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Raymond Angel writes:
Hiya Leo,

As you know lots of Windows ME users can’t get into real dos mode.

Thats why I created a disk last night that will let ME users get into DOS mode.

I have full details online at…



Cool tool. Thanks, Ray.

On a related note, I’ve been getting e-mail about a program called WinFix that claims to make Windows more reliable. Sounds unlikely, but I’m getting a copy to try. I’ll report back. Meanwhile, they do have some excellent advice on their web page for improving all-around Windows stability. That, at least, is right on.

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  1. Since thirdgeek has been re-directed to and it is summer and all the thirdgeek guys are having fun doing what teenagers do most, everyone can ask their questions concerning ALL Windoze software/hardware problems at
    Internet Chat Relay(IRC) DalNet channel #windows95.
    We are here everyday 24/7 and there a lot of us at various times since that channel spans the world.
    English is the only language used there, so if you don’t speak it(God forbid),
    Find someone that does to communicate with us on your problem(s).

  2. Hey, Just wanted to let you know that a bunch of people I know are running ME with no problems. Truthfully, i think it’s even move stable for me than windows 9x.

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