Download My Love – The Movie

Thanks to Brandon Clark, you can now see eMale’s one and only video as it aired on Call for Help. (It’s a high quality Real Video file. I’m not sure how well this will play on a modem connection, but give it a try. You can also download the file and watch locally. Requires the Real Player.) This may be the best thing we ever did on Call for Help. Or the worst. Or both!
[[I’m removing the embedded version – it was messing up some people’s blogging. If you want to see the video, right click “download the file” above and select Save target as…]]


eMale is Chris Kraus, Greg Melton, Martin Sargent, Rich Statter, and Christopher Swanner. Special appearances by Becky Worley and Leo Laporte. Produced by Becky Worley and Martin Sargent. Download My Love is also available on MP3.

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  1. Leo – I agree that is one of the best things that was done on C4H — I’ll have to back the up and save it. Thanks for the great memories.

  2. Yeah! You go Leo, you SassyAngel you!
    I’ve actually been sharing this with all my friends … all of whom only know what TechTV is because I talk about it all the time. But still, even though they don’t know the people in the video, they all appreciate “Download My Love” for what it is, because we’re all Internet chat geeks at heart. =)

  3. Observer,
    Both filesystems have perfomance tradeoffs. One may be faster than the other during specific tasks. There is no significant perfomance drain, I say this from my personal expereinces running both filesystems at one time or another. However For someone who is not an experieced linux user, it would be very difficult for them to recover from a harddrive crash resulting from power loss or corruption from just turning the machine off without properly shutting down. This is the main reason for using RieserFS. This is the reason for my previous statement. So no there is nothing wrong with ext, however in my opinion the RieserFS is just a little bit more reilable. This is one of the main reasons distro’s such as Mandrake are setting ReiserFS as the default fs during installation.
    Chuck Shaw

  4. SassyAngel: Happy Mother’s Day! LOL If only my Mom were so beautiful! 😉
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  5. Unfortunately those of us using MacOS X can’t play the video, I never could get Real Player to work correctly in 9.1 so I don’t think it will play correctly in Classic. *sigh* I know I am missing out on some QUALITY music, especially since someone said it was no worse than O-Town, possibly the WORST tone-deaf group EVER.

  6. Observer,
    Mandrake 8.0 does allow you to resize your partitions within a point and click enviornment. However like I stated before, Jason should go an inquire on as how well it works before he goes to the trouble of hunting down and purchasing an old copy of PartitionMagic. Moreover, anyone installing linux today should stay away from Ext and use one of the new journaling filesystems available today. ReiserFS is the default Mandrake uses.
    Chuck Shaw

  7. Dear Observer,
    Yes, really I’ve tried all the different settings over and over – it doesn’t even give a reading on the recording level bar (any of them) as it does on TSS – maybe I will get one of our computer guys at the office to help me, it’s a mystery to me…
    Thanks, Rosemary

  8. Sorry I couldn’t help Rosemary. But you’re correct, it may be a problem from the vendor…I helped a friend out with an E-machine. Seems his modem wouldn’t work. I opened the case and took a look…they had bent the modem during installation…they placed it in one PCI slot and bent the board so that the metal slot that has the phone interface was in a lower slot on the case.
    Anyway, I’m glad you all are enjoying the story. To be honest, I got the skeleton from here:,23008,3324490,00.html
    The dish folks did it a while back and wrote a dish about it today saying that nobody had replied to the original dish.

  9. Just a note on CSS .. a BIG problem with using them is that Netscape, for the most part, doesn’t recognize ’em. They may have worked them into Netscape 6, but you couldn’t pay me to download that, so I just don’t know. =) And, in general, I don’t see a lot of people using Netscape 6. I’ve started using minimal CSS on my sites, but I still throw in the individual font tags to keep everything looking good in Netscape.
    Ahhh, the joys of Webmasterdom. =)
    (The other) Rosemary

  10. Leo-
    All I can say is LEGS. Becky definatly has legs. Oh yeah I like the song it is overall very good. The boys just need a little vocal instruction, but when in doubt blame it on Prager.

  11. Yes, I understand, and I know about the point and click resizing. What I was warning against was something that happened when I was installing Linux. The partitioning program continually thrashed my Windows partition. I used a version of PM to create the separate partitions first so everybody would play nice. For new users PM might be an easier (and safer) way to get into Linux.
    In regard to the file systems, journaling does have a (slight to major) performance drain, and if this is just a box to play with, nothing should be wrong with ext2.

  12. I would like to see the video even if I do have to turn the sound off. most of the fun I have at work is the stupid stunts we pull on each other. It almost seems like you guys get to do it for a living sometimes. I missed the show again last night. My cable company puts Cspan 2 in your spot sometimes as they did last night. Luckily I taped the third airing on the off chance that it would be corrected by then. I will have to save it for the weekend. I will miss the show notes. they are a great way to check on something that we catch on the show and want to follow up on. The new palm compatible which was billed as a tricorder is just an example. Unfortunately when I clunately when I clicked on it, nothing was mentioned of this great new Palm compatible device. Just the tricorder attachments. Megan!!!

  13. Dear Rosemary:
    You may be having a hardware conflict. You might want to go to the Control Panel and then to System, look at the tree hardware view and see if you have an X or ! next to your soundcard. Even if you don’t, you may want to delete your soundcard from there and let windows reinstall it (be sure to have your drivers handy). That may solve your problem.

  14. Hey Leo:
    did you ever make it to the Matrix by using the lucid dreaming device that was on the Screensavers a few weeks back? I was wondering if thing really worked.
    Sorry about the techtv experience for you. I hope it will get better. I certainly miss you on Call for Help, in fact I had no idea that CFH was incorporated into the daytime bloomberg-like techlive. I only watch TSS in the old time slot now 🙁

  15. Hey Leo,
    I have recently become interested in installing Linux again. The last time I installed it I could wipe my HD, but this time I would prefer to install it on my newer, more powerful computer, mainly so I can play around with X windows (Which ran horribly on my old 486). My new computer, however, cannot be wiped clean. I looked into Partition Magic by PowerQuest, but $60? That’s a little too much for me. Can you, or anyone really, recommend a non-destructive partition program similar to Partition Magic this is under $30 (Hopefully there’s a free one).
    Thanks 🙂

  16. To Jason P:
    About the only “free” partitioning program that is available is the one included as part of the setup for most Linux distros (Mandrake fer example). But I’m not too sure it’s “nice” and lets you retain your Windows partitions, or doesn’t hobble them somehow. I’d suggest finding an older copy of partition magic, 4 or 5, through a mail order shop (think Computer Shopper) or ebay (make sure its real and not a CDR). All partition magics do about the same thing, the only difference really is user friendliness and file system support (and you should really need only ext2 and FAT32).
    This is what I did when I got my new HD and wanted to copy over my windows partition from my old HD and install Linux on a new partition.

  17. Jason P.
    There are free apps available to resize your drive for you. However some of them can be particularly hard to use. If my memory serves me right the new Mandrake Linux 8.0 installer is quite nice and might have the ability to resize you drives. I am not 100% sure though since I use linux exclusively and incorporate my entire drive.
    What you can do is visit and
    On top of that there are numerous irc channels that can answer your questions such as #linux on efnet.
    I hope that helps,
    Chuck Shaw

  18. Dear Observer (are you a screen saver in disguise?)
    You are so nice to offer all this help but I tried the delete and reinstall and I still can’t record. I also notice that the card ports aren’t the same as the picture in the online manual…maybe HP made a mistake when they installed this? I will see, maybe get a new card.
    I loved your “just another day” story…
    Best, Rosemary

  19. I only have reservations regarding journaling file systems because of disappointing experiences with Windows NT4…
    However, I do know that BeOS is fully journaled and optimized, and it seems pretty slick. I haven’t tried the Reiser FS, but the next time I upgrade I might.

  20. Hey Leo,
    That was a great video. Very funny! I can’t believe I missed it when it originally aired. It must have been during football season when my practices were.

  21. Hey Leo,
    What happened today with your work spy cam? Everything was going fine, then all of a sudden, it looked like someone dropped a warhead on ya!
    Everything got real bright and then you disappeared, what happened buddy?

  22. Beware a follow-up foray into music awaits: this time, Silicon Ali, Stacee Barcelata and a few others of us TechTV chicks are planning a new group-
    Be afraid.
    Leo- Thanks for posting this video.

  23. OMG! It’s TSS Fan Fiction!!!!!! What is the world coming to?!!!!!!!
    (though, sadly, that was better than 98% of the fan fiction out there)

  24. Leo..
    Will they reshow the emale “dudes” on tech tv again???? Us poor geeks with a slow dialup connection arent able to watch it. media keeps popping up and I cant get real player to play.
    So let us know if they reshow it again..I Have to see Martin rockin!

  25. I didn’t see this when it originally aired and, well, I thought I had missed something but I guess I was wrong.
    And were they singing or was that noise sampled from The Exocist?
    I think Leo and I and all the rest of the old fuddy-duddys should form our own band. I’m thinking we could sample Grumpy Old Men and do a bonus track from Grumpier Old Men.
    “Moron! Putz! Mo-mo-mo-moron Pu-pu-pu-putz!” Shake that booty!

  26. Leo,
    I have had a most horrible revelation. I live in Orlando and, Lord help me, “E-male” is no worse than “O-Town”! AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Truly another sign of the apocolypse. LOL.
    Seriously, thanks for putting the video on your site. I got a hearty laugh out of it.
    Peace, Rob 🙂

  27. i am working on making a quicktime version of the e-mail video. i will make a high quality one and a lower quality one. i will send it to leo and post it on my site.

  28. Please put the Emale video back as download only. It takes forever for the blog to come up so I can read it. I am running a DSL line, but still takes a while for the blog to come up with the Emale video on it.

  29. You should be able to right-click on the link above it (“download the file”) and select “Save target as…” The file itself is just about 4 Megs and once it’s on your hard drive the Real player should play it fine.

  30. I am among the few souls that did not see this video in its initial airing so…
    Here I sit broken hearted
    Have to watch
    But the download just started!

  31. Maybe we should push this clip, and it will get on MTV! 🙂
    #1 with a bullet…to the head! heh

  32. I love this song! I play it loudly whenever pulled over by a cop for speeding. As soon as I roll down my window, the officer INSISTS I continue on my way as fast as I can! Thank you eMale!

  33. Gah. That’s all there is to say. GAH. 🙂
    I somehow think my life would be better if I never had to see Leo dressed as a woman, but alas, that life now can never be.

  34. um, is that Becky in the mini-skirt????
    Where is Leo in the vid? I see him in the intro/outro..
    Who wrote the lyrics?

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  36. Dear Leo,
    I heard you say tonight something to the effect that you didn’t want to try cascading style sheets on your site yet. Believe me, I learned it thanks to CNET and their style-o-mattic on this page:
    I recommend this to anyone who’s interested.
    I work on a website and use css all the time thanks to that mini-tutorial. I know not everyone uses it, but it looks good and on the basic level it’s not hard!
    You do have to watch the one of the tags, I think it’s line height or something similar, it can make Netscape go crazy if you print it (many, many, many blank pages!).
    By the way, I got the Nikon Coolpix 880, which you said you didn’t like (?) but I like it a lot (but the Nikon filter holder causes vignetting!). My relatives cracked up at “party mode” but it gave me good pictures of them.
    I haven’t seen e-male yet, will try to.
    By the way, I have been trying to record from my stereo (and/or a portable radio) ever since seeing you & Patrick recording from the tape recorder, but my SoundBlaster PCI 128, which plays fine, refuses to record. I have followed all the suggestions and even reinstalled everything, should I just buy a new card?
    Thanks, Rosemary

  37. Today was just another day on “The Screen Savers” set. Or was it? Leo arrived at the set buck naked, as usual. Patrick was feeling a bit under the weather, which he thinks is due to the cold front he had for lunch.
    To perk his spirits up, Patrick listened to Britney Spears at a volume which made the producers violently happy.
    Martin, still psychologically scarred by having to wear a speedo on national television, was somewhat drunk, though his recent makeover make him look like a hip, young John C. Dvorak.
    In the workshop Yosh was replacing the motherboard on our old UNIVAC, while Roger was messing with our newly upgraded TRS-80.
    Also, Yosh had to hit Roger with a Mac truck so Roger would not convert the Ultimate Gaming Machine into an iBook, which would upset Martin/John C. Dvorak (especially if it’s Strawberry or Orange).
    Jessica and Megan were busy at their own computers in the nook.
    “I’m setting us up the bomb,” Jessica exclaimed, and Megan agreed.
    Our executive producer, Paul, wandered over deliberately.
    “Did you know we’re interviewing Carrottop on the show today?” Paul said.
    “That’s frickin’ amazing,” said Sarah, who was sitting on the couch nearby. “Isn’t he the Chairman of the Board?” At that moment, Tux fell over, causing everyone to remember who Carrottop REALLY was.
    In the control room, Russ and Josette, our line producers, were singing along with “Oops, I did it again”. Our director, Dale, asks, “How do you think the show’s going to go today?”
    “What? It’s you!” said Russ.
    “All your base are belong to us.” said Josette.

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