Memorial Day weekend

Happy Memorial Day weekend!
It’s especially happy for all the TechLive folks. We all thought we’d be working Monday, but at the last minute Greg decided we weren’t ready to do a full nine hours on a non-news day. OK. I can use the time off.

We’re still waiting for those offers on our house. There are three couples who have looked at the house multiple times now. They all seem very interested. I’m sure we’ll get an offer or two this weekend. We were able to get a time extension from the people selling us the house in the country, but if we don’t get an offer by this time next week the deal is dead. Jennifer is extremely anxious about the whole thing. I’m happy either way. I love our current house, but the idea of having a couple of acres in the country is very appealing, too.

Henry and Abby have soccer games tomorrow, then I promised I’d take them to see Shrek. I want to see it, too!

File of the week: I know I always say screen savers are a bad idea, but here’s one I can’t resist. Everyone who sees it on my computer at works flips out. It’s the best looking aquarium screen saver I’ve seen. Download a copy of Jim Sachs SereneScreen 3D Aquarium then watch the cat go crazy. I like it so much I paid the $20 to unlock all seven fish.

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  1. I’ll offer you one BILLION dollars!
    It looks like prime real estate to start an evil empire.
    At least the part of one room we can see on the webcam.
    Those are EVIL draperies!!!

  2. I wholeheartedly agree! I’m not a big screen saver fan, but I’m a BIG fan of this one, ever since downloading the demo from ZDNet last Sept; definitely worth the $20 for the full version! Fish swim in my monitor during the day, and I run SETI@home and UD on alternate nights while I’m sleeping and the monitor is turned off.

  3. Thanks Leo, for sharing the great screensaver. Thank you for writing to me about my petition. I wish I could do more. Have a great weekend.
    much love and support,

  4. The Fish Aquarium Screen saver is fantastic Leo! Thanks for the info. We liked it so well we went for all 7 fish. Well worth it….
    Congrats on selling the house.

  5. The UD program has a screen saver, but it doesn’t need the screen saver to work. Unlike Seti@home UD runs all the time in the background. I use it and the Aquarium and they work well together.

  6. But Leo, screen savers can be a great idea, if they help to cure cancer!
    I’m tempted to download the aquarium one, but I’m afraid I would like it more than the UD one i use now, so I will try to resist your temptations….

  7. I enjoyed the Tech of Shrek Special, but haven’t seen the movie yet… I want to see it, it looks neat. I also thought Leo did a very good voice over for the Special on Tech TV, I almost didn’t recognize Leo’s voice at first, he was in “heavy duty” voice-over mode and was “smooooth.” Nice job!

  8. Thanks for the tip Leo, I’ll config that right up! Now I can download the cool screen saver, I’m so happy:>

  9. Thanks for the Screensaver tip Leo. It’s pretty COOL!!! Even my wife likes it and told me to go ahead a buy it. (she must be sick. 😎 ). Good Luck on the house.
    BTW – I am a new Digital Cable subscriber, about 4 months. I had never heard of “TechTV” until I was channel checking. Since then, you guys are the only TV I really watch other than sports. Keep up the good work.
    Mark in Durham
    Home of the NCAA 20001 Basketball Champion, DUKE BLIE DEVILS

  10. Leo,
    Thanks for the tip on the aquarium! I just downloaded it (I didn’t have time the first time I read this post). I love it!!!!!! I’m gonna have to get the full version too! Thanks for sharing it with us!
    BTW. How was the Shrek movie? I watched “The Tech of Shrek” on TechTV during the week. Fascinating stuff. I’m thinking about taking my girls to see the movie. Movies are just so expensive (by the time you add in 5 tickets, plus popcorn, candy & frozen cokes) that we rarely go. The last movie I went to with hubby was “The Cast Away.” The last movie I saw with the kids was “Pokemon 2000”. So, as you can see movies are a rare treat for us. Is Shrek worth my hard earned cash?? Thanks!

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