Take My Daughter… please

It’s Take Your Daughter To Work day and Abby and her best friend, Bianca, have joined me today. You’ll see glimpses of them on both TechLive and The Screen Savers. Maybe more if I can sneak them in.
Incidentally, we’ve cut way back on the financial news during my 90 minutes on TechLive. I’m really liking it much better. Much more time for tech info. What do you think?

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  1. Have been watching since about six mths. after lauch as ZDTV. Has been fun to see your daughter the last serveral years, especially as I have one not much older! Your daughter is darling as well as intelligent. Good work.
    Regarding cutting your financial reporting during tech live, may I say with a heartfelt sigh —- thhhhhhaaaaaaaaannnnnnnkkkkkkkk gooooooooddddddnnnnnessss
    Not just less of the finanical stuff, of which they MORE than amply cover, it’s nice to see you doing what you do best and are clearly more happy with.
    Also, am also much relieved to see TSS returned to the idea of it’s originial format, with some REAL improvements, not just garbage being thrown at us as they were trying to do before this week. Have much enjoyed the longer, more in depth segements, the return of everyone appearing more comfortable on camera and more of the natural rapport seems to be back instead of so much of it appearing forced and wooden.
    Had TSS continue this week in the diretion it was going, I was tuning out. Now I’m back to watching the show, taping it and rewatching it. More dedicate to at least TSS savers than ever. Now maybe they’ll start making some serious improvements on techlive during the day.

  2. I just wanted to say that I think all the hosts at TechTv are doing a good job. Granted, I don’t feel that Becky is as good of a host of CFH as Leo was but I still give them credit for being able to do what it is that they do. As much as I say that I would love being on TV and working with computers, I think it is a difficult job to do. Keep up the good work guys. 🙂

  3. Hello Leo,
    I’m happy to hear about the financial news cut back. I don’t understand this whole Tech Live concept. In this day and age who is buying Tech stocks?
    Anyone I know into the market won’t budge from CNBC. I think The people in charge at TechTv are going kill this network. The channel should be 24 hours of Leo! The shows should range from “how to shutdown windows” to “configuring a Solaris network.” GEEKS NEED A NETWORK! Even shows like Internet tonight were better than Tech Live! Sorry Scott Herriott. They need to bring people back from the days of “The Site” like Clifford Stoll. Is it true he’d get naked and run around the MSNBC set yelling “I love gravity!”???
    Sorry to rant. I just worry that one day there won’t be a Screen Savers on TV.
    It will be replaced with Carmine Gallo’s tips on how to smell pennis.
    Love you Leo!

  4. Leo, I think it’s great you brought your daughter to work, I loved to visit my Dad when he took my sister and me to his office… it was always so much “fun” that I never understood why it was called “work!” Of course I figured that part out myself much later in life! I am also glad you get to choose a bit more of the direction for your anchor time, that’s great. On a side note, i was reading the AVS Tivo forum and they said you were too favorable about the MS box, Ultimate TV, and were being harsh about Tivo saying that 50% of the boxes are returned to the store…. is that true??? (I think it was referred to as the “churn factor”, oh my.) Anyway, sorry I missed the segment but i am glad you are doing more tech related stories (anti-Tivo notwithstanding.)
    PS: I think they should let your daughter read the prompter tonight for the “fill out the form, win great stuff” bit with Tux, that would be so cute!

  5. I think Becky is doing a good job. Remember TechTV took away CFH from Leo and it must be tough for her to fill in his shoes. Scott is the co-host because when learning about something we all need humor. Yes Scott may be a smartaleck sometimes and sarcastic, but aren’t all comedians?
    I also think that Bekcy is really CUTE and for those who are dissing her, try to tell her what you think of her in person, she plays rugby you know?

  6. Becky is technically qualified to host CFH – she’s smart, plesant, and explains the material well (although she is a bit on the dull side). My gripe is the way the audience is force fed Scott Harriot. He has no business co-hosting a tech help show no matter how hip, smart , or cool HE thinks he is. Have a co-host that can offer some substance to the show (Pat, Jim L., or other technically competent staff member). Harriott’s forte was Internet Tonight – he is definately miscast outside of that role.
    On a positive note, I think TSS is great and Tech TV is fortunate to have Leo working for them, he sets the tenor of the network with his multi-talented contributions to the shows he appears on. Best Regards, REX ALLEN

  7. I’m sure that Abby is scoring big time coolness points with her friend today. Both Abby and Henry are completely adorable. When they were on CFH during the holidays I remember thinking “Boy, that Leo sure has some dominant genes, doesn’t he?” 😛 Perhaps the kids resemble your wife in other, less obvious ways.
    Good for you for bringing the girls in. I remember visiting my father in his lab as a wee chick. Not only was it massively cool but we took home some raw materials for the Mr. Wizard-esque experiments I was trying for school and whatnot. (If the idea of a 10 year old running chemical reactions in her basement scares you, just remember – that’s what homeowner’s insurance is for) :o)
    Smooches for a Good Dad,
    -recovering ACoE (Adult Child of an Engineer)

  8. I saw Abby on TechLIve.
    Have a good lunch.
    And those two are just so cute.

  9. Leo,
    I think that it is great that you took Abby to work with you. It looks like that she is having fun. It has to be a great experience for her. What will she be doing on TSS?
    I like that they cut back on the financial news. They needed to let you do what you to best, answer tech questions. I like the changes.
    Tell Abby to have fun. Have a good Evening.
    PS: I am done with the final exams! Whoo Hoo!!!
    Jason Joyce

  10. Hi Leo and everyone reading this.
    Today I ran a search at http://www.clicktv.com on “Fresh Gear”.
    I wanted to find out when the show airs to share with my friend regarding the Starband story they’ve been airing lately.
    Anyway, here is clicktv’s description for the Fresh Gear program:
    Fresh Gear
    Type: Network Series / Computers
    Duration: 30 min
    Description: The latest in high-tech consumer gadgets and emergency technologies that will shape the future.

  11. Hey Leo,
    Glad you are having a better time and the financial news is getting cut back. I never cared much for the full-throttle CNN-type stuff.
    Peace, Rob

  12. I r0x0rs, i 3at L3o’s Sp33n!!
    i did eat your spleen though “mister” leporte….mister?….hehehehe suuuuuuure.

  13. Ugh, please don’t put more Jim Chowderhead on. The guy seems like he’s desparate for attention whenever he’s on live TV…he seems to try and hog all the airtime (watch any segments on TSS in which he’s appeared, you’ll see).

  14. Zanthor is correct; Patrick would be the better CFH host. Becky Worley isn’t the best person for that job.

  15. Leo,
    Your daughter is so cute! She looks like she’s having a ball. Techtv is doing a lot better now that they are focusing more on products and have cut back on the news. Now if they would just get rid of that superticker :0) Glad you are enjoying yourself more.
    Take care,

  16. Hey Leo, I like the take your daughter to work day and the idea of more tech news during your time on TechLive.

  17. i loved tss today!!! since marty lost his “tom green” beard maybe scott should grow one ???!? your daughter seems to be a real sharp girl, she’ll grow up to be someone people can look up to like you have. techlive is starting to get better especially your hour. things are looking up and spring is in the air!!

  18. Hey
    Why dont you write more interesting ****, cause this is bullshit. The one night I want to screw around on the internet, I get **** like this . LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

  19. Leo-
    Maybe God is starting to answer our prayers!! course upper managment may be understanding that the word tech is used in the name of the channel, anyways, keep up the great job!!!

  20. outstanding news on the market cutbacks. scott is
    out of place. he needs a little lighter place to reside.
    maybe on the wwf.

  21. Leo it Cool to see Abby on TSS. Patrick you better watch out. Abby maybe the next Kate Botello!

  22. Leo it Cool to see Abby on TSS. Patrick you better watch out. Abby maybe the next Kate Botello!

  23. I think that’s neat that Leo took his daughter to work, though, I wonder if they will want to come back, that Martin guy is sorta creepy…

  24. Abby and her friend Bianca are both dolls. I’m happy too that they’ve cut back on the financial news during your time on TechLive.

  25. Leo, You are doing a great job with both TechTV Live and The Screen Savers. While many of your fellow hosts try to come to terms with new roles you make it look easy.

  26. so great to talk to abby on tech live today!
    i’ll have to call and talk to henry one day
    you needs ta have the wife on again soooooon

  27. I am SO glad to hear that you’ve cut back on the news!!!!! It was always the worst part of the show anyway. My husband and I watch your shows all the time!
    PS your daughter is sooo cute!!!

  28. Leo,
    Great to see you daughter on the show. You can tell that you are a proud parent.
    I am also glad to see that the financial news is being cut back, but it still needs to be cut more. I get tired of seeing Bill Tucker twice and hour or more. They should do financial news at the beginning of the day, middle, and end. Leave the rest for tech!!!!
    Hey, did you enjoy the ballgame?

  29. Good for you Leo! I will be watching TSS to catch a glimpse of your daughter and her freind.

  30. Hey leo you should have abby try your job like maybe leos bootcamp or take over for part of jessies job, let abby show the geek site of the day isn’t that what the day is about

  31. I like the idea of less financial and more tech. Let CNN/FN and CNBC do the financials and you do the fun stuff. Leo we know you have more fun talking tech. =)

  32. Are you talking about the Emergency TV show from the 70s?
    Anyway, cute kid Mr. Laporte, you should be proud?
    Anybody got any work for an almost out of work Web Developer/Guru?

  33. Leo,
    When I turned on the TV last night to watch TSS, I was pleasantly surprised to see Abby on the set with you! I recognized her from one of your home cam shots! She looks soooo much like her Daddy! Henry does too for that matter! She looked like she was having a great time! 😉 I know my daughter’s love it when Daddy brings them to work, and he doesn’t even have as fun and exciting of a job as you do! There is just something special about a daughter/Dad relationship! That bond is so strong and so important in a young girls life! Being a Daddy is such an awesome privledge and responsibility! Cherish these times. They grow up so fast. And the relationship she builds with you now, will influence and shape how she views men in the future! Look at any woman who’s successful in life and happily married to a wonderful man. If you look back on her Dad, and the relationship she had with him, it was most likely a positive one. Then I know women who can’t stay in a relationship with a man, or always manages to hook up with a not so nice man. If you look back on their relationships with their Dad, it was not a pleasant one for them. It’s amazing, how we ladies tend to look for a man just like Daddy, no matter what kind of a Daddy we had. I know some of the blog readers may not agree with me, but, that’s fine. This is just my own humble opinion, that I have formed over the years, in my experience with the woman in our families and my friends. Whether anyone agrees with me or not on the importants and influence of a little girls Daddy, I think everyone will agree that you looked very proud of Abby last night!

  34. Thank goodness they’re cutting down on financial news at SOME time.
    I really don’t
    understand why they have concentrated so heavily in that area anyway??
    I was watching yesterday…they were doing a bit on comic shops etc, and
    they actually cut it short to go to some babbling commentary on the market!
    What the hell is going on there Leo?
    Well, I guess if I started watching tech TV today I would just be grateful
    that such a channel existed…however, contrasting this new incarnation with
    the old, it disappoints.
    90 minutes of Screen Savers rocks.
    Call for Help…geez, Becky is great, but how about going back to the
    user-friendly, nay, ahem, ANY user-friendly set?
    I mean, hey, we have stocks, but we’re not day traders. What is Tech TV
    trying to sell anyway?
    Keep on trucking Leo, and keep hammering then to get rid of the financial garbage that has very little to do with what most of us really care about.

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