Austin City Limits

Well we finally made it to Texas. Most of us arrived today. The rest come tomorrow. A group of ten walked down Congress to Guerro’s for a raucous Mexican dinner. I’m back in my room, but the younger folks are still out drinking in Austin’s fabled night life. It’s a beautiful balmy night for it, too.
Here’s a shot of the view from my hotel window. I took it with a Fuji Finepix 6800 I’ve borrowed for the weekend. Nice camera – this is using the automatic night shot mode.

Tomorrow I’ve got two radio and a newspaper interview, then in the evening it’s our first show. We’re all really nervous about it. We’ve never done this before and we’re not sure if anyone will show up. Yikes!

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  1. Leo, you geek you! Blogging from your hotel room! Love it!
    Now you guys gotta come to Minneapolis!! (Can we say largest mall in the country, which has a large rotunda area just PERFECT for a Screen Savers appearance?!!! And on your break you can go on a ride in the Camp Snoopy amusement park!)

  2. Dan,
    Your picture of Katie & Leo in Austin is great! What a precious little girl. BTW, I checked out Katie’s Page while I was there…More great pics! Katie is very photogenic! Love the Spock pic! Did she do that on accident? Too cute! You sure do look familiar…Have I seen you on a Net Cam on TSS or CFH?

  3. Doesn’t it feel good to be in Austin with a belly full of TEX-MEX? Leo the only thing you must see is the bats. You will notice that there are no mosquitos in Austin because of the Congress Bridge Bats. It is a site to behold. Enjoy Texas I do everyday.

  4. Yo, Leo,
    You got skills!! That’s a great picture out of your hotel window!! GET INTO PHOTOGRAPHY!!!!!!
    The Prynce

  5. I’m bummed. I just heard today that Douglas Adams passed on.
    Check out for details.
    It might be an idea for Tech TV to replay the Silican Spin show that Douglas Adams was on. It was the first episode when ZDTV first started.
    Thanks for listening.

  6. HELP! Can someone please help me with this problem. I downloaded the pgp program that is listed under Leo’s PGP icon here and now I cannot get this program off my computer. I put everything into the trash and I still have this padlock icon running at the top of my screen. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks. BTW I am running Mac OS 9.1.

  7. Hey Elizabeth…
    No offense taken at your post. I get just as aggrivated with technology glitches as anyone….

  8. That picture is breathtaking! You always worry that people won’t show up, but I’ll bet they were lined up and waiting hours ahead of time. I (along with several hunred other people) waited 2 hours in Sterling Heights, MI to see you and Kate, so you know we fans are out here!

  9. Aaron:
    Megan and a bunch of others did not go. She was in the chat room during the screensavers rerun today. She is from texas, and techtv sent her to SXSW in austin last month. So I assume someone else got to go because she already got her trip to texas. Go read the daily dish, it kind of explains what the TSS B team was up to today.
    Chuck Shaw

  10. Yo, Leo,
    You got skills!! That’s a great picture out of your hotel window!! GET INTO PHOTOGRAPHY!!!!!!
    The Prynce

  11. Thanks for the info Mike and Chuck. I’m glad it’s something that works out fairly.
    Got to work on keeping the chip of my shoulder I tell ya! 8^)
    Still glad Joshua was a star…

  12. I just did the same…
    Sorry, I didn’t mean to cast a negative vote. I clicked before I understood the
    premise. Keep up the good work Leo!

  13. I’m sorry that I posted twice. I can only blame it on Windows. It wasn’t my fault.

  14. The fact that Joshua was signing autographs makes me happy.
    Jessica’s there? Wheres Megan?

  15. hey leo,
    when i went to see kate and adam at compusa there were about 50-75 people! so you will have a lot more ..well almost show time hope you take some photo’s of the crowds~!

  16. Aaron, Jessica was at the Austin show doing poll interviews with the audience.


  17. I believe they will only let you attend the seminars if you registered. However, you can still be at the shows.


  18. Very cool Leo! :-p
    Now what’s this I read about buying a new house,selling your current one,
    set on rolling hills,and having chicken coops? 😉

  19. Oh, and I forgot to say, don’t be so nervous about tomorrow. You have a loyal fan base that is larger than you realize. I have no doubt people will come out in droves! Okay, I promise I won’t post anymore 🙂
    Good night everyone!

  20. Sorry, I didn’t mean to cast a negative vote. I clicked before I understood the
    premise. Keep up the good work Leo!

  21. Leo, you’re quit the photographer! Such an artsie shot. very subtle but also ver balnaced =)

  22. Leo, you’re quit the photographer! Such an artsie shot. very subtle but also ver balnaced =)

  23. Leo,
    First of all I want to say thank you for all the wonderful work you have done bringing the beauty of technology into so many peoples homes/lives. I am one of your newest fans, and I no doubt will continue to be for years to come. With that said, I just thought I would tell you to have a wonderful time in Austin (Get out of that damned room and off that computer!!!), and have a safe return home!

  24. Glad you got to Austin alright Leo. Your room has a nice view of the city and yes the camera you borrowed does a very nice job indeed. Please take as many pictures as you can and write about all the city has to offer because I’m moving there July 1st 😉 I look forward to seeing the footage of the Austin trip! I’m sure it’ll be a blast.
    Take care and most important of all, have fun!!!

  25. Leo, If y’all get a chance try and get to Mexico. It’s an eye opener. I was just in San Antonio last month for some training and took a day trip to Laredo. I have to say that it was quite the eye opener. Don’t worry about the show. It’s great in the studio and will be a great success live.

  26. Thanks Leo for sharing the great pic. And as always enjoy reading your blog report daily. Thank you for sharing your life. It’s very fun and interesting to hear about. Sure miss you on CFH but I’m still working on the petition to get you back. It doesn’t hurt to try!
    Have lots of fun in Texas and your going to get a big crowd. Post more pics if you can…love seeing them.
    Much Love and support to you,

  27. Leo,
    Beautiful picture! I wanted to drive over, but the drive from Louisiana is much longer than I had thought. 🙁 I can’t imagine driving 9 hours one way with three kids ages 5, 7, and 13. If I can work it out for a sitter (my husband has to work) maybe I’ll make it over. But, it’s not looking good so far. 🙁 If I had to bring the kids…Could I bring them in for the tapings, etc.? PLMK

  28. No one will show up, Leo, it’ll just be you and Pat and in the background all we’ll hear is the crickets chirping…. chirp… chirp… “This is what a fried Athalon chip looks like” ….chirp…chirp.
    You crazy fool, you’re gonna have a TON of crazed fans there! The whole show will be one long standing ovation and all you’ll get to say is, “Hello Screensavers…” and then the 90 minutes of applause and cheering will die down just in time to roll the credits. Have fun! :^)

  29. Hey I can’t wait for tonight, I’m going to be there, so if worst comes to worst you’ll have and audience of 1.
    Glad to hear you made in safely and are enjoying the city.
    ~hey I just went to register for the talks on Saturday at the timewarner site and they said they werent taking any more registrations? does that mean I missed out??

  30. Thanks for posting Don! And also thank you for not mentioning any of the surprises, can’t wait to see the shows, sounded like a great time. Any other bloggers out there going to the show? Please post your *spolier-free* book report so that us east coast types can know what fun we’re missing! Thanks again Don!

  31. Ted:
    Leo stated in one of the other blogs that they are going to film for 2 hours tonight and two hours before and after thier seminars he and pat are giving. So they will get a total of 6 hours of footage. They are then going to edit it down to about 3 hours and will show it sometime in the future. I am assuming they are going to break the 3 hours into two shows to be broadcast during the normal screensavers time slot. So you can give the vcr a break for the night, there will be nothing but reruns on.
    Hope that brings you up to speed,
    Chuck Shaw

  32. Hey I just returned from the first taping of The Sreensavers here in Austin. What they told us and prolly Leo will say later on is that they are taping 3 2 hour segments and will break them down into two shows that will air on May 23 and May 24. Or was it 24 and 25. Anywhoo its one of those pairs, I forget exactly.
    The taping was a real blast to go to I really enjoyed myself. I don’t want to ruin any surprises but these shows are not to miss when they air! Something very special happened tonight and I can’t wait to see it on television. Leo, Patrick, Martin, Joshua, and Jessica were all there and signing autographs and taking pictures for whoever wanted one and were great to chat with. The crew of the show also did a good job at making sure we were having a fun, and we were. I wish I could go back on Saturday but it looks like I might not be able to, I’m going to try as hard as I can.
    Thanks for a great evening Leo and gang.

  33. Don:
    Thanks for the update. I have been waiting to hear how things went. I am kicking myself for not comming to the show now. I really wanted to but I kept talking myself out of it because I have a lot to do with moving from my apartment to a house. I am in College Station. (WHOOP!, I am aggie, can you tell?). I can’t wait to see it now since you say they are not to miss. I am going to be mad at myself for the rest of the weekend. And then again when I see them later this month.
    How was the turn out? Maybe I will drive over and catch the third taping.
    Chuck Shaw

  34. Spoiler Alert!!!! Don’t read the show notes on The Screen Savers Web Site, it gives away a lot of the surprises, but then again, who can wait that long to find out what fun we were missing in Austin?!? (not me)
    Anyway, for those of you who want to remain blissfully unaware until mid-May, then stay away from the show notes!!!!! [you’ve been warned]

  35. Ted, even thought I know you were just kidding I can’t help but comment.
    Austin, Texas = Silicon Valley #2
    Its called Silicon Hills. Although it probably more correct to call it the Silicon Triangle with Austin, Dallas, and Houston being the three points. San Antonio is close but its main industry is tourism. Austin is just like San Fransisco, with the same personality and “hippe like culture”. Its also considered the live music capital of the world. Companies such as AMD, Dell, Samsung, and a large amount of the dot.coms/ex dot.coms are located there. Houston (Major Energy corps HQ, Fortune 500 comp’s, Compaq HQ, and too much to list) and Dallas (Game companies such as ID and to much to list) are much more mainstream and corporate.
    Although I am @ Texas A&M University now, I am from Katy, Tx. Which is the West Houston Suburbs. So I just felt like pointing this stuff out. I figure some people might like to know. I remember someone saying that they were moving down here soon.
    Chuck Shaw

  36. I warn you now: Off topic and long.
    Leo, I don’t know where else to post this. One person had an excellent idea of adding a message board to your site.
    Anyway, Please come back to Call for Help. I know you want to. How do we make it happen?
    I don’t have to tell you again — I don’t think — what a great service you perform to so many, many people. If I tell you you’re the best, I don’t want you to get a big head. (Not that you will.)
    Here are some ideas:
    Hire an agent. (I don’t think you have one because you’re a regular person like us. (And that along with other reasons makes you so special). But your talents and personality have taken you out of the “regular people” realm and have placed you in a different category.)
    Contact CNN. They can do an hour show, or even two hours.
    (Did you actually sign your contract yet?)
    What’s happening with TSS? I’m not learned enough to follow everything — because you left Call For Help and I didn’t graduate yet — but when you did your hype about a two-parted, learn to format and learn to partition your hard drive, I was ready to learn, but I didn’t learn a darn thing and I really needed to. I think you know that segment left a lot to be desired. I know you are not to blame.
    So I was really looking forward to your segment on partitioning. I had read and used your multi-page article on Reinstalling Windows. And thank you for that. But your suggestion of using a partitioned area for memory only was unclear to me. I tried to follow your advice and set up a partition at the beginning of the drive for memory use only to make it faster, but I had to make it my primary partition since Windows made me do it, so I couldn’t figure out how to make a partition at the beginning of the drive without it being the primary partition. And you know your segment on partitioning actually addressed nothing.
    TechTV has turned into the most hypocritical TV Shows/Website/Who-Knows-What-It-Is than anything I’ve ever seen before. I think, as well as many others do, that there would be no TechTV if it weren’t for you. I think the only reason people are still “hangin in there” is because of you. Granted, Patrick is great as well as others, but without you, TechTV (an oxymoron) is nothing but a wannabe CNBC.
    I say “hypocritical” for a number reasons. To name a few: The links that you and others have spent a few years on don’t exist anymore. If I watch a show, any one, on TechTV and don’t write down the link mentioned right away, a few days later when I go to the website, it’s just not there. Why? No one knows. Why is it Megan says she can locate a TechTV link better on Google than your own search engine? Enough said.
    If you read this ranting, thanks. Thanks for giving me a time and place to vent.
    You’ve previously written you’re coming to New Jersey for a seminar. Is that still true? If so, will you please “blog” some info on your site? Thanks. (Additionally, I have a few great Jersey Shore ideas for you and your family that you didn’t do last time and I’m sure you’ll enjoy. I’m speaking about the South Jersey Shore and not the North Jersey shore where Patrick comes from.)
    And if everything is already written in stone for you, what about Kate doing Call For Help? I think she’s learned a lot about presentation and can and will do a great job.
    Rhetorical Question: If it really is “TechTV”, with all the hype of your show going to Austin, why does it take editing a week and half to show it?

  37. Leo!
    I have to say it was awesome meeting you in person. For you guys reading this, Leo really is down to earth as he appears on TV. The TechTV crew was very nice, professional and most of all full of energy.
    I drove all the way, like its very far, from San Antonio TX. I decided since its my birthday in a few days to treat myself to a nice hotel room in Austin. This way I don’t have to drive home so late and wake up so early the next day. It was well worth it.
    I had a great time Leo. I hope to see you guys again real soon. Stop in San Antonio sometime, we’d love to have you!

  38. (I’ve been thinking about how to word this for almost 2 hours)
    Leo, (attn: Francine)
    Francine, I agree with you 120%! But being in broadcasting myself for nearly 9 years, I can’t bring myself to play the role of critic without going into lengthy discussion. I’ve been in contact with TechTV’s PR department and am part of a case-study group (or so I’ve been told), I’ll leave my thoughts on the matter for that forum. But again, I think you’ve said my thoughts exactly.
    Leo, I can honestly admit that you (and the ocassional visit by Kate) are the only reason I continue to watch the network. I do agree with Francine that it would be nice to have more in depth discussions on the program’s chosen topics. The 2-part Linux segment for example left much to be desired and was not educational in the slightest. I just wish that management would give you (and Patrick) more creative freedom with the show. Remember, “It’s not your fault!”.

  39. Sounds great Chuck. I’ve always felt the old joke which says part of a Floridian’s pay is in sunshine was in poor taste. Still I have this uncanny feeling that living there for a while would drive me batty.
    It is very hard to be a critic of my favorite show on television. Other than TSS I watch little else. Of course there are segments I wish they would lengthen and go into in depth, but it’s a TV show after all and as much as I’d like to play armchair quarterback I have to take what they dish out. I couldn’t care less about their ratings. I want to set up a Linux box and build a multiboot operating system. To be on the band wagon for once instead of under the steamroller which paves the way behind it. I tape almost every show hoping for one which reveals yet another tidbit of everything I don’t understand. All I can do is watch and wait for another kernel of knowledge to unveil itself before my furtively darting eyes. All of the while I am happy to watch the only show which has peaked my interest in a very long time. I may not understand it all, but I am patient and I believe Leo has our best interests at heart even if he can’t always cater to them.

  40. now why would you want to build a linux box, ted? (just kidding!) i just started with my first linux box, and having done that, i feel just qualified enough to offer this small bit of advice. use a fast 100mghz 486dx with a cdrom and linux will probably detect everything but the moniter, which given a few tries can be fudged if you’re not sure. i used madrake 6.5. use xwindows with kde to start out, at least i would. typical installation should be under 400mg
    which leaves a little space to play with on a 500mg hard drive. i’m not worried about getting internet access or anything until i’ve learned more. if anyone has any advice for me, or just starting and want to share your experience feel free to email. HEY LEO!!! IS PATRICK RELATED TO PETER NORTON???? DOES DVORAK USE THE DVORAK KEYBOARD???? DOES ANYONE KNOW?????

  41. To Diana, Leo and fellow Bloggers,
    I also was saddened to hear of the sudden death of Doulas Adams this past weekend. As author of the very funny TV series called “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe” it is not without some irony that he died at such an early age. In one of the episodes in the series, the travelers ask an alien computer, “What is the meaning of life, the Universe and everything?” And after some time the computer answers back, “42.” Douglas Adams was 48 when he died.
    I would love to have seen that Silicon Spin with him from the ZDTV days, anyone happen to have it on VHS?
    To those of you who have yet to encounter the zany comedy that Doug Adams was known for, seek out the TV Series “Hithchhiker’s Guide to the Universe.” Or the book. While the TV show is is a little dated in places (made in the 1970’s or early 80’s I believe) it is still very funny. Those of us who knew his humor, we can say “Good bye and thanks for all the fish.”

  42. Hey Annette, I am sorry about my earlier post, I was a bit harsh on the demo and after reading your message mine seems kinda mean; I also wish that the technology was more reliable for you, if you used the same kind of unit to type your message above, yours seems to work a whole lot better than the one they used last night. It must be really frustrating to use that application when you depend on it so much. I hope things get easier for you and that the technology advances soon. Thanks for posting! See ya around the blog. :^)
    Elizabeth Branch

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