The Boys of The Screen Savers

Some more pictures from Austin (taken with the Fujifilm Finepix 6800).
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Patrick and Yoshi enjoying a cookie
Pat and Yoshi taking a cookie break

Roger and Joshua waiting to spring into action
Roger and Joshua are ready for anything

Martin's bedroom eyes
TechTV’s sultry Martin Sargent

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  1. Nice pics of the boyz Leo! Just surfed by, better late then never! Yeah, and I never got my T-shirt; I’m so sad!

  2. Nice pics of the boyz Leo! Just surfed by, better late then never! Yeah, and I never got my T-shirt; I’m so sad!

  3. Nice pics of the boyz Leo! Just surfed by, better late then never! Yeah, and I never got my T-shirt; I’m so sad!

  4. Nice pics of the boyz Leo! Just surfed by, better late then never! Yeah, and I never got my T-shirt; I’m so sad!

  5. Leo,
    The pictures are nice, I guess, but what about the WOMEN of ScreenSavers? A few photos of Megan and Jessica wouldn’t hurt.

  6. Whoops, didn’t mean to do all that four times. Kept clicking submit, didn’t look like anything happened??? ha

  7. You have the best job Leo, do you even have any idea how lucky you guys are? When your feeling bad about your job..just imagine working for a dotcom like me, and you should feel your spirits shoot right back up. Great Photos you crazy crazy guy!

  8. Hey Leo,
    Nice pics and i’m glad everything went well.
    If you can, can you tell patrick, that he is very cuite.
    Thank you,

  9. Great pics Leo…thanks for sharing, enjoy your blog so much.
    your show makes me happy,
    thank you!
    love and support,

  10. You know Leo; you do have a knack for photography. I hope you will a serious interest in it someday. The world can always use more beautiful art and yes, photography is an art (I don’t care what anybody says).
    All the men from Screen Savers are very attractive and intelligent. That alone gives them the right to be put on film as well as on television. (Especially Patrick.) Thank you Leo for taking the time to share your adventures with us.

  11. This is weird, the pictures load just fine on the first page, but when I go to the reply page, the pictures only show up as an empty box with a red X in the left corner… also, where the pictures should be are comments that are slightly different from your title underneath the picture, i.e. “Martin’s bedroom eyes” in the box for “TechTv’s sultry Martin Sargent.” But I love the pictures, Leo, they are really fun, thanks for posting them. It always looks like you guys are having a great time when you work!
    PS: For Diana and the fellow Bloggers who enjoy Doug Adams, I saw on Tech Live a few minutes ago (9:50 AM Eastern) a part of a segment where they interviewed Doug Adams just 8 days before he died. It was mentioned that a special on Doug Adams would be on Big Thinkers this August, so maybe he was interviewed for that. Tech Live is showing a few minutes of the interview at about 8 minutes before the hour, they broke it up into several segments and said more would be sown later in the “next hour.”

  12. Thanks, Rose. I used to do a lot of black and white film photography. I really liked doing my own processing. Black and white developing and printing is dead simple and the results can be very satisfying. But I haven’t had access to a darkroom in years, so I kind of got out of it. These new digital cameras make it so easy and fun to take and share pictures, though, that I might start again. Especially since I have such a willing audience here in the blog. (Judging from the number of women responding, I think I’ll shoot some more beefcake!)
    After trying out a bunch of digital cameras I’m realizing that the key feature for me is the quality of the optics. Most of them have really poor lenses. The Nikon and Olympus cameras seem to be the best of the bunch. My favorite is still the Olympus 3030. It’s not as good as my old Nikon FM film camera, but it’s a lot more convenient, especially for the web page.
    So I’ve finally sprung for a digital camera, after all these years of borrowing one from the Products department. I bought the Olympus 3040 for $699 from Tri-State Camera last night. It should come in the next week or so. Expect a flood of pictures for the blog! (And a review of the camera, too.)

  13. Leo,
    I agree the the Olympus cameras are great products. My geekie honey bought me a 450Z two yrs ago for Christmas. I have never taken a bad picture w/it. It is great for me to use in my wheelchair because its light weight, and has easy buttons.
    I have been thinking about sending a fridge picture of my geekie honey’s sliderule he has. It is giagantic..about 5 ft. long. IT’s cool.
    Great pics u did.
    If you ordered your camera via online, I hope it gets there with no problem.
    I have been ordering via the web for years, but had my first night mare w/online buying yesterday. Two days ago I bought a new Imac..airport, and 2 cards.
    They were lost yesterday between ohio and Kentucky..nobody knew where it was. Did lots of calling and its on its way today.
    I am a new Mac user..I cant wait.
    Have a good weekend..
    congrats on the house.

  14. Did you fix something on the page Leo?, because now the pictures show up fine, OK, it’s probably my browser acting weird, anyway, here’s an update for the Doug Adams fans: It will be a special on Big Thinkers in August. Tech Live showed a funny segment where Doug Adams is telling about how he was trying to get to his first book signing at a store in London,(when The Hitchhiker’s Guide first came out and he was 25 years old) but something was snarling up the traffic and it was hard for his cab to get anywhere near the store, and later, he found out that the traffic was being caused by all the people trying to get to the book signing! :^)
    Back to your original topic,I vote for more pics, they are really fun and since I am using a dial up connection, they aren’t so big as to bog the page down. I like beef and I like cake, so I won’t say no to beef-cake.

  15. Great pics, Leo! I’ve sat on that very patio at that hotel in years past – too bad there weren’t some cute geekboys there with me at the time.
    I have long advocated the creation of a “Studs of TechTV” wall calendar (with you as the June centerfold, of course, Leo) and now we see you should also be the photographer. What do you say to 12 months of geeky-manly goodness, eh? Lessee, Patrick could be January, Tom could be February . . . *thinking*
    Scheming Smooches,
    -a vegetarian who likes beefcake
    P.S. to Gretta: those nice legs of Roger’s were front and center during that piece with him and Scott at the computer fair in L.A. a couple of weeks ago. He was wearing shorts, that’s about all I remember of the segment.

  16. Hey Leo, great pics and congrats on the house….
    Suggestion Leo, why don’t you turn the coop into a little tv studio, that way you can air the screens savers live from Leo’s back yard or even better you can get LEO-TV or LEOVISION started and it can beam out directly from the coop. You could make the studio to have an old country farm affect.

  17. Leo you said “I used to do a lot of black and white film photography. I really liked doing my own processing. Black and white developing and printing is dead simple and the results can be very satisfying. But I haven’t had access to a darkroom in years, so I kind of got out of it.”
    Wow! What a coincidence! When I was in high school, years ago, I took Photography as one of my electives. It was the best fun I ever had in school! We used SLR cameras with Black & White film. We took turns being the photographer and the models! We even developed our own film! It was great! I even went out and bought my own developing trays & supplies. In fact, just a couple months ago, when I was cleaning up some stuff in storage. Low, and behold, I stumbled across all of our trays, empty bottles, etc. from our film developing days! Amazing, we hung on to it after all these years! If you decide to turn part of your coop into a dark room, let me know. Maybe I’ll send you my retired supplies! No chemicals, just the other items. 😉

  18. Oh my goodness Leo,
    I do Black and White photography too. I use T-100 Kodak film. My developer for the film and paper is also Kodak. Most of the time I use resin based paper (because fiber based is so expensive). I’ve found that Illford multi-grade IV allows for great contrasts and middletones as well as allowing me to use Marshall Photo pencils on it (just like fiber based paper). All my pictures are taken with a Cannon X-70 I got at a pawn shop years ago. It’s no hasselblad but she takes great shots! Maybe I’ll post some of my pictures on my web site, if I can find them after the move 🙂 Take care and have a great show today!

  19. I join the group in thanking you for the great images. Though by combining his looks, and my dim memories.. Joshua didnt get as much sleep as he desired….
    Since you already plan on making a radio studio in a part of the coop, and I’m sure net access will be involved in such things… well it cant be long till Log On With Leo has its first webcast, with commercials from Majestic and assorted other coolnesses. Help ya pay for the studio.. though not much.
    I hope there are other pictures coming, heck, a group shot of the TSS cast would be cool for people who call in.
    I also really enjoy Martins energy, this little stint makes me really miss the old friday shows. Not because you were gone silly! But because I enjoy Martins energy with either of you regular hosts.

  20. Great pics Leo! But what about pics showing you enjoying your tour as well? I do have a question about Patrick though. Does he alway’s, alway’s wear sweatshirts no matter where he goes? I know how hot Texas get’s, being from Houston, and he’s wearing that heavy shirt! Tell him it’s ok to show a little skin when he’s out having fun on tour. :o) And ditto on Roger’s legs.

  21. I like making my own cameras.
    If you take an oatmeal canister and poke a little tiny pinhole on the front then make a little flap for it and by some old black and white sheet film put it in there then when you find a shot open the pinhole for a few seconds then close it, then take it inside get out your chemicals and develop the photos, it makes a really neat effect.
    Leo sure does have a knack for photos.

  22. Love your shows, both Help and The Screen Savers. As for digital cameras, Love digitals, traded in my Canon Rebel S (Shelf) for a Kodak 215z, But my new Minolta Dimage 7i is the thing to have. it has the SLR feel large lens great zoom and the CF card too. You might give it a try some time.
    Now just to let you know computer are for all ages my grandma in her her late 70’s loves ultima online. she has been playing the game now for 3 or 4 years. The thing she like the best about the game is she is young and hot to trot in the game 🙂 she is just a hit with the guys in the game. Keep up the show and say hello to Kat for me.

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