Linus on TechLive

I’ll be interviewing Linus Torvalds about his new book, Just for Fun, on TechLive May 9, 11:30a Pacific.
I’ve interviewed Linus before, but he wasn’t quite the superstar he is today. Should be interesting.

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  1. Hey! Lay off Leo’s tanlines! Leo is the UberGeek! 🙂
    Anyway, they put paper towels down their collars so they won’t look like extras from Westworld.?!.
    As for Linus, I hope he brings his sister along! *grin*
    Go get ’em Leo!!!
    BTW. I like your shirts, Leo… But you look better in darker rather than lighter shades. Blue and reds as opposed to yellows. At least that’s what my wife thinks. Keep up the excellent work.

  2. Does tonight’s segment on CD copying make Leo a DMCA circumvention device?
    Does that mean the RIAA gets to grab him and reverse engineer him?
    Just a thought…
    Plus, the tanlines seem to be around the eyes…I’m thinking sunglasses in shape and reach…

  3. Dianna,
    They are not.
    I tried several things and they are not.
    It seems they are listening to about a 100 select stations.

  4. At tv stations you might notice that the “talent” who wear make-up on their necks walk around with paper towels stuffed into the necks of their shirts until ‘air time,’ because I think the make-up really ruins clothing, and Leo may like to keep his colorful shirts make-up free!

  5. Looking forward to it, especially since I just downloaded the Mandrake Linux. I would like to hear where he thinks Linux is headed.

  6. we’ve noticed the “facial tanlines.” We think they are actually where the TV makeup stops. Am I right?

  7. hey, leo — given your earlier thoughts on OS religious wars, are you gonna ask him about his earlier comments regarding the Mach kernel and MacOS X?

  8. Always go with the latest distro version…just like Windoze…
    Has anybody noticed Leo’s got facial tanlines? At least he had them earlier on TechLive…

  9. hey Don, do you know that Mac OS X is basically Unix
    Linux is cool but hard to learn

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  11. Leo,
    You have to ask this punk why he was dissing Mac OS X, and then backed down cause it brought too much heat! : )
    Linus is cool, but I think he is Bill Gates half brother. He likes to keep it cool, so everyone likes him. I’m kidding of course. lol
    Really though, I installed Mandrake 8 about a week ago. It’s cool and all, but by no means a Mac OS X.
    Oh well I won’t start a war…I just don’t think Linus should suit up for the game dishing out comments…if he isn’t ready to play.
    P.S. “Hey did I mention I love Macs? ” : )

  12. Yeah, Mac OS X has true FreeBSD unix under the hood, where as Linux is kind of a take off on unix & minix.

  13. This weekend I finally received results from
    This is a kewl service. I do wish they included Tech TV. Is there a way that we can request a channel to be covered?
    So far, my searches have brought up quotes from PBS programs and the Simpsons.
    Go figure!

  14. You’ll see those paper towels or napkins or whatever in the collar not
    because it ruins clothes, but becuase skin tone on the collar of your
    shirt looks really awkward.

  15. wow leo! you’re interveiwing linus? i thought i read somewhere that you didn’t like him because he stole linux from you??? (i swear i read that somewhere!!!) oh well, hey maybe him and scott can do a house call to bill gates’ complex!!!

  16. Watch out Leo, he might try to sell you the book, plug retail Linux, and diss MS and Mac and free enterprise at the same time.

  17. Great To See He Will Be On.
    I would love interviewing him for my site.
    Bruce, 8 is much better!

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