Oh man do I have a cold. Second in a row. I must have caught it on the plane. I’ve been sneezing on everyone so watch for an ill Screen Savers crew next week. Stacey Tisdale, too. Sorry guys. (It was fun working with Stacey – first time. Jennifer London doesn’t want to anchor any more, so I guess they’ll use Stacey until they find a replacement. That’s ok. Jennifer was so gorgeous that I couldn’t concentrate. Actually I have that problem a lot around here.)
I’m having trouble focusing in general because we just put in an offer for a new house in the country. 2.16 rolling acres with 30 fruit trees, two big out buildings, and a main house. The out buildings are huge old chicken coops (our area used to be chicken country). One had a shake roof and is in pretty bad shape, but the other has a metal roof and is completely salvagable.

If we get the house I’ll fix up the coop as a radio studio. Actually it’s about 1000 sq feet so it’s big enough to be a guest house and a radio studio and an art studio for Jennifer and a dance studio for Abby and a hangout for the kids. They accepted our offer but only gave us two weeks to sell our current house. It’s a very charming old Victorian which should sell quickly, but two weeks is fast. If it sells for anywhere near our asking price we’ll be moving to the country in late June. I can’t wait. I’m putting in a croquet court first thing!

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  1. Ya know, I’ll bet that a T1 would get you some solid connectivity! Of course, there would be a couple of bucks involved :-(…….

  2. Leo
    As an employee of AT&T Broadband at the Denver Provisioning Center, http://www.attbroadband.com I can tell you first hand they are growing by leaps and bounds in the bay area both in customers and in upgrades. Sounds like the coop is a prime candidate for it. Looking forward to someday seeing the pics of this coop of yours.

  3. I know how you feel Leo, I have two weeks to pack up and move a 4,000 square foot house and a 12,000 square foot warehouse to Austin TX.

  4. Does this mean you’re going to take up the banjo and start telling your cohosts that they have “purty mouths”?

  5. First thing,
    Leo get better! I sure hope you feel better.
    Hope you see this.
    Want to know the scoop behind Sprint Broadband Direct?
    We got the scoop at ThirdGeek…
    Broadband Direct Review and Info
    Whats really funny is this is our top feature. What are the odds?

  6. i understand the concentration thing totally leo. techtv does have a lot of babes working for them, and now with a playboy winner( stacie b.) in the midst it must be all the more. i still like erica and megan the most though, but all are very attractive.

  7. Dang, Leo!, it is tiring me out just reading your last blog, no wonder you are tired all the time. whew! You are a regular working machine! You enjoy the country now, sounds beautiful!

  8. Well now we know why Leo is Trying to Renew his contract for more money. I am Sure Leo did His Research that He Can Get DSL OR Cable Modem Service for His Family’s new homestead.
    The Screen Saver Live from Leo Chicken Coop. Could Leo be Hinting that. Tech Tv is about to go downunder????

  9. Ok Leo you know I am in town several times a week. need help wiring the coop with cat 5 lemme know. Does AT&T’s cable modem network reach out to your new house? What about DSL?
    Michael Patterson

  10. I wrote the post about Leo doing the Screen Savers from the chicken coup in jest. When I read his post about how much he could fit in there I thought hey why not the screen savers as well. No implications anywhere towards anyone at Techtv or the company itself.

  11. Leo,
    Congratulations on the new house. It seems very nice. The radio studio idea is great! Get well soon!

  12. I was suprised that I was able to get DSL here just three weeks ago, considering where I live. I live outside the city limits of a smallish town in Louisiana, and in a semi-rural area.

  13. Hey Leo,
    sorry to hear your sick, but hey according to you, you have a good position in the job…Jenn…you know…Well im glad you all are going to move into somewhere new, you should some kind of a special, well i was wondering, do you ever read these?
    -derek rountree

  14. It’s a pity that Jennifer London won’t be anchoring anymore…the two of you had great chemistry together.

  15. Leo, that coop sounds like you could fit the entire Screensavers set in there. Just do the show from home!

  16. Speaking of Victorian…..Victoria Recano should anchor with you…..but then…you can’t concentrate 🙂

  17. That sounds like an excellent place to live! Great for your kids so they can grow up away from a smoggy city and into a country environment! Best of luck on the house! Sounds like it might be a fun project if you get the house! =)

  18. Hey Leo, Chuck’s got a great point about cable. I know you probably already checked into DSL and cable access, but let me tell you from experience, DirecPC’s service is highly unreliable and they have this policy that limits your speed if you download (or upload via sattelite) what they deem to be too much in an hour. If it were me, i wouldn’t risk the move if i couldn’t get DSL or cable. Just a heads up…

  19. DSL woes, I’m there,
    I can’t recommend Pacbell DSL, they’ve knocked me of the router 3 times (even at the moment) and even though every time I know Exactly what is wrong it is IMPOSSIBLE to skip the “Basic questions and steps to excalate the case” they throw at you (If you don’t reinstall the software right now with me, I can’t excalate the case “But I just did!”) We were off for over 2 weeks once. 🙁
    But on the other hand, my dad has Pacbell DSL and hasn’t had any problems…
    Truckee, CA

  20. Leo !!
    Get some of that chicken soup! Based on Todays show, can probably expect to see Meghan out sick next week. Hope you get to feeling better.
    Great on the house in the country. We love our “out in the wilderness” place up here in Oregon. Sure beats living in the city. I just hope you can get a broadband connection. We are too far out, but working on getting a microwave link.
    Dennis Recla

  21. It might be a problem to get either dsl or cable if you are to far out. Just about everyone here in texas that I know who lives on a ranch has to go with a satalite because they could not get reliable cable.
    On a personal note, I am moving from my apartment where I could get cable and dsl to a house with a bunch of guys. However I did not check on broadband availability and am devestated to find out I can only get a cable modem. Which really sucks. I want my reliable speed, static IP and servers, because I was totaly self sufficiant. With DSL I was able to run my own web and mail server for myself and all my roomates. I can’t do that with a cable modem, cause they will not let me. I do have to say that I have had my DSL through Verizon (old GTE Version) for 2 1/2 years through an non verizon ISP and it has only gone down twice both times because of failed equipment somewhere between College Station and Houston. My friends that have cable modems here say that it is faster than DSL but it goes down twice a day.
    Chuck Shaw

  22. Jennifer was so gorgeous you couldn’t concentrate? Oh, Leo, come on! That’s just . . . silly. And you, as we know, are never, ever silly, Mr. Impromptu Sock-Puppet Man. At least that would explain why you look a little sweaty around some of the women. (“could somebody go wipe Leo down again?”) If this is just your way of letting us know you’re a big gurgling cauldron of hormonal manliness, then I just have to say . . . COOOOL!!!! ;-D
    Do you ever slow down? Dear Goddess you’ve got some kind of life hopping for you there: you’re either jetting off to some location or another, doing 2 live TV shows each day, raising your kids, and now buying a new house and selling your old one within 2 weeks? Jeepers, I’m tired just hearing about it! :-O
    It sounds like a wonderful place, though, I hope everything goes smoothly for you. So…does the plan for the radio studio mean you might go back to doing that full time?
    I’m sorry to hear that you’re snuffly, you know some people always get colds when they fly. Take 1000 milligrams of vitamin C and call me in the morning.
    Smooches to the Manly Man,

  23. Dear Leo,
    I’m curious to know, if you could live in any state you wanted, where would that be ?
    Also, I’m wondering if you have seen Spin by Brian Springer yet ? As somebody who has spent quite a bit of time in the media, I would think you might be able to provide an interesting perspective on it. “Spin” is a documentary on how the media and politicians create the news. It used satellite backhaul footage from the 1992 U.S. presidential election (footage unseen in the final packaged version).
    Anyway, I have it available in DivX and RealPlayer at http://www.PhDepot.com
    and in addition to the educational value, it is just entertaining to see all these people in a different setting.
    Take care,

  24. Of course I checked for broadband access! That was a condition of sale. There’s no cable modem – sigh – but I can get DSL. Won’t be too fast though. We’re 13,000 feet from the CO (18,000 is the limit). DSLReports says I’ll be lucky to get 128 kbps. I’m trying to decide who to get it from. PacBell is the local CLEC and probably the least likely to go under like Northpoint. But I hear good things about Covad, too.
    I will also lobby for Sprint Broadband Direct. It’s essentially line of sight microwave (MMDS) but we’re on a hill with a clear shot at the nearest mountain so I might have a shot at it.
    Hmmm, maybe I’ll actually have to get outside and get some fresh air instead of sitting at home surfing all the time. Expect extensive moaning and groaning about my DSL woes in the blog if we get the house!

  25. Misery loves company, so I’m gonna tell you all about my cold that knocked me down for a few days, but not enough to keep me from going to NYC for the day on Wednesday, here is my cure: I did drink lots of fluids, but I didn’t take any herbs/vitamins, instead I ate really spicy food and had lots of green tea to drink. it cured me in 6 days. I also took some “out of date” Contac pills that I had in my closet since 1995, so they had all the great ingredients that now they say will likely harm you, so because I felt so bad, I figured I’d risk death and took them over the last 2 days, they worked and now at least I could breathe, that helped. I also had some great Matzoh ball soup while in NYC at a deli in the Diamond District (Berger’s, 44 West 47th) served up by the most hilarious “New Yawk” waitress named Corky. She’s 73, she says the meaning of life is “Gettin’ up every mornin’ and lookin’ in the mirror and saying to yourself, ‘OK, I think I’ll live another day.'”
    Feel better soon, Leo…. get some sleep. [And quit sneezing on your co-wokers!]

  26. Hope your feeling better real soon Leo! The house sounds wonderful! We live in the country ourselves, and the kids love it! So do we! I am actually starting to get a tan! Maybe I’ll slim down a bit too, what with walking the dogs and riding my bike with the kids! We had to settle for DSL also. No cable here. We watch you on Direct TV. The DSL is not too bad, no problems, just a lot slower than I expected. But, according to DSL Reports, my connection is about 8X faster than a 56K modem. So, I guess I shouldn’t complain! 😉 I’d love to see pictures of your new house in the country! If you are interested in seeing ours, still under construction btw, just click on my name for an online photo albulm.

  27. DSLreports.com is incredibly inadequate. I lost my DSL line with Northpoint and can get no one to give me DSL service. i previously had about a 480/480 connection. the thing is it was a DIRECT line from the phone company. almost all new vendors now only do a “shared line” DSL. That means that the distance is not accurately represented by their distance/bandwidth projections. In other words a shared line which is piggybacked on a regular phone line can be a much longer trip from the telco because regualr phonelines are almost always never a straight shot. They can encircle blocks several times. In my case I am about 11.5k feet from the Telco and the max reg. dsl reaches 18k. that works fine for a direct line but according to the shared line install I barely ping and they estimate I am well over 20k feet. Much too far. the only alternative in many cases like these is business DSL. While home dsl is almost only exclusively available now “shared line”, business DSl utilizes a new direct installation. Bad thing though. Most business DSL starts at about 150 dollars a month for a paltry 144/144. It can soar up t It can soar up to 300 dollars a month for your old cable modem speeds. Of course you also pay for extra IP’s and email addesses which our usually superfluous to your own needs. Don;t forget the 300-500 dollars equipment fee when you sign up. Too much for a person like me but as you said, “you buy one Lexus you get branded.” 🙂
    I have to wait til cable modems are here tentatively scheduled in mid 2002. doh.
    Until then I am in dialup hell.

  28. Hope you’re feeling better by now Mr Leo, just thought I’d mention that your baseball team is doing a number on the Braves this week-end, especially Barry Bonds, who last night hit 3 home runs and today just cranked out another one (so far)! I hope you got to see some of the games, nothing better to relax with when you’re sick with a cold.
    BTW: I also wanted to mention that I love your random quotes that load on the front page, they are hilarious. I especially like the ones that mention the “last words” of famous/notorious people. Very interesting collection.

  29. It seems as though it’s the cool thing to whomp on cable modems… But I’m completely happy with mine. I have Comcast @Home cable service. I’ve only known of it to go down once – of course that’s not including regular cable outages, but as far as I’m concerned, I’d MUCH rather have my cable modem than the alternative, which is Ameritech DSL. I know others with DSL and it’s down A LOT and I’d judge it half as fast or less than my cable modem, for a few bucks a month more!

  30. A little inspiration hit me this morning. I decided to use some of my photo editing talents and whip up a timely fridge pic of our gentleman farmer Leo Laporte. I already sent an unbranded and larger version to the Screen Savers. Hope you get a kick out of it. I had a lot of fun making it. I also tried to incorporate many of the things Leo mentioned about his new “farm”. Have a look!
    Michael Patterson

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