 years ago I moved to a new city and found his programs available for sale at the local Apple computer store…in the bargain bin! (Yup, I bought them!)
    Anyway, have you ever played Spanish Hangman ?
    In Joy! Diana

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