The TechTV third anniversary party was last night at a nightclub in San Francisco. Actually it was just a couple of blocks north of PacBell Park so parking was a little tough. I found a spot relatively nearby, though, which was good because I didn’t stay too long.
I’ve been working for the company longer than anyone else there – seven years in July. The next most senior employees are folks hired for our old MSNBC show, The Site (including Kate who was in IT at The Site). That’s only a handful of people who have been around more than five years. Now there are over 500 employees, most of them hired in the past year. I hardly knew anyone. It was very weird!

The music was too loud and it was hard to talk and I’m an old fuddy-duddy so I left after an hour or so. I wasn’t exactly in the mood to talk with any management types, anyway. I might have said something I’d regret. (When have I ever done that? 😉 Now if there had been dancing that might have been a different story.

In any event, I have no gossip. Anything truly tawdry happened long after I drove off into the night. In years past these parties got quite wild – and I admit to having some hand in that. I guess we’re all getting a little more staid as we get to be a real corporation. Or maybe everyone’s just too tired!

I have a feeling we’ll have a little more fun in Austin, though. Nearly the entire Screen Savers crew is coming. And we have Saturday evening off. Heee yaw!

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  1. As a Texan, I feel Leo needs some advice on his upcoming trip.
    That advice is:
    Don’t accept chocolate pudding from odd cowboys.

  2. Leo,
    I am looking forward to going to Austin to see you. We live about 4 hours away from there but we know that it will be worth the drive. Hopefully we will get to go for sure. I wanted to say that you do have the best personality on tech tv. They should be very happy to have you with them.

  3. A saturday night in Austin’s 6th will definately be fun.
    Although Unfortunately for me, ya’ll are coming during the last two weeks of school for Texas A&M and U of Texas. Which means we are in the middle of finals, and I can’t drive up from A&M. So I hope ya’ll have so much fun you want to come back real soon.
    Chuck Shaw

  4. We here in Texas, love Tex-Mex food. Forget the partying on 6th St. find some of those good vittles. I guarantee SF doesn’t have anything like that and you’ll be sorry if you don’t. And what Texan could forget to tell you about those fabulous breakfast tacos. The Hill Country(Austin Area) is the place for food, enjoy and eat well. Loosen your belt and be glad you did.

  5. Hey Leo, I just had to echo the others in that you are the only reason I watch “Screen Savers”, well, maybe you and Jessica. Anyway, I have come to all this late as we have only gotten TechTV on our cable system in the last few months so I do not know about your contract stuff or your other frustrations but I do know that you have already taught me a number of tricks and shortcuts on the computer and turned me on to numerous websites I never would have seen. Thanks…..Eric Jones

  6. Hey, Justin, that was quite a nice review of the nightlife in Austin, now I know where to go whenever I get a chance to visit! I really wish I lived closer so i could go hang out with the “Savers” …. it sounds like everyone is looking for a chance to “bust loose” and a road trip far away from the hometown of San Fran may get them all locked up or something! Keep an eye on those folks in Austin for us, so we don’t get re-runs of Silicon Spin while they’re all trying to find bail money!
    (Leo, I think it may have been a good thing that you didn’t stay at the company party and maybe say something you’d regret, it only takes one dumb thing, like speaking your mind, to erase a whole career’s worth of ‘atta boy’s. Those dopes are running things right now, so just kick back and enjoy as much as you can, and have fun in Austin! But not too much.)
    Also: today is the last day of April, you made it through the first month!

  7. You know..maybe you should have had a few drinks in ya and told those “big boys” what ya think.
    You are valued by your fans…so I think those heads of your company should start valuing you also.
    (not the partyier I used to be either!)

  8. >>
    I live in austin and if you wanna have a good time go to either 4th street or 6th street. both are lined w/ bars and clubs. (6th street is where bush’s daughter got her M.I.P ticket). If you wanna a classier cigar lounge, visit Ringside on 4th street. It’s attached to sullivan’s steakhouse. After you hit the town, I recommend a late night snack at katz’s deli (ask anyone in town where it is and they’ll tell ya). It’s a 24-hour new york deli, with great food. 4th street is more of a 30s+ scene these days, and 6th street is for younger crowds generally. For dinner, Sullivan’s streakhouse is probably the classiest joint in town. Gilligan’s (which is across the street) has great seafood with wonderful semi-elegant atmosphere. See you friday & saturday.

  9. Leo,
    Sorry to hear the party was such a bummer for you. I know what you mean though, if I was in your shoes, I would have left before saying something I would have later regretted too.
    BTW, I just might get to see you while you are in Austin! Since Texas is practically next door to my home state of Louisiana! Where can I get more info on times and places?

  10. Hey Leo!
    I just started getting Tech TV about six weeks ago. Initially I planned on only catching Extended play, but then I happend on The Screen Savers. You are undoubtedly the best personality on air, and I even tape the show to bring to work with me if I can’t catch it otherwise. I’m sorry that you don’t seem happy with the way things are going there. Hang in there! You were right about leaving early from the party though. It’s always best to avoid noisy confrontations…..anyway just don’t get so frustrated that you end up leaving the company. 🙁

  11. Leo,
    Sorry you didn’t have an awesome time at the party. Also, a follow up on Emale – Check out the archives for Call For Help for September 18th, 2000. You can read up on Emale. Just a thought that may be interesting to some of you.

  12. Leo,
    I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the party and I can’t blame you for that. I don’t really know what is managament thinking. If you didn’t want to talk to them is becacuse they are probably annoying you in one way or another. Leo, the people that watch TechTV do it because they want to see you, people relate to you and I guess that is something management does not understand that yet. You are their biggest star and you have tons of viewers that you will back you up all the way (I’m one of them). Just hang in there that something good will happen, you are probably the smartest person I’ve seen and keep your head up. BYe

  13. Leo- Just a few quick words…
    I really like the “Screensavers new format, for the most part. But…I think the whole “TechLive” format sucks, and is doomed. But negativity turns off the management that came up with the idea. Personally, I think they broke something that was working, for the most part.
    I do think it is criminal of them to withhold a contract from you, until they see if their new idea flies, in which case they make you sign on the line, or s**t-can you, if it doesn’t, and blame you for the format failure. Stand tall, please, it is what you do best.
    Personally, company parties were always a bust to me, too. I have never been diplomatic enough to learn how to tell the truth, AND keep my job. Oh well, I guess the old 70’s idealism I grew up with got lost a while ago.
    Anyways, “The Screensavers” is now the only reason I watch TechTV. I’d include Kate’s show, but I’m not much of a gamer.

  14. Leo:
    Well it sounded like fun, but you know the thing about music is that when it is loud thats one thing but when it is say techno thats another, if it was heavy metal or something that would be cool… hehe anyways have a great weekend leo.

  15. Actually, I enjoyed watching Silicon Spin friday night, between John looking painfully into the camera, and then we get to see the Screen Savers Crew leaving with computers under arm…
    Perhaps I’m easily amused.
    (well I did like Ishtar, which supports that theory)

  16. Leo, when is the actual date for the TSS Austin trip? Your main page states that it is from May 12-13; however, the TSS page says that it will be May 11th and 12th.

    Mike Streeter

  17. Leo,
    Sorry to hear that the company party was not exciting for you. You are the biggest star on the entire techtv network and they (Big wigs) better start making you happy. Hope that you get what you want from them soon, if not you can come and help me teach my computer course!!

  18. I would like to have been there, or at least have been a fly on the wall. Not everyone lets themselves go as you seem so able to Leo. I have a feeling that it would be very funny to see what some of your crew are really like. Just looking at the pix in your inventory says there’s a lot going on with your staff which is never hinted at on air.

  19. Leo: I hope you become more comfortable with all the changes at TechTV lately. I can tell from not wanting to bump into management at the party that’s something’s bothering you – I hope they gave you a contract by now! Personally, no contract no work. Hope they make it up to you!

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