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I’m interviewing Linus Torvalds today at 11:30 Pacific. I’m hoping they’ll let us go for at least 15 minutes. His book is mildly interesting. Not many new revelations, and very little technical material about Linux, but if you want to know about Linus’s life before and after Linux it’s worth reading.
I won’t be on the Screen Savers tonight. In my place Kate Botello will make her triumphant return, co-hosting with Patrick. I’m off doing the voiceover for a special on The Tech of Shrek, a new Dreamworks movie that comes out in a week or so. I think the special airs 5/17 in the first half-hour of The Screen Savers time slot (7p Eastern).

Then I fly to Austin tomorrow morning early to get ready for our appearance there this weekend. We’ll be taping The Screen Savers On The Road on Friday evening and all day Saturday. Please come by with your computer questions so we can put you on the air! All the details are on The Screen Savers web page.

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  1. to chuck shaw: just a light-hearted jab in regards to it happening a suspecious amount of times in this particular thread. i’ve been having alot of trouble with an odd windows me bug that randomly removes things in my system tray; i had to reformat and start over with no backups, so i may have had a little more malice than i meant to. i’m currently (trying) to learn linux but win will have to do until i have a better grasp of linux. but anyway i’m sayin’ i don’t intend to offend, i just offend with my intent. but hey leo i thought of you a while back when i read about the easter egg in rambooster (i heard you use it too) if you double click the “target level of free ram” space it quotes roy orbison’s in dreams. anyway i was just wondering if you ever saw the david lynch flick “blue velvet”, in which that song plays an important role.

  2. I still like the bowling/hawaiian shirts you guys wear – really cool!
    What happened to the “lock of hair for $1,000,000,000” and how about a real Leoville store? I saw Martin used for “Emale” and I just tried it out for myself. I uploaded the images to them and then they make t-shirts, mugs, sweatshirts, mousepads, etc with that image on demand; Pretty cool, actually.

  3. 50caliber:
    People “accidently” double post because the server leoville is on is slow with respect to posting. People think that nothing is happening so they hit the post button a second time. No one is doing it on purpose. The first time I posted I almost hit the button again, but just before I did the post went through.
    Case in point, my previous post right before yours was taking so long for the server to process, I got tired of waiting and hit stop. I reloaded the blog and it was not posted. However I come back an hour later and it has been posted. I was actually surprised to see it.
    Chuck Shaw

  4. LOL sorry i didnt make myself clear i was posting really quick i actually ment when is the TSS from Austin going to be aired cause everyone keeps saying it is going to be taped and havent said anything about when it is going to be aired sorry about that.

  5. Nice interview today with Linus Torvalds, Leo. I thought he looked very comfortable and you were nice to keep it friendly and also touch on some of the controversial comments he made elsewhere [him not liking the Mac kernal (sp?)]and letting him explain himself.
    I know the idea was to “plug” the new book, but I am glad you got to mention that it wasn’t a technical book, but more of his personal life history, that’s good to know especially if people were interested in the beginnings of Linux and that isn’t delved into in this book, it seems.
    Linus seems like a very laid back person, I enjoyed his speaking style, not rushed, plain spoken. Looks like he enjoys his life here.
    Anyway, glad they gave you the half hour, and I guess more time with the chat rooms folks (I had to leave for work at 3 pm), that was great that they got the chat thing and the phones working again for today’s interview. I hope you get to do more things along this line for future appearances on Tech Live, very classy.

  6. Coming Soon: Survivor 3: San Francisco
    I said this about a month ago and I was hoping I was wrong, but it turns out I may be all too right.
    “They dumped all of their talent into this new show (Techlive) and all the people there are probably wondering when the axe will fall. Looks to me like an episode of “Tech Survivor” Who will the producers vote off first?”
    I guess we may now know.
    I noticed right away that techlive seemed to be overpopulated with talent. Too many people doing the job that may better be served by less individuals. It seems to me that it is a sound business practice. Cold, perhaps, but it makes sense. Put everyone in the mix, watch their performance, and see who they decide to keep. At least, though, when techlive started they gave almost every onscreen person the ability to try to fit into the new format. They could just have easily have dumped most of the non-news people but at least they seem to be giving them a chance.
    This is not an opinion on whether anyone there should be on the air or not. It would just seem to be the most logical course of action. Will see if my theories pan out. Id hate to hear this if I worked at techTV,
    “You are the weakest link. Goodbye!”
    -Michael Patterson

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