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Someone suggested that with his new look, Marty should join a boy band. As some of you remember, we created a boy band for the old Call for Help (I’m calling it Call for Help Classic). We aired their video once and managment informed us it was never to air again. Maybe if you listen to the MP3 of the song you’ll understand why!
Speaking of one shot appearances, Monday’s show aired only once. In a weird combination of errors, neither the master nor the backup tape of the show was mode. So we had nothing to re-air. We decided that the Pentium IV 1.7 Ghz benchmarks were important enough that we repeated the segment last night.

Bottom line: with current software the 1.7 is no faster than the 1.4 Ghz P4 and the current AMD Athlon 1.3 smokes ’em both. That may change when P4 optimized software comes out, but we don’t recommend a P4 at this time. Especially since it requires the dead-end RAMBUS memory.

When P4s work with standard DDR-RAM and P4 optimized software starts appearing, then it might be a good choice. But that’s at least six months off.

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  1. Dreamweaver is evil…EVIL!!! I have found Notepad to be the best for the work I do (ASP/JSP/Oracle/etc). Everybody buy a copy today! I have one for sale!

  2. Does anyone else hate that new TechLive anchor Stacee (she’s African American)? She seems to say the stupidiest, most obvious comments constantly. I have never disliked a host on TechTV or ZDTV, but this woman just makes me want to change the channel everytime I hear her voice.

  3. The song is kind of catchy IMHO :). Who is the other “singer” 🙂 in the song? I can tell one of them is good ole Marty.
    As for TechLive, It’s quite horrible. Long live ZDTV circa ’98-2000 !
    Take Care

  4. I would love to see the media file of e-male! Like I said earlier, funny stuff! Thanks for the suggestions Leo. I will make sure that I teach the students some new shills (JK). Thanks so much.

  5. I use (and love) Dreamweaver from Macromedia. Other good choices include Adobe’s GoLive and the cheapie, Claris Homepage. All three are Windows or Mac, which is nice because the kids will be able to take their shills with them.

  6. Hey i have a real media file of E-mail’s Download my love that i made when it aired.
    Leo any hints on that show you pitched what kind of show is it.

  7. Good to see you bloggin on the set! You look spiffy today, almost too professional!

  8. Goin’ to the Giants game Leo? Saw the tickets in your shirt pocket on your netcam pic. I live in Boston but was in SFO last June and went to a game at Pac Bell. It’s such a nice park and tops Fenway. The “Old Navy Splash Landing” is a great feature and is actually the background on my computer. Who they playing when you go? Go SOX!!!

  9. leo,
    I kind of liked the idea of emale! I thought it was great, very funny. Management never knows what is good. Quick question, why hasn’t there been a poll on the main website asking about how everyone likes the changes with the programming? Are the suits scared to see what people say? Sorry to go off topic, but was just wondering.

  10. Yay! So much good conversation today! So forgive me as I say a little on each bit. =)
    1) Please send Leo the eMale video so that we can see it!!!!
    2) Notepad RULES! Down with WYSIWYGs!!! =)
    3) Yay Baseball! My most favorite sport ever. And for the first time in a LONG time, Minnesota (where I live) has lots to celebrate concerning baseball! The Twins don’t **** and this summer Kirby Puckett (my favorite player of all-time and the most popular guy in Minnesota) and Dave Winfield (St. Paul native and one-time Twin) are being inducted into the Hall of Fame! I REALLY wanna go to Cooperstown for the induction, but I don’t think it’s gonna work out. =(
    4) Hate is a very strong word, use with caution.
    5) Leo’s pitching a new show!! Yay! But I’m moving in a week and won’t be able to afford cable, so I won’t be able to watch TSS anymore, let alone Leo’s new show if it ever comes to air. :~( So Leo, you have to make the Show Notes REALLY REALLY COOL!!!!
    ~Rosemary =)

  11. Leo,
    I hope the show you pitch makes it… I’m a producer, so I know a little about how that can be (okay, I’m a local news producer, but hey… it sounds good, okay??) But I’ve been watching TechTV long enough to know you know what you’re doing and let’s face it–your shows are the most popular without question!
    On a slightly different note, I do like TechLive. It wouldn’t be good if they were replacing anything other than reruns (and that’s what the VCR is for) but even I got sick of seeing the same things over and over (and I work overnight, so I don’t get to watch the shows the first time around). Still, it does need a little work, and I have noticed some subtile changes. It does seem a little disorganized, tho. One suggestion: tell the producers not to rush people so much when there are thing to talk about! I’ve been in the chat room and watching when there are topics people are really interested in, but whoever is talking just has to say “well, we’re out of time, gotta go.” I can just hear some producer (or line producer, whoever’s wearing the headset) screaming WRAP! They have to learn to let it go when people are interested, and not worry about the format so much. Just MHO, you know..
    Again, hope the show you pitched makes it! Details would be good (you know we’re all curuous as heck here)! CFH just isn’t the same without ya!

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