His Old House

My new digital camera finally came last night. Can you believe this is my first? I’ve resisted buying one all this time because I like film. (Plus I’ve been able to borrow cameras from the Products department whenever I’ve wanted.)
I tried the Olympus C3030 last year and fell in love with the quality of its optics and comfortable form factor – it’s just like a small SLR. Olympus has updated the camera this year to the C3040, and when I saw it at DBuys for under $600 I just couldn’t resist.

So far, I’m still impressed. It’s a very nice camera. Easy to use and it takes terrific pictures. It’s not as small as the Canon Powershot S300 I originally wanted, but it’s much more flexible and the size and form factor are really better for photography anyway.

The following pictures were shot as uncompressed 1024×768 TIFs (to see how well the camera could do at its best quality – I’d usually shoot in HQ mode, 2048×1536 JPEGS). I compressed the originals into 80% quality JPEGs but if you don’t mind a 3.8 MB download you can download the original TIFFs.

Home sweet homeFrom the cherry tree

Now who wouldn’t want to buy this house?

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  1. Leo, one thing to be sure: MAKE SURE YOUR NEW HOME HAS BROADBAND ACCESS. It was criteria one for me. Just beat out air conditioning.

  2. I would like to take back my one BILLION dollar offer. This house is too “cozy” for my evil empire. I’ll just stay in my hollowed out volcano lair.

  3. thats it, the kind of house that is a home to me. Theres just something comforting about that style, its like an oasis.

  4. You have a beautiful home Leo. I hope the purchase of the new one goes well. Thanks, by the way, for the hard work you do every day and also for being such anan entertaining and accesable host. Learned tons from you in the last 2 years and i look forward to many more. take care, Jon Auburn, Calif.

  5. Hi Leo,
    No way! Wayne Brady was on the show and I missed it!
    Very nice home. Great digital pictures too! I have a Nikon Coolpix 990 and it’s quality isn’t as good as those.

  6. Hhhmmm, looks like a town I have been in many times before. Does it have anything to do with really big trees Michael? ;o)

  7. nice house!!!
    still think it would be funny to have the web can on when they come in to look at that room!

  8. Zow-ie, this is the house you’re leaving? It’s beautimous! If I was in the area I’d buy it in a heartbeat. How are the kids feeling about the prospect of moving, Leo? Will they be changing school systems and other things? I know that can be especially hard when you’re young.
    It was a cool surprise to see Wayne Brady on the show. I am a *huge* fan of his stuff. Having comics on can go either way, I think. There’s a difference between people who really know tech being funny (that would be you), versus people just trying to be funny about tech they don’t know anything about. If it’s an attempt at humor without any context it just falls flat for me. Of course, the sheer surrealness of a Wayne Brady-Gary Coleman smackdown is hard to compare to anything else. 😛
    Have an excellent weekend – glad TPTB made a good decision about taking Monday off!
    Memorial Smooches,
    -now wishing I lived in Northern CA

  9. Nice pictures! As someone who was raised in the town Leo lives in I can tell you that I can understand why he braves the commute to live there. Not only does it have a REAL downtown that’s so rare in most cities these days, it has great schools and a mix of housing. Not only are there great victorian houses in beautiful tree lined neighborhoods they also have some very nice new developments next to the golf courses like where my parents live. There also is a new area full of high tech companies. There is one side effect to that though. Home prices have gone through the roof! My parents house value has practically DOUBLED in less than 8 years. That’s definitely a plus though for a seller even in this soft market. I want to move back to the apartments they just built there, but man are they outrageous. Tiny one bedrooms are going for $1285 a month. Three bedrooms over 2,000. That’s more than most of my friends house payments. Anyhow it’s worth it if you can. Great place to grow up. And I turned out allright 🙂 I think. I’d mention where it is but if everyone moved there it’d be ruined! hehe

  10. I’ve yet to purchase a digital camera, so I’m watching every fresh gear segment which airs on them. I forgot to tape your show at one last night. E3 is where I want to be and I hope you do more on it. Pat had the same thoughts I do about the xbox. can it be the next generation of computer we’re looking at? If the consoles reach critical mass how long can it be before software publishers ignore the pc in favor of them, much like with apple? Ouch! The house looks great Leo. I think we’d all love to have our dream house someday if things work out. You certainly deserve it. My friend and his daughter went back to Canada for a shoot only to see her face on a wall thirty foot tall. that’s intimidating. You should do a house call on their computer. I can’t begin to tell them what they’re doing wrong with it. It’s like talking to a wall. Well I guess I’ll head downstairs and check out the tv. I need to upgrade my cable. I think the digital version has your station full time.

  11. Beautiful home Leo, too bad most of the the detail is lost behind the trees.
    I guess you need shade from that hot California sun.
    Can some one tell me where to get that cool notepad computer that was shown on the first nite of the Austin shows?
    I have been waiting for one of these!

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