Download My Love – The Movie

Thanks to Brandon Clark, you can now see eMale’s one and only video as it aired on Call for Help. (It’s a high quality Real Video file. I’m not sure how well this will play on a modem connection, but give it a try. You can also download the file and watch locally. Requires the Real Player.) This may be the best thing we ever did on Call for Help. Or the worst. Or both!
[[I’m removing the embedded version – it was messing up some people’s blogging. If you want to see the video, right click “download the file” above and select Save target as…]]


eMale is Chris Kraus, Greg Melton, Martin Sargent, Rich Statter, and Christopher Swanner. Special appearances by Becky Worley and Leo Laporte. Produced by Becky Worley and Martin Sargent. Download My Love is also available on MP3.

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