18 Replies to “Sold!”

  1. Great news Leo, I bet you can’t wait to move in! I hope the move goes well for you and you don’t have any problems.

  2. Congrats to you and your family Leo.
    Change must be in the wind… its a good thing.
    (try and set up a home theater in the new house when you move in, or before if possible! makes it a lot easier than moving things around after the fact. (home theater nut)

  3. Leo….. If you need any help with all these stalkers drop me a line…..
    “There Are No Rules – Thou Shalt Win at All Cost.”
    -Richard Marcinko-“Rogue Warrior”

  4. >Green Acres here we come!
    I have this image of Leo climbing a telephone pole with a laptop to collect his email.
    Have fun with the move! Invite your friends!
    Remember to send in change of address cards every year with the post office.
    In Joy! Diana

  5. Leo,
    Congrats on the sale of your home! I am so excited for you guys! Your old house is soooo beautiful! Can’t wait to see pix of the new house and property! It must be even better than you described before, for you guys to leave such a beautiful house and cherry trees! Enjoy your day off tomorrow! 😉 I imagine you’ll be busy packing and boxing stuff!

  6. Congrats Leo,
    Hope you will enjoy your new country life..theres nothing like living in the country. your family will love the peace and quiet. after you move in maybe you can take some pics of your new place for all us leo fans to see. congrats again, see you on TSS.

  7. Now you should take a webcam photo of your family beaming, I bet its a happy situation around there about now.
    Question, do you plan on packing up your tech stuff and sending it with movers, or taking it to the new place yourself? I’m leaning towards taking it myself in my impending move.
    thanks a heap and
    yay again

  8. Congradulations Leo and family! You should get a picture of you guys in front of your new house so you look like farmers or something, then you could put it up as the fridge picture!

  9. Leo,
    Post some pics of your house your selling.. or tell us who you are selling it under so we can see some pics. I really wanna know what kinda house ya got!!! Have fun in the country and will this mean a longer ride to SF everyday?

  10. I can see you now, standing out in your corn field, holding your pitchfork, delivering a soliloquy, with drum and fife music softly in the background. Just be sure to stay away from Mr. Haney!
    I would be willing to bet that Jen’s flap jacks are better than the ones made by Lisa Douglas. Heck, Oliver used Lisa’s for head gaskets on his car!

  11. I know this is OT but is a little worrysome
    I got this
    there is a virus going around by e-mail that will on june 1st trash ypur hard drive it cannot be detected by anti-virus software because it is in the form of a program untill june 1st when the virus will open heres how to get rid of it….goto..start,find,files & folders,then search the “C” Drive & in the box that says “named” type in ALL CAPS “SULFNBK.EXE” if it finds it delete it & then empty your recycle bin that should do it i had it & didnt even know it also keep checking for it to cuz any e-mail you recieve could contain it so untill june 1st keep checking

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