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  1. Hey Leo,
    On Tuesdays show I was the first person on with a netcam, I asked about PcAnywhere”..Did it confuse you when I also was the winner of the fridge picture..lol
    I was shocked, cause right after I was on, you said “and todays fridge photo winner is…ugh…Brian?….from Columbus, Ohio….”

  2. “4 out of 5 American males would like to dress me up like “Pipi Longstockings” and play House”
    It doesnt get more classic than that!
    You do hang out in the chat room dont you?

  3. This is a quote from Leo’s ‘random quote generator’ on his front page, I though it was funny.
    TV is cruel and shallow trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free and good men die like dogs. There is also a negative side.
    (Hunter S. Thompson)

  4. ROFL…….that russian dell commercial is one of the funniest things i have seen in a while. Great work, James!

  5. Hilarious! The adventures of Leo TV are great! Thanks for not shutting down
    their material based on copyright law.
    Sure beats watching tech*YAWN*live.

  6. Weird, very weird, but fun! Leo Tv, our future? Hmmmmm.
    “My God! It’s full of Leo’s.” Thus Spake Zarathustra.

  7. Man my girlfriend thinks im the biggest geek in the world because not only do I spend countless hours watching techtv, but then I hang out talking on Leoville. Im starting to think shes right. Next thing you’ll know ill start watching Star Trek and move into my moms basement. Shessh.

  8. That site is really funny. I thought the Dell commercial spoof was hillarious!

  9. Good Luck Observer! …. hope it doesn’t take you too long to find a new job.
    Where I work they just cancelled another show and laid off 4 positions. This new economy is for the birds.

  10. Hey Mr. Laporte, can I put my resume on the Screen Savers’ website? I’m out of a job.

  11. Just pointing out that no parody site having anything to do with technology would be complete w/o an “all you base are belong to us” scene. (yes, I know that is kind of a dying fad, but still.) 🙂

  12. Now THAT is a geek site of the day if I ever saw one. Someone tell Jessica.
    Marmallow Leo … awesome stuff. =D

  13. James, you did good. Real good. Your site is down right hilarious. I hope there will be a lot more to come.
    Leo – I’m glad that Tech TV has a good sense of humor and that you’re willing to share the link. I would love to know what Dvorak thinks of it.
    Rat Farts! ;D
    -Allison G.

  14. That story is very funny! Who ever wrotee that is a genius, but I hope it is not real…
    Buritsu Wilbert

  15. What a trip, I’ll have to check this site out every so often. Thanks for the link!

  16. It’s actually written by a fellow TechLive chat junkie such as myself. He told me about it this morning. His name is James Finch, so make sure that you give him a pat on the back if you see him in chat.

  17. I WATCHED THE SHOW TODAY. I was wondring if there was any way that I could connect to the internet with my laptop without being hooked to a phone or cable.Is there a card for my gateway1450 that would use air waves?Please e:mail me.Oh and tell C.C.that i think she is very attractive and would like to hear from her to

  18. Hey all,
    Thanks for all the great comments on the page. Also, thank you to Leo for being such a good sport about the page and for providing a link to it here. If someone were writing a story of how I, in a megalomaniacal rage, was taking over the universe (or a cable channel), for my own maniacal purposes (and we all have those purposes), I probably wouldn’t be as gracious.
    It’s a silly little page that I, believe it or not, threw together over the last week. Not sure WHERE the story is going but I’m glad that SOMEONE is out there reading. Thank yous also go out to Robyn, Anne and Laura, AKA the techTV chat hostesses with the mostesses, for getting the ball rolling on the page, and to my unnamed best friend who realized what a weirdo I am because of the page but is still sticking with me. For now anyway. 🙂
    Thanks again and take care,
    k9 AKA Jim Finch

  19. A comment about your earlier remarks on your new “mansion” and broadband access.
    DSLreports.com is incredibly inadequate. I lost my DSL line with Northpoint and can get no one to give me DSL service. i previously had about a 480/480 connection. the thing is it was a DIRECT line from the phone company. almost all new vendors now only do a “shared line” DSL. That means that the distance is not accurately represented by their distance/bandwidth projections. In other words a shared line which is piggybacked on a regular phone line can be a much longer trip from the telco because regualr phonelines are almost always never a straight shot. They can encircle blocks several times. In my case I am about 11.5k feet from the Telco and the max reg. dsl reaches 18k. that works fine for a direct line but according to the shared line install I barely ping and they estimate I am well over 20k feet. Much too far. the only alternative in many cases like these is business DSL. While home dsl is almost only exclusively available now “shared line”, business DSl utilizes a new direct installation. Bad thing though. Most business DSL starts at about 150 dollars a month for a paltry 144/144. It can soar up to 300 dollars a month for your old cable modem speeds. Of course you also pay for extra IP’s and email addesses which our usually superfluous to your own needs. Don;t forget the 300-500 dollars equipment fee when you sign up. Too much for a person like me but as you said, “you buy one Lexus you get branded.” 🙂
    I have to wait til cable modems are here tentatively scheduled in mid 2002. doh.
    Until then I am in dialup hell.
    BTW check out my Farmer Leo fridge poic if you haven’t yet. http://www.iondrive.com/farmerleo2.jpg

  20. It’s been a long time since any job has held any sort of guarantees. Where I work it’s day by day. the next week could be my last though I doubt it. I’ve been here six years. The outlook for the future is not good either though. I don’t blame that on the new economy, but rather the owner’s coming into some money and doesn’t need it anymore. I’ve noticed a trend as I think we all have of gouging whatever the market will bear. Not just in business, every person’s life seems based on that to some extent and however you can get a leg up is Ok no matter what the cost. That’s why there are no loyalties, or companies which look out for employees after they’ve served their purpose. It’s all about money. Tomorrow has no meaning. We’re all in it for the moment and where we are tomorrow might not be a choice we have to make. Such is life.
    I rarely see the show of late. With baseball preempting it most nights. I usually tape the late one but never get around to watching it. Still I hope to watch some of E3. The next computers will be the gaming machines. They’re just as good for so much less. All they need is decent software.

  21. Hey all,
    Thanks again for all the comments on the site. We’ve actually taken some comments from the blog an put them into the storylines. Thanks to Jason P for providing the idea for the “old guy” segment.
    I guess the big news is that we crashed the AOL server the other night. Well it could be that the AOL server was messed up to begin with, but I’m claiming to have crashed it because well, every other page was working that night EXCEPT FOR OURS.
    Anyway, because we’re crashing the AOL server we’ll be moving to http://www.reallycoolsite.org sometime in the next couple of weeks. The site isn’t up YET so please don’t look for it, but note that we will be going to it … soon!
    Again, thanks to Leo for linking to us and being such a good sport and thanks to all of you for the feedback here and on our site.
    keep reading,

  22. Hey Leo,
    I read that site, it was funny, someone must have taken a lot of work in putting that together, you should put that on the show (in the show notes) well, keep writing these, and have fun on your “screen savers” on the road….

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