On The Road airs

The shows we taped in Austin will air tonight and tomorrow. It’s taken Ken Marquis every available minute to edit these things. All the field pieces were dynamite, but apparently we had some trouble with the footage shot on stage. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m sure it’s better than Ken’s letting on.
Management was happy. They want us to plan another one for this summer, and we’re doing an On the Road in Seattle in October, Orlando in November.

Oops. Gotta run. Erica’s done talking!

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  1. Hey. No need to put my resume on the Screen Savers website. I have a job now.
    Thanks everybody!

  2. The Austin shows…
    reminded me of the “Radioactive Man Movie” episode…especially the part where Milhouse ran away and the editor thought they could still finish the movie without him by utilizing some creative editing…
    and they SHOULD have come to DFW…Martin would have gotten better response in Deep Ellum or Lower Greenville…

  3. Hello Leo 🙂
    When you say, “Management was happy. They want us to plan another one for this summer . . .” does that mean you’re coming back to Austin? I hope so, last time missed you guys. (I wasn’t living there yet.)
    Take care Leo!

  4. I saw the first episode of the Austin ScreenSavers last night. I really liked the way Martin was duct taped to the basketball pole and made fun of even though it was obviously just an act. I see what your video editor meant by the quality of the footage not being quite there. Everything seemes staged and cut up, but that’s what taping and editing is. I like the live, impromptu hilarious shows better. It was good though.

  5. Wow .. I got sensored, oops. ^_^ Anyways, I just meant that the show notes aren’t all that entertaining anymore. Last summer when I didn’t have access to TechTV I read the show notes each night and felt almost like I hadn’t missed a thing.

  6. Boy, Leo looks in a trance on both cam pix….. “Leo, you will never leave the computer…you must stay on the computer…the computer is your friend….you love Windows XP…Microsoft is good…open source is bad…”

  7. Leo,
    A Big thumbs up on the show from Austin, my husband & I both enjoyed it a lot. Especially liked the segment with Patrick showing exactly how to use Music Match for CDs. It’s hard to find any info like that when you need it. Looking forward to more On the Road shows. Great show all around!

  8. DigiBob, you obviously weren’t there. I thought it looked a little strange, too, but any place is a good place for TSS!

  9. Leo,
    Glad to see you finally updated the home cam pic! 😉 How’s the house going? Positively I hope. Keep us posted! Good luck!

  10. So there won’t be any love for Charleston, WV, where something was supposed to happen but got cancelled (can’t remember if it was an On the Road or just a signing,… oh well)?

  11. See leo i’m not the only one who noticed the “non” update on the spy “home cam!”
    hope there is a few more before the move!

  12. Hi, Leo
    i watched Austin show, did you dye your hair? I like your natural look better.
    How’s your house buying processes? Wish you the best luck
    By any chance, will TSS come to Vancouver?

  13. Leo, I hope your house deal went though great. It seems nice. LeoTV would be great!

  14. Hi Leo and other friends!
    Thanks for the Douglas Adams tribute. I’m hoping that TechTV will offer a tribute webpage with video files of all of Douglas Adams visits to Tech TV.
    I ran across this post on the alt.fan.douglas-adams.forty-two newsgroup and thought I’d share it with you:
    Forwarded from somewhere in the ether…
    Towel Day: A Tribute to Douglas Adams
    Friday morning I went to breakfast at Big Boy’s (mmmm, Breakfast Bar); oddly
    enough, we sat in booth “42” and had a good laugh about it being the answer
    to “Life, The Universe and Everything”. Later that day, headlines flashed
    the news that Douglas Adams, creator of the longest trilogy in history, had
    died. I was stunned; it was remnicient of the loss I felt when Jim Henson
    Douglas Adams will be missed by his fans worldwide. So that all his fans
    everywhere can pay tribute to this genius, I propose that two weeks after
    his passing (May 25, 2001) be marked as “Towel Day”. All Douglas Adams fans
    are encouraged to carry a towel with them for the day.
    Make sure that the towel is conspicous- use it as a talking point to
    encourage those who have never read the Hitchhiker’s Guide to go pick up a
    copy. Wrap it around your head, use it as a weapon, soak it in nutrients-
    whatever you want!
    Most minds in the universe are constrained to the laws of Physics, let us
    remember those that broke the laws, and got away with it.
    So long Douglas, and thanks for all the fish!

  15. I’m going to try to catch your show in Austin in a few minutes. Lately you’ve only been on in the one am time slot on my cable system. I’m glad to see you’re planning a trip to Orlando. They say thanksgiving is the best time to check out the theme parks. I haven’t been in years. I hope I get the chance to see you when you’re there. Only time will tell. I haven’t seen the show all week and I hope the remote came out good. Enjoy your night off!

  16. Hey Leo,
    I saw the episode of the screen savers in Austin, i would’ve come, but was very busy, i live in Dallas but would have taken the time to if i had it…Well i can see there was a lot of editing done, scenes skip around, and blurs, but i guess that’s what you get for haveing a on the road show i guess. My favorite part of the first show was when Martin left the house-call, he thought everyone liked him, but they said “man what a dork!” when he left, i almost couldn’t stop laughing,
    Thanks for all the work on your site, and show,
    -Derek Rountree
    NOTE: i tried to add some HTML so i don’t know if it will accept it or not…
    MAIN SITE Full site

  17. I enjoyed the Austin Show a great deal. While I would be unhappy if every show was like that, I feel like it was a special treat and it looked like a lot of fun.
    The only thing I didnt like was the crowd noise during the tech help segements, I can appreciate how loud a few hundred people can be in a smallish room, but this sounded more like idle chatter. Perhaps there was a lot of stuff going on at once that we didnt get to see on camera, but the effect was that it seemed like the audience was being rude, which i kinda doubt.
    Of course, it might have been that whole Antiques Roadshow thing you were shooting for, it just didnt work for me.
    But yaknow what, if thats my only non glowing comment, that must mean I really liked it.. and I DID!
    Hoping for a road trip to the washington DC area, what would be the best cable company to but to get you here?
    (A house call to the white house?… you did send them a bunch of w’s, time for some payback!)
    thanks for a great show, I’m sure your busy and I hope the house works out for you, if not, i tend to think that these sort of things happen for a reason.

  18. i gotta say the live show was cool! wish you had come to dallas/ft worth id have driven to austin but had to work that week-end. if youd been in the dfw are i would have called in sick! anyway i love the chemistry between you and patrick, although i think you need to show him how to lighten up a bit. its gotta be hard in front of a live audiance. please slow down on the interviews and ( although they are very well done ) get back to the instructional stuff. seems your show has changed since the new format love it, but we really love the hardcore intructional infor. get the cameras inside. the box. ooops . guess i shoulda sent this to the tech tv site. (sorry) love your show!

  19. Hey Leo!
    I enjoyed the first Austin show – it’s cool to see you with the public. It looks like you guys had a huge blast doing it – and work that’s fun is the best work, right? I think it’s amazing that people actually brought their hardware in. It’s almost like a big tent revival, and you and Pat are the long-robed faith healers. You know, if you just poofed your hair up a bit more . . . *Can I get an AY-MEN??!!! We WILL drive the demons out of your hard drive!!!*
    I do agree that the background noise is a little problematic – perhaps a big hotel ballroom isn’t the best setting for the On the Road concept? (just when you think you’ve seen every shade of beige) 😉
    Martin is really a gem, you know. I love everything he does – whether he’s in bondage on a basketball court or cohosting or anything in between. He has that same spark that you have, that magnetism. When the two of you are on together it’s so magnetic that various metal things in my house adhere to the TV screen. :o)
    Smooches for Rev. Laporte,

  20. Leo,
    Loved the Austin show last night! It was a bit choppy though. So I see what you meant. I really do like the live shows much better. I so wish I had been able to make it to Austin! I just couldn’t find someone to keep the kids, and I wasn’t sure how the long drive from Louisina to Austin would have gone with three kids ages 5, 7, and 13! If and when you come to Louisiana, I’ll plan ahead and be sure I have a sitter for the younger kids! My oldest wanted to go also. Jeanette loves to watch your shows with me!

  21. Loved the Austin show, I think it was a good idea to shoot more than you needed and then edit it together, but if you ever thought you could do it “really Live” on location, that would be neat, too! Editing can save the day, but there is a lot to be siad for Live Tv, too…. “It’s on, it’s gone.” Therefore no agonizing in the edit suite over “what might have been.” I really liked your Austin Open to the show where the folks were giving sound bites, gave a ncie flavor of what the crowd was like, I enjoyed those bits a lot!

  22. *snerffle* I feel so out of the loop since I have no access to TechTV. I wish I could have seen the Austin show last night. =( And the show notes **** now too, which I’m guessing has to do with using Yahoo! right now, but still. It’s allll links – absolutely no written content from Leo or anyone else. And when you’re stuck on a 28.8 connection like me, clicking on all of the links is not feasable!!
    But today my Dad came home from work with high quality, laminated print-outs of all the different Screen Savers autographed pics that Leo has on the site – Yippee!
    And I have my new hamster to keep me happy (click on my name to see his webcam =)

  23. Hey Rosemary, they don’t like it in this blog if you say ANYTHING slang or derogatory. So you can’t say s**ks, but maybe you can say sux? (see if that worked)
    Yeah, you’re right about the show notes AND techlive to boot (yeah, BOOT techlive!)
    Hope the second Austin show is better! Perhaps next time just don’t use the stage version and throw the field shoots into a live show from the real set.

  24. Austin show — mmmm…you would think an edited show would have the potential to look “cleaner” than a live show. Blame it on the meeting/ball room — was the wall actually hand stitched? Chairs with fur? Creepy. Are you sure you weren’t staying at Swingo’s Celebrity Motor Lodge? Must have blown the year’s budget on that TechLive set, huh? But even with the environment you and the rest of the gang still looked mah-ve-lous and that’s all that really matters isn’t it? Even though it was the weakest episodes (good-bye) it was still the best thing on cable in the time slot!

  25. Now, the live shows are great…very entertaining. All the same with a nice twist. Any chance on having “walk-ons”? at the studio? Like person is having a problem or would like to ask a question in person….come on to the studio. This may attract people not in to computers as with all Live shows. Would need to have a rebroadcast delay if anyone gets carried away. Maybe more trouble that is it worth…but anything is possible they have tech live don’t they?! You can pitch anything and almost know it would go on the air !

  26. I liked that the shows weren’t extremely polished, a little rough around the edges didn’t bother me, but then again I wasn’t expecting a huge blow-out the budget type show, either…. I would like to see a few more “high, wide” crowd shots to see what the folks looked like, like having the hand held guy go up on a ladder, don’t need to rent a jib. If you’re going to go on location, it’s nice to see what’s there, I liked the Top 5 list with Marty and the walk along the river/lake. That was nicely done. And the taped packages were fun, too (that’s what took time in the edit suite, not the “stage” presentations, I’m guessing. I also liked the time taken at the end of the second show with the emails, Pat and Leo work well together when the hype is turned down a few notches and they can relax and talk, I liked that part, too. Especially when Leo tooks off his boots, Pat enjoyed that a lot, didn’t he!!!???
    I think the remotes are a great twist to the show, and even on a modest budget, they give the viewers a nice chance to see Leo and Pat with all their fans having a great time. It’s a lot of work, I know, and I hope you will do a few more, they are fun!

  27. IMO, the OTR shows were the best I’ve seen since TechDie started. Hmmm…wonder if there’s a connection? As for looking “rough around the edges,” I like that. Kinda like being back in he early days of ZDTV.
    But, like everything, it wasn’t perfect. I could have done without having that comic interiew; what a waste. And while I enjoy Martin when he’s on stage, I wasn’t impressed with his scott-like antics on the house call.
    I look forward to seeing more shows on the road.

  28. Hey Leo,
    Good to see you Blogging again. Just wondering, say the week in Techtv review and the twisted lister had his top 5 flops of the past 8 months. You blurred out Techlive. Did you receive any criticism from the upper management?
    Hope the house deal went through without a glitch and like most people have mentioned before, I also hope to one-day tune into LeoTv.

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