Abby and I had a great time in Chicago. Weather was overcast and chilly at times, but very nice for the Cubs game. We sat out in the sun in left field of Wrigley. What a park. You feel like you’re watching a game in the 1930s. Everything baseball should be and no dot racing!
Trevor Rieger tells me that Google is now indexing the blog. Yikes. That means all my deepest darkest secrets are now searchable. Uh oh.

I’m moderating a breakfast panel tomorrow at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (IISEF). What a wonderful event. The exhibits are open to the public Thursday and Friday if you’re in the San Jose, CA area. The panel is on how science fiction has influenced scientist and the guest are David Stork, author of HAL’s Legacy: 2001’s computer as dream and reality, and Jeanne Cavelos, the author of the Science of Star Wars, and The Science of the X-Files. The winning kids and several dozen Nobel Laureates will be in attendance. I guess I’ll be the token nitwit in the group!

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  1. Glad to hear that you and your family returned home safely. I missed the Cubs game, I was watching my Lakers tear apart the Kings (oh yeah!). As far as the science panel is concerned my goodness what an honor to be put the same category with people such as David Stork and Jeanne Cavelos. Personally, I think you deserve that seat on the panel just as much as they do. Whether you know it or not, people all over recognize that you are an intelligent person and that your knowledge of technology is vast.
    Now, if only Tech TV could understand this . . .
    Rose Emmons

  2. Welcome Back Leo! Left field at Wrigley in the springtime sounds like a good place to be.
    A few months ago I came across a tag that supposedly keeps search engine spiders from indexing a page. It’s [META NAME=”robots” CONTENT=”noindex”] (Obviously replacing the brackets with the right type of quotes, I changed it because the whole tag disappears when it’s submitted otherwise.) If you’re genuinely not wanting part of the site to get indexed, perhaps using this tag is an option. I know there are professional web design and coding folks who read the blog (I’m not), so I’m not going to stick my neck out too far here . . .
    And speaking as a nitwit, I can honestly say it sounds far worse than it is.
    I don’t believe you’re a member of our ranks, but you can visit from time to time if you like. 😛
    Smooches Even If You’re Not Stephen Hawking,

  3. Hi Leo! We watched Sunday’s Cubs game and played the game “Where’s Leo?”
    There was one screenshot that looked like you, but the hair was cropped out of the scene and the WGN scorebox over your? face. So that didn’t really count as a moment of fame. 🙂
    Wil Wheaton was kewl to see on Tech TV. How ’bout getting some folks from Doctor Who, Hitchhikers Guide, Red Dwarf, etc. on the show?
    In Joy! Diana

  4. I found a cool page that describes R.U.R. in some detail if you’re interested in reading about the story which was the first to coin the term “Robot.”
    Also, Jules Vernes story “From the Earth to the Moon” is in the public domain and therefore it is available at Project Gutenberg’s e-text site:

  5. Ditto on getting Doctor Who guests as a Sci-Fi tie-in, I liked the episode called “Genesis of the Daleks” which is a lot like R.U.R., now that I think about it!
    The Daleks are part humanoid/part machine and generally go around terrorizing everyone, but their creation is part necessity (due to nuclear war) and part ego-maniacle (sp?) (I really should learn to spell some day) desire to conquer all living creatures in the Universe. (they think big.)
    Another great Doctor Who group of bad guys are CyberMen, really like robots, although they too have a way of turning men into CyberMen.
    Since we saw those Storm Troopers from Star Wars on TSS, can Daleks and CyberMen be far behind?

  6. Am I bored at work, or what?
    The ST:NG show with the 011001 title had to do with binary guys trying to take over the enterprise while they were “fixing” the ship in dry dock and then tried to steal it, the one with Nano technology I think was called Nan-ites, or something. Am I right? What do I win? I loved the Wil Weaton segment, I didn’t even FF it!!! I still have my Atari Game Console and the games, yikes! I’m a geek. Tell George Bush to play Missle COmmand and he will learn IT WON’T WORK!!! (Even with the track ball controller.)

  7. Leo,
    A good TSS last night! I am surprised someone didn’t mention during the nanotech segment that Wil Wheaton was in a ST:NG episode that dealt with nanotechnology. It was called something like 111000111 or something similar. It was about these little nano tech devices he was studying for a school project and they get into the memroy core of the Enterprise and begin to attack the core. I saw that and and said, “yeah right”. Ten years later we are talking about it! AMAZING!
    Glad you had a great time in the Windy City!

  8. Dear Leo, Dear Observer,
    Yes I tend to agree with Observer about Kate…after all she has a job already…Some of us would rather see Martin, his workload has been strangely reduced since the changeover…Leo you are great and I love the show but I have to say that this is one thing that bothers me.
    By the way I will be away from my digital cable next week, do you think the Texas shows will be repeated?
    Thanks much

  9. Leo,
    I just wanted to say that I agree with Rosemary and Observer. I love martin, not as much as I love you, you are the man, but marty is great. I would rather see him on than Jessica with the geek site of the day. And, by the way, the show is still rushed. The segment with Kate felt rushed from the start. I know you can’t do anything about all this, but I am thankful we can vent to you and you can vent to us. This blog is a true outlet for all the fans of you and techtv.
    As far as being moe Leo oriented: I would love that!!!!!! Anytime we can get more Leo, that is cool! However, I like Leo alone on CFH and with someone else on TSS. I guess a lot of us still don’t care for all the changes. But alas, we will all survive (I don’t know about techtv though).

  10. Glad you liked the game Leo. Wrigley is the best park in the majors, bar none. To bad for us long time Cubs fans there hasn’t been a lot of winning going on there in the past.

  11. Hi Leo,
    I found an advertisement in the Austin Chronicle today on “The Screen Savers on the Road” tapings and seminars. If you would like me to scan it and send it to you, please tell me. I should see you and Patrick in Austin Friday and Saturday.


  12. Leo, If I would of known that you were such a baseball fan I would of tried to get to tickets to the last tiger game at tiger stadium. That was a few years ago and I did not have ZDTV and I did not know you. Glad you and Abby had fun. If you are ever in Michigan drop me a line.

  13. I used to love Google, but I’ve come to dislike them over the past few months.
    It’s all a personal preference.

  14. Odd that phones went down, and now their websites are all down. Hmmmmm..maybe they went bankrupt?

  15. Odd that TSS doesn’t have phones…
    Tonight’s show was great. I always like to see Chris Pirillo.

  16. That Will Wheaton house call was great. you guys should get him to guest host one of the days you go on vacation. maybe revisit him when he upgrades his computer.

  17. Leo I hope you had fun watching the Cubs beat my hometown LA Dogers. I guess Cubs are good this year. Hope you had fun..
    Have a nice day..

  18. Just caught the start of the show, and I figure they can name the new (eco friendly) atomic bomb Johnny Applebaum…
    What Do You Think Sirs?

  19. Wish I could go to that panel, sounds great! Glad you had such a great time at the ball game, tell us, what the heck is dot racing? :^) Have a great show tonight.

  20. Not to be mean, but doesn’t it seem a little odd that the original scope of the home visits was San Francisco only, but for celebrities all of California is okay? That seems to send a message contrary to that of a little while ago with the real person trading cards. But anywho… and its related sites seem to all be down.

  21. c’mon leo!! what’s the deal? i want to know if patrick is related to the famous peter norton, whose accomplishments are on the same line of dvorak and you. i asked last thread but no reply. also does john use the keyboard he designed? can you buy them anywhere or do you just have to move the keys yourself? anyway i was just wondering

  22. Yay for Kate guest hosting tomorrow!!! And tomorrow is gonna be the last day I get to watch TechTV for the foreseeable future. :~( But I thank you Leo for all that I’ve learned in the last year and a half!! I’m sooooo motivated to go and build my own PC right now (something I would never have even considered before ZDTV/TechTV) – but I have no money to do it with! *sigh* Soon enough! And when I do, I’m gonna hunt down you and Patrick so that you can sign the case, just like THIS GUY:
    Too cool!

  23. Yo Leo!
    Here’s just a funny note about something I’ve been noticing lately. You need to make Patrick watch a taped episode of the TSS and have him keep track of the number of times he goes “Uh huh!” when talking with/interviewing people. I haven’t counted myself, but I think you’d end up with a pretty high number. I haven’t decided yet if this annoys me or not – I think it amuses me more than anything, but it might be something you want to mention to him since that’s probably not the best habbit to have for TV. =)
    And just a sci-fi note – Ray Bradbury came to my school this year and gave a little talk. I had to miss most of it because I had class at the same time (Grrr!) but I caught the end and then after waiting in line for probably 2 hours I got his autograph! YEAH!
    And I met Wil Wheaton at San Diego Comic-Con last year! DOUBLE YEAH!
    Rosemary (Übergeekdom, here I come!)

  24. I’ve heard from Chris Pirillo that he’s gonna be on TSS 2nite. Is he going to mention the TechTV guide? We want to know if we should prepare for a lot of downstream traffic here @ fanatics.
    A Fatal Flaw
    Reporter/lead programmer @

  25. Hmmm…Rosemary’s goin’ huntin’, and she’s loaded up for Leo Bear…
    Anybody think that Patrick gets a little put off due to the hubbub put up when Kate is back on the show? Not that I don’t like Kate, but still…
    Also, anybody noticed that the show as of late does seem to be more “Leo” oriented? Seems that Pat gets little more time than Martin…
    Please note, I’m not complaining about it too much, but the show seems to have gone from a duo with some additional subordinates to “THE LEO SHOW”, guest starring Pat as the (declining role of) Co-Host, and Martin as Some Guy.

  26. Well, Happy Birthday to Abby. Not just 10 year olds like American Girl Dolls, Leo (even though I like them since I was 10 also 😛 ) I hope she had a fun time at The American Girl Place, I been there too. A 13 year old has to do something besides watching TSS and trying to learn C++. Well I need to go and start watching TSS. Bye.

  27. Leo, this may be a little off the topic, but I noticed you seem to be coughing some on the SS this evening. You’re doing some Techlive, extended Screen Savers and flying to Chicago and back, Access Magazine, breakfast panels a trip to Texas at the end of the week, 2 hours of commutung a day at least, and who knows what else! Please tell us , your fans, that you’re not overdoing it! You didn’t SEEM tired on the show today but I don’t see how you do it. I get tired just watching you and reading the blog!
    BTW I SOOO cracked up on your joke about the nuclear bomb. Your delivery was perfect.

  28. Leo, I’m glad you and Abby had a great trip and made it back home safely. I looked at the American Girl Place web site and it would be a heavenly place for a young girl to go. If only it would have been around in the 1960s….
    I am enclosing the URL for Rickwood Field, supposedly the oldest ball park in the nation, was built around 1910. It is in my hometown of Birmingham, AL and home for many years of the Birmingham Barons. Rickwood was modeled after Forbes field in Pittsburgh and the Yankees and the Bambino played several times as at Rickwood as well as Ty Cobb. This being the South of decades ago, the Black Barons had to play at Rickwood when the other team was out of town. Willie Mays, Piper Davis, and Satchel Paige all played at Rickwood with the Black Barons.
    The ballpark scenes from the Ty Cobb movie with Tommy Lee Jones were filmed at Rickwood. It is amazing that Rickwood is still standing and preserved, as Birmingham went through a phase of destroying everything old during the 1960s and 1970s.
    If you click on my name, it will take you to the Rickwood site.
    Bye for now,

  29. I loved Science Fiction as a kid, too, I remember one summer my older cousin came to visit us and he left me a bunch of paperbacks filled with sci-fi stories, I think they were the anthologies of the best sci-fi of the times, Ray Bradbury, Asimov, Ursla Le Guin… I still remember what the covers to those paperbacks look like, all dog eared from summer reading. Right around then my Mom lent me a hardcover book of hers called “RUR” which was written in the ’20’s, I think, the letters stand for Rossum’s Universal Robots, I don’t remember too much about it, but I remember I liked it and I remember how proud I felt that my Mom trusted me, a kid, with one of her “good” books.
    So many ideas of the early writers, even Jules Verne (From the Earth to the Moon) have come true, especially well known is Arther C.Clarke’s predicitions of geo-syncrinous (sp?) satellites for communications. I wonder how long it will be until we have Robots!
    I think it will be a fun panel, you’ll be great as always, I wish they were streaming it so I could peek in!

  30. A) Ray Bradbury is cool, kudo’s to Rosemary, I met him years ago, and would happily stand in line to be within 5 feet of him again!
    Also on a side note…
    I saw The Mummy Returns today, (and I was shocked that the guy who played the youngest son in Lost In Space was nowhere to be seen!)
    anyway, before the film, the local googleplex plays a set of songs guaranteed to make you want to leave the theater and buy something before the show.. when i heard this teeny bop song about a girl being on AOL and something about her logging of her love… or something to that effect.
    Of course, it shamelessly sampled AOL wav files, so I’m sure its being released on the warner label (scary isnt it?)
    I just wish i remembered the name of the song, cause I could cause a lot of pain for my geek friends… but alas, I’m sure it will be a huge hit.
    And I believe that a certain Screen saver should be getting a check in the mail! robbed I tell ya, robbed!
    BTW, The Mummy was great fun, I didnt like the first one, but this one shows the heros in a more heroic light tha the first movie, heck, in this movie everyone has noble reasons for what they do, which makes it all a lot more fun.. well for me.
    And its massivly cool eye candy!
    get a big ol bucket of buttered popcorn, head to your local theater that has the best screen/sound in your area and enjoy a summertime bon-bon of a movie.
    Kids will love it, as long as they are old enough not to be scared by the usual nasty mummy style monsters, for fellow parents, you know what I mean.
    (and the kid in it is more a smart person than a smartalec for once! I usually hate the childrens characters in this type of film, but this fellah was brilliant!)

  31. I grew up reading science fiction. but as time passed I became more finicky and found very few which I liked as much as the long ago favorites. My most favorite book as a kid was The Beyond, by Jeff and Jean Sutton. He had several other books which I didn’t like as much but on this one he collaborated with his wife and it showed. With the advent of the internet I found it online and have since read it again. I admit that I found it less appealing, but it was good to read it again. My personal favorite of all time now stands as The Witches of Karres. James H Schmitz only wrote five full length novels before he died. I think they were all good, but I am glad that he lengthened my favorite from a short story shortly before he passed on. I also liked books by Heinline and a lot of others, but as anything it was on a book by book basis and not everything they wrote. It’s funny that you like Sci-fi. I think you are the same age as my brother who started me on that bent so long ago.

  32. Leo-
    I just finished watching the show of 5/8. Your guest, Colonel Engle, was fantastic! You need to book him again, and let him finish educating us on the military aspect of cyber-terrorism, and perhaps let us find out what the military plans (that can be disclosed) to do in the event of an all-out attack upon the infrastructure vis-a-vis cyberterrorism. I was for once absolutely glued to my seat, and listened to his every word.That man has evidently done his homework on this subject. Between him, and your guest from Xerox PARC, (forgot his name) you and your team have been hitting the stride in getting quality guests. Not that I am a paranoid right-winger, or a slavering xenophobic, but the counter-point guest needed to take a major reality check. Not all hacking is just “good clean fun” as he seemed to want to suggest.
    I’d say I will miss you tomorrow, but come on! We get KATE back!!! 🙂
    Keep up the good work, the shirts will eventually have to recognize that TSS is the money show of the network.

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